Sunday, June 2, 2019

A Sunday Night in June...

Good Evening my dears.. 
So happy to have you visit the blog again on this Sunday Evening  in June... 
My how the time is flying by, eh! 
Soon Summer will be announced and we feel as though it should only be Spring.. 
Or I do at least.. 
Such cool weather but everything is so lush and green which is lovely.. 
The fiddleheads have come and gone and now everywhere is blossomed in Dandelions... 
I canned around 36 jars of Fiddleheads for the coming winter.. 
So happy to have them done and stored away.. 
And I did one batch of Dandelion Jelly.. 
I put it up in these small 125 gram bottles for a change this year.. 
They are a lovely size for gifting as many have not tried it before.. 
It tastes like honey to me and is wonderful in gift baskets .. 
It is nice over cream cheese for crackers or as a glaze on ham or pork.. 
I picked a bunch more this afternoon to dry a bit and then put in olive oil for salves and such.. 

We have been visiting the farm the last couple of weeks and slowly getting things done.. 
As I said in the last post Terry has the walls and woodwork all painted in the kitchen .. 
I love the colour of the walls and the woodwork painted white.. 

The new old stove is installed and I love it.. 
Even bought a new dishtowel to hang on the oven door.. smile.. 
There is also a mat to go with it but the floors have not been scrubbed and waxed yet.. 

As you can see the old cupboard is painted but Terry still has to put a second coat on the doors and fix a drawer.. 
Then I will show you it all.. 
You can see the lovely Babbling Brook colour though.. 
It does go well with the fabrics I showed you last post.. 

The sewing projects will have to wait for a bit but soon.. 

We have a few lunches up there but nothing too fance.. 
Veggie Pita Pizza is one that I go to when in a rush... 

Wanted to mention this old book to you book lovers.. 
I really enjoyed this guy's writing.. 
The book was written some time ago before a lot of electricity and such but still very relevant today.. 
It takes place in Maine which is so much like New Brunswick as far as weather and farmlands go... 

The top pic that is above is showing you my new kitchen valance for over the sink.. 
I found it at a Thrift shop.. 
It has daisies and the edging which you can't see is in the Babbling Brook colour, too... 

I also have a new dish drain, dish soap and wood handled scrubbing brush..  
Our sweet son who lives out west and could not be home for Mother's Day sent me dollars... 
He said he wanted his Dad to take me to some really nice place to eat and buy something nice for myself... smile.. 
So .. 
We did go out to eat and these are the something nice I bought myself.. 

I have been looking for a dish drain like this for ages.. 
On Amazon and EBay and such but they were so expensive.. 
I went into Home Sense to buy some Dish Soap because I love lovely dish soaps ... 
This one is Lavender Thyme... Smells delicious!  
I used a whole bottle of regular Dawn doing all the washing up there so now for the Summer I wanted something nice.. 
There was the Drain Board I have been looking for.. 
And a wood handled dish scrubbing brush..
They are so hard to find..  
So dear Dustin this is what your Mom considers something nice for herself... 
Oh and there was enough to buy the fabrics I showed you last post, too.. 
All in all I enjoyed the gift immensely.. 

Our other sweet son, Trevor bought me a gorgeous big patio planter that I love and picked me fiddleheads galore.. 
That was so great and Shonda brought me gifts from Paris... 
Everything French... 
Soap, French Linen, Mustards and such... 
I don't usually go on about my gifts on here but where I was showing you the farm stuff I didn't want not to mention the other gifts... 
You know what I am trying to say.. grin.. 

I stayed home all this week except for a couple of flying visits to the farm as I had so much to do here.. 

Tomorrow morning I am getting my eye surgery done in my right eye and then in a couple of weeks I get my left one done.. 
So I wanted to be caught up here a bit.. 
It means we will be slower getting to the farm then we hoped but all in due time.. 
Terry has been working on the gardens.. 
We have our new raised beds up and ready and guess what? 
All of my Lavender survived and are back.. 
I was so happy about that.. 
It is still too early to plant the garden itself but he does have stuff in the raised beds.. 
He loves gardening much more then painting!  sigh.. grin.. 

I am in the Sun Room here at home writing this post and thought I would show you a couple of my plants in here. 

I will soon be putting them outside on the patio for the summer.. 

I guess this is all for tonight my luvs.. 
I do want to welcome the new followers of the blog and those of you who have liked the Face Book page.. 

This is us! 
Taken a couple of years ago but basically the same.. 
Just two retired folks living a simple life .. 
Thankful to still be together after all these years and able to enjoy it all.. 
God has been good to us!  
Reading this blog you will note that God is our refuge and strength... 
Our lives centre around Him...

Thanks to you dear faithful readers and for your lovely comments.. 
Will check in again soon and hope to hear from you.. 
God bless.... 


  1. I love your kitchen window... that valance is perfect. Thanks for sharing your gifts they are useful and just what you wanted and needed! I really enjoy reading about the farm, I look forward to seeing what you are doing there.

  2. I love to read your blog; it's so positive and God-centered. Thank you so much for your posts!

  3. I love your stove. No nice. I'm glad you had a nice Mothers Day. We have already made our dandelion jelly. The grandkids love to help pick them. God bless.

  4. Sorry, my mistake. I meant to say your stove was so nice!!!

  5. As always so help make my grateful to have you as a friend.May God bless you and yours àlways

  6. "A Sunday Night in June" and looking at your farmhouse pictures take me back to my childhood days. Thank you for that!

  7. Beautiful! I love how you record things. It's a wonderful read. I'd like to see a better picture of the drainboard - I can't really see it. I need a good one. Is it from home sense?

  8. So nice to see your photos, Faye. Everything looks so cosy there.

  9. Such a delightful photo of the two of you.

  10. Indeed, I do love "visiting" with you each blog entry😊
    I noticed your pan in the sink...I use the exact same pan but mine is white with a couple dents and such. It was my Nana's and I love it! Never have been blessed with a dish washer that isn't human 😝
    No matter.. God is so good to me.
    I pray you sail through your eye surgeries with no problems.

    God bless you and Terry

  11. Beautiful photo of the two of you! <3

  12. Love all your doings Faye! I will be praying for quick recovery of eye surgery, Love

  13. Quick recovery Faye! Lovely photo's and post ~ What a lovely couple you are.

  14. Hope all goes well with your surgery and you recover quickly, you will be in my prayers. You are blessed with a thoughtful family, such wonderful gifts.