Sunday, June 23, 2019

Loving the month of June...

Hello everyone.. 
How are you?  
Another lovely day here in New Brunswick.. 
I must say I am loving the month of June.. 
I believe May and June are my happy months!  smile.. 
Everything so bright and beautiful!  
Really bright now that I have had my cataracts removed from both eyes!  
I just find the colours so fresh.. 
When I only had one eye fixed I would
cover it and look through the eye that had not been done and you cannot imagine the difference.. 
It was just like a very foggy day.. 
No wonder I couldn't see to type on this computer or anything.. 

I laughed and told our daughter that I was looking at her Dad and thought to myself how many wrinkles he had and then I looked in the mirror!  lol!
That was an eye opener!  grin.. 
No really!  
And the spider webs and such!  
Oh my, I am just so thankful to get it all behind me.. 
Thank you to you dear girls who prayed for me..  
I so appreciate it and for your prayer and comments about us losing our dear dog, Charlie.. 
He is missed!  

Now on with the story.. 
The above pic is from the farm obviously... 
We are slowly getting things in order.. 
We are not sure when we will be moving out for the summer but soon, I hope.. 

Bought a couple of lace table runners that I love for the old table..
So loving lace lately.. 
I always have but tried to do whatever was in fashion until a few years ago when I was finished with the craft business.. 
I decided to do what I love and lace is one of them.. 
Curtains and such... 
Do you like lace and linens and lilacs? smile.. 
These lilacs are from my Aunt Eva's lilac tree.. 
She only planted a white one but we now have a new purple one growing there.. 
Hoping to make a Lilac foot soak this week with dried lilacs and Epsom salt, etc.. 

I did get my buntings done for the kitchen and put one up..
Not a very good pic but you get the drift.. 
I ended up cutting up my new tea towel.. smile.. 
I bought a new one though .. 

The herb beds are doing wonderful.. 
Lovage, Tarragon, Compfrey, Chives, Sage and Thyme and new Basil... 
Oh and a Lavender in this bed.. 

This is a bottle of Chive Vinegar.. 

If you have some chives growing just put them in a glass jar and fill with vinegar... 
White wine is the best but quite expensive.. 
You can use just plain white vinegar.. 
I saw this way of doing them on the Tangled Garden article that was published in Victoria Bliss magazine. 
The Tangled Garden is in Nova Scotia and is a place we hope to visit this summer some day... 

It is not necessary to use the stems.. 
Just put the heads in and your vinegar will turn a most lovely pink colour.. 
A friend and I were saying the other day that Chive vinegar is our favourite.. 
Makes a wonderful salad dressing or use on fish or whatever you put vinegar on.. 
After a couple of weeks strain it through cheesecloth or a coffee filter and put in your pantry.. 
I always make extra to give away..

Now is the time to get your gift pantry stocked... 
Gathering some Lovage to dry for seasonings and such.. 
And of course my Tomato Drink that I look forward to.. 
Drinking it from a Lovage straw!  

We have been spending quite a bit of time at the farm and this was one lunch time special.. 

Spaghetti and Meatballs.. 
Flavoured with herbs.. 
Oregano, Parsley and Garlic... 
We don't eat a lot of this but it is so good... 

The kitchen is getting done out there but Terry is so busy with the gardens that I can't get him in the house at all..  

One day I made a batch of jam as you can see on the stove.. 
Love love the stove.. 
There is my new coffee perk my son bought me.. 
It is just like the old fashioned ones and I can use it on the wood stove, too.. 

I have been putting stuff in the cupboard while I wait for Terry to give the doors another coat.. 

Then I will unpack a few boxes from St. Martins.. 
And do it right.. 
Oh my.. 
All in good time.. So I keep telling myself.. smile.. 

This day we had a lovely stew like soup.. 
One of Terry's friends gifted him with a jar of home made stew that they had canned.. 
It was delicious!  
I added a jar of our canned green beans to stretch it but hopefully we will get some stew done up this Fall.. 
Comes in so handy and so quick to heat up.. 

I keep changing things.. grin.. 
Saw a pic on Instagram of little kitchen shelves with old cups on them.. 
Dug out some cups and voila!  

I should have taken a pic of the all the shelves.. 
I will later when I finally get everything done.. 

That about wraps up what we have been doing.. 
Our gardens are mostly planted now so we need to clean up the yard and get our deck and such done.. 
I have been buying a few plants but to be honest I am waiting for sales... 
Surely they will come along soon... 

I thought I would show you this old pic... 
I posted it on Instagram for Father's Day.. 

A long time ago I was his little girl..  
He found the Lord a couple of years after this pic was taken and had a genuine experience that affected our daily lives.. 
What a difference Jesus made.. 
It was the best thing Dad ever did with his whole life.. 
I am so thankful he introduced us to Jesus... 
And that he stayed true... 

Thanks for visiting my luvs and I look forward to your comments. 
Hopefully, we won't be running to the doctors and such and I will answer your notes on Face Book.. 

Welcome to the new followers of the blog and thanks too for sharing my page on FB.. 

I appreciate you all and God bless... 

Acts 2:38  
 Peter replied, “Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.


  1. Hi is such a busy time of the year isn't it? I've been working in my garden most days...then I have to rest up....age catching up to me. Sorry to hear about your dog Charlie....its hard. My son and his wife had to put their little dog down a couple of weeks ago...he was 16. I love all the pictures of your dishes in the cupboard...I have a weakness for old fashioned dishes. Hope you have a good week.

  2. You have been very busy. I always look forward to your time at the farm.

  3. What a cute little girl you were, Faye. I am so pleased your cataract operations were successful as they sometimes aren't. Terry must have gained a few wrinkles worrying about you. LOL!

  4. Hi Faye . I love lilac's and lace. The photos are nice. Why don't you buy Non Alcoholic Wine for $6.00 at Sobeys or Superstore, or No Frills ? The only difference is it is minus the alcohol ....xo

  5. I loved the lace and lilac together, a real joy. I was impressed by the chive vinegar, I am going to give it a try.

  6. Chive vinegar sounds like something that I shall try, as I do have lots of chives. You ahve , as always, been so busy. I love the look of white linen and lace, so fresh and pretty.

  7. I have always been fond of Linens and Lace and flowers too! You have a lovely way of putting things the display in your cupboard too. Its fun to change things up a bit too now and then. We should take the time to enjoy the things we have.

  8. Lovely post, Faye. I am glad that you can see now with both eyes. smile

    Your pics are beautiful!

    How do you use Compfrey?

  9. I love the bunting. I am thinking of making some to put up in my garden as decoration. I haven't made it before. Is it hard to make? I love the old teacups. So pretty. I, too, was once my daddy's little girl. My dad was saved 4 years before his death. It was AMAZING the change Jesus made in him. God bless.

  10. I made the chive vinegar one year and loved it! My chives didn't come up this year but my neighbor has a huge batch of them with the flowers on. I saw those one day when I went to let her dog out and thought, "I should ask her for those." but I know she and her husband use a lot of herbs and such. Then the other day I happened to glance out the window as she was cutting off the flowers and then with horror saw her throw them into the creek! lol Next year, I'll ask!

    I love your stove!!!

  11. I love lilac and lace and I do love chile's I'm hoping to make a bunting soon.I so enjoy your post always, Thanks so much for sharing oxox

  12. Love your photos.