Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Here again!

Hello again everyone!  
Another post already!  Smile!  
I am having problems with the Face Book page so I deleted the post that I just did on Saturday from their page and will do this one and see if it works!  

If you are a Facebook follower here is the link to the last post.  

Anyway these are just a few pics from the last couple of days.  
Terry and I are both feeling better!  
What a bug I had!  
Terry is dealing with lung problems but praying it will soon be over!  

We spent a solitary Thanksgiving as we did not want to infect our children! 
Oh well!  We are used to each other's company! 
Although it seemed a long weekend knowing everyone else was enjoying family time!  Sigh!  
Thank heavens we had a lovely family time a couple of weeks ago for Terry's birthday!  

A few home pics!  

On Sunday we roasted a homegrown chicken and had a nice meal!  
Please note this is Terry's plate!  Lol...   

I had not felt like baking much for dessert but did make pumpkin cookies!  
Oh my they were good!  

I had one with a cup of tea!  
And my Kleenex box!  Lol!  

Thought I would post this recipe again as the season is here once again!  

Well thank you everyone.  And thanks for all your sweet notes on the blog post itself last time!  
You guys rock!  
I really hope I can fix the Face Book thing!  
What a pain!  
God bless!  Xo  


  1. Hope you are both feeling better soon.

  2. Faye, the flu has been ongoing here in Australia. It started early and I am still hearing of people getting it even though they have been vaccinated. We are now halfway through spring too. I made a few bottles of fire cider in winter but might make up another batch even though we are heading for summer.

  3. So sorry to hear you both were down sick for your Thanksgiving. Hope you are feeling better! Your homemade wreaths look beautiful on your wall. I would make up that "fire cider" except if I swallowed a whole clove of garlic I don't think anyone would come near me till it wore off. lol Terry's plate looks so good I wish I could sit right down and eat a plate of it.

  4. So sorry you were ill and not able to join your family for Thanksgiving. Hope you are both back to feeling better very soon. Your meal did look delicious though!

  5. Wonderful photos, as usual, Faye. I hope you're back to good health soon. xx

  6. We have celebrated Thanksgiving by ourselves only once or twice. We did not have the wonderful meal that you cooked! One time it was turkey sub sandwiches from Subway! Your meal looks truly delicious. Hope that you and Terry are both feeling better now.