Sunday, September 15, 2019

Another Ramble and Roll...

Hello everyone.. 
Thank you for dropping by.. 
This is going to be just a quick little catch up post.. 
I hope you are enjoying your new normal routine.. 
Everyone is back to school or university and such.. 
The vacations are about over for awhile.. 

It is always good to get back in the routine of things even when you are retired and there are really no normals anymore.. 
If everyone else is normal then we try to fit in.. grin..

I found my last post was a bit higgly piggly ! 
 I do know how to say this but not spell it.. 
But you know what I am trying to say.. smile.. 
 A bit of a ramble and roll I guess you would say and not structured very well, either.. 

But it is as it is.. 
I heard a saying the other day.. 
Wherever you go there you are.. 
Well, I guess it is the same with the posts from this blog.. 
Whenever there is a post there is a post.. 
Not necessarily a good one but one.. grin.. 

We will carry on... 
I made this delicious mac and cheese today for lunch.. 

I couldn't find the link to the recipe but if you want it I will take a pic of the recipe.. 

My mother and step father visited our church with us this morning and then they came over for lunch.. 
I so love feeding my mother.. 
She enjoys it so much and always makes whatever effort I make worth the bother .. if you know what I mean.. 
We also had Jambalaya and Potato Salad and Garlic Bread, pickles and Maple Syrup Pie.. 
And the best cup of tea as Mom said.. 
My son in law brought it to me from London, England so I gave her a few bags to take home with her.. 
I knew I needed pics for the post today but forgot to take one of the pie which Mom and Gerald both loved.. 

Terry took this pic of me.. 
I am not sure if I am praying or whispering a prayer not to say something smart to him.. grin.. 
Anyway we really enjoyed having them.. 

My mother is getting older of course and I can see changes so am blessed to once again have them for dinner.. 

Almost every morning if I awake early enough I will spot this family out my kitchen window.. 

I took this earlier on but they are still visiting.. 
It will soon be hunting season and I hope they remain intact.. 

Another batch of 2 ingredient dough..  

This was a lovely snack with homemade salsa... 

Still doing pickles.. 

Almost finished with them all, though.. 
My friend canned beets and I believe that is on my agenda for this week.. 
We still have lots of pickled beets so this would be a lovely addition to our winter meals.. 
Heat them up and add a bit of lemon juice and butter perhaps.. 

Just rambling and rolling!  grin. 

I wanted to share a housecleaning hack I learned this week.. 
You girls may already know it or it might be too much bother for the younger ones as they are young and able but for anyone my age and physical condition then this is a godsend... 
Image result for cleaning tub with broom vinegar and dawn

You put 1/3 Ultra Dawn 3x into a spray bottle.. 
It has to be 3x Dawn *blue and then fill the rest of the jar with vinegar.. 
Spray your tub or shower area all over with the concoction that you shake first.. 
Put the plug in and fill your tube with a bit of water.. 
Buy yourself a new broom and just go at it.. 
It is amazing how clean your tub area gets..
And you don't have to get on your knees as the long handle does it all..  
When you are all done scrubbing then change your water and rinse.. 
A glorious clean tub... 
I tried to find the exact link that I found but it was among the missing.. 
The credit belongs to someone but not sure who.. 
I used the above pic off of google but it was not the same link.. 
There you have it .. 
A great way to clean your tub!  

One night last week a friend (Allie) and I went to a painting class.. 
This was our aim to paint.. 

The sweet girl who was the instructor Tania painted the above ....
photo by Melody.. 

Allie and I did our best but we both admit it was not star quality.. grin.. 
A lovely time though... 
I used to teach Tania in Sunday school  and she laughed that she was now my teacher.. smile.. 

We came across this on one of our little drives.. 

An Albert County special...

The tansy and wild chamomile will soon be gone.. 
Fall is lurking.. 
Again this year I am dreading Winter.. 
I really dislike feeling this way and have to do a mind change soon.. 

Since I didn't have much to share with you this week I am sharing a couple corners of our home here .. 

Winding down here.. 
I saw this neat idea last year is a magazine.. 

I think I may do this on a table for fall... 
What say you?  

And .... 

Sweet hubby today at lunch teasing my Mom.. 
Tomorrow he will be getting eye surgery for his first cataract and it will be his birthday!  
A big one!  grin.. 
Quite the present!  
Praying he will make out as well as I did.. 
I love seeing so well now.. 
The family are going to be celebrating in a couple of weeks when everyone is off work... 
So thankful to the Lord for him.. 

My parting thought for the day.. 

Words found on a Hebridean altar... 

they are words from my heart... 
And may they be from your's too.. 

Thanks again for stopping by and your sweet notes.. 
I love them.. 

God bless... 


  1. That is a lovely poem and so reassuring to think about all of our times being in His hands. I'm so glad you still have your mother with you-my mom went to Heaven 22 years ago and I do miss her!

  2. Hi Faye...I need a mind change too because I'm not looking forward to winter either. I do love how pretty the snow is, but I dont like the cold. I have already done a few bottles of beets, now I'm canning tomatoes and carrots. It's that time of year again and I like prepping for winter like our ancestors did. I love the " pumpkin teapots". Have a good week.

  3. A very Happy Birthday to Terry! I just love all of your posts Faye. They are so cozy and comforting. I wish we lived close by so we could visit. :- ).

  4. I always loved your posting...want a the two ingredients? Looks delicious yum. Take care.oxox

  5. A lovely always...Faye. I read what you had to say about the routines and being retired to my hubby since he has been retired now for a little over a year. He thought that was a pretty accurate description. :) That mac and cheese looks delicious, but then all of what you post looks that way. Those pickles in the shiny jar are so tempting! I'm so glad that you still have your mother here on earth to be able to do for her and your step-dad. I miss mine. Hugs and love to you, my sweet friend.

  6. Happy birthday to your sweet husband! I look forward to reading your posts and I always love your pictures. Such a sweet picture of your mom. God bless.

  7. All the best for your hubby's op. Mine has had both eyes done but I haven't had to so far. Compared to the type of operation it was years ago it is a breeze these days. We were told as nurses to keep patients still post-op back in the 1970s but now they go home after a few hours. Amazing!

  8. Just lovely. I really like the picture of the mirror and the reflection on the room. You are blessed to still have your mom...or mum...however you say it. I find it true that the younger ones, don't know some of the "tips and tricks" of much of any "household managment" type things. Have a good week.

  9. Lovley as always. I do enjoy a 'ramble and roll'!

  10. Happy Birthday to your sweet husband. Hope all goes well with the eye surgery, he will be in my prayers.

  11. So much I could say but let me just say this - I love you! I am off to another Dr. appt. love, Sue

  12. What a great photo of Terry - happy birthday to him and hope the eye op goes well. Love a ramble and roll post and the beautiful pictures. I enjoy winter as I do all the seasons but sometimes it just outstays it's welcome a bit!

  13. I love homemade mac and cheese. So glad you still have your mom to have lunch with. I sure do miss mine. Belated happy birthday to your hubby!

  14. As usual I so enjoy your pictures and reading your blog, and I'm not looking forward to winter either. I always enjoyed being with my Mother and I sure miss her so I understand how you are enjoying serving your Mother at your table. Happy Birthday to your dear husband and hope his surgery goes well.

  15. Yes, words from my heart too. I so understand about having your Mom in your home. My Mom is 500 miles from me and I don't think she can ever travel here again. I have had to realize that even though I can go and visit her she can never cook a big meal of my favorite foods again either. SHe loves it when I come there and cook for her in her kitchen now. It is hard watching parents grow old. Happy Birthday to you husband and I hope the surgery went well yesterday.

  16. Happy Birthday hubby! And those tea pumpkins are adorable! You will have to share when you make yours. Family is a beautiful gift indeed - indulge :-)

  17. I loved your post, and I thought the macaroni cheese looked delicious !!! I too like stacking up old books on tables :) your home is delightful ~ Blessings to you - Linda

  18. All of your posts are wonderful Faye...especially love the ones with lots of pics & information. I would love to see a pic of the mac & cheese recipe. I have a friend coming to visit soon & she loves mac & cheese...would like to try a new recipe. I have used the vinegar/Dawn mixture for a few years now & agree that it leaves the tub & shower sparkling. I spray it on & let it sit overnight...then by morning it takes nothing more than a rinsing.

    When my husband was alive, I loved winter. We sat together by the fire each evening talking about our day together in our small business. It felt cozy. He has been gone now for 7 years & winter will never be the same for me. I have developed a few habits to help on the long worst time of the day now. My parents have been gone for a quite a while, & now my husband & oldest son. I find myself weepy at this time of year, though I love fall. God is good & my constant companion, speaking to me through His word...& He has brought me to a place of contentment in my life. My loved ones are with Him now, & knowing that is a gift that keeps me going until I see them again someday.

    Seven years ago God prompted me & my husband to buy the log cabin next door to our younger son & his family...45 miles from us. We then announced our retirement & began that process. He died 3 weeks after we closed on the cabin of a massive stroke at age 66. But God prepared a place for me before I knew I needed it.

    Take good care, & I pray your dread of winter will be turned into a love of the time when nature rests & we also can take things a little more slowly. Winter has its own special kind of beauty, even when the snow isn't on the ground.

    Anita ~ the cabin on the creek
    ...all is grace!

    1. Thank you dear heart for the lovely note.. I treasure your thoughts.. Always so love to hear from you.. Wish you lived closer and although we have never met in person I feel as though I know you well.. smile.. God bless dear friend.. xo

    2. I wish I lived closer as well. It is a wonderful thing with today's technology, to be able to get to know people through blogs & other social media. It has been a blessing to me.

      Anita ~ the cabin on the creek
      ...all is grace!

  19. Faye, whenever I see a post from you I am sure to cozy up with a cup of coffee to see and read about your life. I love your ramblings. I noticed the old books ~ we love books. Just last evening we visited a town near us. Walking around the downtown among all the old buildings, we noticed a bookstore. Oh my goodness we had to peer through the windows filled with treasures of old books children classic and many more. The store was closed but planned to reopen again today. Looking forward to see all the books this Saturday. I love all the seasons and winter is my least love...but I must agree with Anita it can be a time of coziness and gathering. A time of rest and slowing down. Take Care Faye.

  20. Hello...I just found your blog this morning, and truly enjoyed reading your post. I am not a Winter lover either, but DO enjoy the first snow. The idea with the pumpkins for a sugar and creamer is darling....and I think your home is very cozy and warm. The dinner with your Mom looked delicious!! Have a good weekend. Debbie xo