Sunday, August 15, 2021

A short August post...

Hello dear hearts:  
Just a few pics for you today!
A sooner but much shorter post..

First of all I want to thank you for all the prayers for Terry! 
He is doing better... 
Gaining strength everyday !
At last post we were going to the doctor the next day..
We found out he had the infection back again!! 
But we are thankful to our Lord that he is much better! 

We were out to the farm for a short day and did a few chores.  
Just taking it easy. 
Our gardens are what they are!
Things can't be helped sometimes.  

The first pic is a sweet thrift store find from earlier in the Spring.  I knew it would be sweet in that old farm kitchen!

Picked a bunch more chamomile and was excited to finally have another Borage plant..I haven't had one since our cottage by the Bay of Fundy.. the blue flowers .. 

Then a pic of my first herb bed that we planted there when we first decided to summer there instead of in St Martin's.  

And one of the old house from the truck mirror! 
One of our first planned projects was to paint that poor old house but we shall see.  At least it is still standing! 🙄
Our kids have offered to make a day of it and get it done but we shall see...

And drying horse tails for tea.. 
Same place same station as last year.. lol.. 


The pics above are just some food pics from here at home that I randomly snapped.. and not many of them.. 😉
Early morning breakfast... 
Pasta and Tuna Salad ..  an old standby   Recipe here somewhere.. 😋
My first batch of sweet green bean pickles... 
our faithful fish chowder and broccoli salad on a
Friday night. 
and a rainy day soup... 

Guess what!!
Our oldest grandson is getting married in September!!  
I can hardly grasp it!
The dear thing! 
Will share pics with you then..
She is a lovely girl! And we are happy for them both! 
Praying for God's blessing on them and their marriage..

And our darling son is coming home for a few days!
I can hardly wait! Been a year and a half! 
So thankful!! 

Laura asked me in comments about cooking Lamb's Quarters.   
Laura all I ever do with them is wash well and make sure they are not too old and tough .. 
Barely cover them with water and a good shake of salt. 
Cook till tender, drain well and serve with butter and vinegar or lemon juice.  Very plain but delicious! 
And if you Google ...The Kitchette recipes you will find her Banana Brownies recipe ... 

Well this is all for today dearies! 
 Not much for sure but will do more soon .  
Made some new jams and such which I will share with you next time.  
Take care of yourselves and your sweet families! 
Hope I hear from you here or on Facebook or Instagram! 
And I love your emails... 

A pic from an Instagram post last week .  

CHECK me out there ..

Just one of our drives where I picked the roses.. 
for the syrup.. 

And a couple of pics that caught my eye from the web.. 

I may have shared them before as they are on this old computer.. smile.. 
and a wee reminder.. 💗



  1. So glad to hear Terry is better!--and that yr son will be home soon....

  2. What a lovely catch-up. Sometimes I come visit you and just scroll through your photos; they are eye candy. :)
    Shani x

  3. Congratulations on acquiring a new daughter (in law). And glad Terry is feeling better. Blessings abound~

  4. Thankful Terry is doing better! And your son coming home!! And a wedding coming up, you are a blessed lady indeed. I enjoyed your post very much. I enjoy the travel around your farm and the food always looks so good! Faye, I love you in the Lord! I think unless I'm mistaken that I have been trailing along after you for ten years now. Smile! Here's to many more!

  5. Glad to hear your Terry is getting better. Thank you for your lovely peaceful post... All Blessings on your week ahead...xx

  6. I am glad to hear that Terry is feeling better. Summer is no time to feel off.
    Love your posts and pictures as usual. Lovely to have some sun this past week.


  7. What a lovely photo of you & your post is a treat as it always is. So glad your husband is better & that your son will be coming home soon and your dear grandson's wedding! Thank you for taking the time to share your lovely & interesting photos and words of encouragement, take care!

  8. Thank you for your posts!

    The world is so very crazy, but your posts always give me a bit of peace.

    My best wishes to you and Terry.

  9. Glad to see you back here! I'm so sorry that Terry has been unwell but am glad that he is now feeling better. How exciting that you have a wedding to look forward to. I do so enjoy your posts. Have a great week!

  10. I enjoy your posts and photos so much, like reading a lovely magazine that I don't want to put down. So happy your Terry is feeling better, and how exciting to have a wedding coming up! Those are happy times... Thank you for sharing your "bounty" with us. God is so good.

  11. I always love your posts and lovely pictures. I left Instagram last year so I haven’t been able to follow you as well.

  12. I am very late to this post. Thank you for the instructions on cooking lamb's quarters...I will remember that! Your chamomile is so pretty. I try growing chamomile every year, and I don't understand why, but my plants are always sickly and they have very few flowers at all. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Oh well, I'll have to just enjoy the sight of yours. :)