Sunday, September 19, 2021

September Ramble and Roll

Hello there my dear hearts... 
So happy to finally sit down and chat with you all for awhile.. 

I hope that everything in your world is fine and you are keeping strong and are enjoying this season that the Lord has blessed us with.

September is here and almost past... 
Time slips away as we all know..
 I honestly wanted to get back here to you all but just couldn't seem to make it...  
Until today... 
Here we are together again.. 

Before I start rambling on I will just get this bit out of the way and then we can get on with our ordinary roll on.. . 

We have had quite a troublesome summer.. 
But all is well... 
As I mentioned in the last post Terry had been sick.. 
He picked up for a bit and then relapsed into the same infection..  
It took several weeks but now he feels better then he has since his first operation last fall.. 
And I have had a bit but that too is getting better..  
And now our province is going through a virus spread that is not good but we know that this too shall pass..

Aren't you so glad you know the Lord God?  
I was thinking during the night that I am so glad that I accepted Jesus into my heart when I was a young girl.
He has always been with me.. 
You may find me a bit emotional today.. 
I am an emotional person.. smile. 
And you dear girls are a lot like family and so I am sharing this with you all. 

I will just say that I am so glad that He is as close as the mention of his Name.. Jesus... 

Now on with the everyday of Home ramble and roll ..

Have you been preserving and getting ready for Winter?  

I did not do nearly even half what I usually do because our garden didn't get the attention and there was just too much going on.. 
 But we have lots left over from last year... 
I did some mustard, sweet dill, pickled corn, sweet green beans and lots of jams early on in the summer.. 
I still want to make more mustard as that is our main one.. 
What have you been doing up and putting away...   

Some everyday meals here... 

My version of Taco Salad...

Greek salad and homemade dressing.. 

Fresh veggies from the garden and pork chops.. 

Just needed a chocolate chip cookie and Terry felt like Chocolate Cake one day but only had a couple of pieces.. 

One thing that really grew in the garden this summer was Dill.  
So it is drying everywhere... smile.. 

Love dried and put in salads, dressings and dips all winter..
And another lovely recipe for you from Kings Landing Heritage Village.. 

Rolling on... 

There is nothing like everyday chores to calm your soul... 
When you are in a tempest the simplest of chores just gives a homemaker a sense of peace... 
All is well.. 

In between Terry's bouts we took a little get away.. 

His wonderful brother thought we might enjoy a few nights at their cottage on the Bay.... 
And of course you know me and my love for the Bay of Fundy... 

So we headed out.. 
It was a beautiful day and such a lovely sleep.. smile.. 
Woke up to this beauty..

On one day we took a ferry over to a beautiful island..
T'was gorgeous!

Then came back over and had supper.. 
Went for a wee drive... 

We were driving by and I saw these sunflowers growing 
beside this old building.. 

It was so quaint I asked him to turn around so I could take a couple of pics.. 
He doesn't like doing that by the way.. 
Honestly, he thinks I am being a nuisance to people if I take pics without permission.. 
He turned around and had to go past the place again and turn back the way we were going.. 
I thought he would just stop by the side of the road and I would take a quick picture or two.. 
But no.. 
He turns up the curved driveway and kept going to the house beside it..  

I am ... like .. what??? 
where are you going? 
He said the lady was outside and for me to ask her permission...
I rolled my eyes .... grin..  
Well, she is on her step saying good bye to some company.. 
So I rolled down my window and just said.. 
"I am sorry ma'am but my husband is crazy!" 
"Now why would you think that?" she says smiling.. 
"Because he wants me to get your permission to take a few pics of your sunflowers and your old building!"
She just laughed said to go right ahead..
Terry said some smart remark that we can't remember..(old age)
I told her we had been married 51 years and she said "Well you must know if he is crazy or not!"
We all had a great laugh.. 
What a dear lady!!
And I took a few pics..  

Then we went into St. Andrews.. 
And enjoyed a couple of hours there.. 

When we went back to the cottage he was not feeling well.. 

It was a beautiful evening but the next day we ended up coming home early as he was ill again.. 
It was a lovely time though and we really enjoyed it and appreciated our stay there... 

After a few weeks he came around again.. 
Thank the Lord.. 

So we have done a few things..

He picked me some elderberries and I dehydrated them for tea this winter.. 

And somewhere along there he picked beans and peas.. 

I did them up and have them put in the cold room.. 
Thankful for that.. 

Have lots of herbs dried and we were out to the farm and enjoyed a meal there.  

We had not planned to stay so just had some spaghetti .
He likes his one way and I like mine another.. grin..  

We had a few garlic.. 
Nothing like usual as we didn't get it planted last fall.. 

Some were still in the ground from last year and we did do some spring garlic.. 
And bushels of onions.. 
Rambling on... 
We also had a happy day celebrating a shower for our oldest grandson and his fiancé 

It was in the park.. 
What a lovely day... 
God is so good... 

And just last week our sweet daughter came and did a few chores for her Momma.. 

I will show you more next time when I have it all put back together and finish updating a few things.. 

So appreciate our dear family.. 
The pumpkins are ready..
Those are not ours.. 
Just a pic I took.. lol.. 
We did get quite a few from our garden.
They don't mind the weeds... 

So rolling on.. 
Fall will soon be here.. 
Twill soon be time to be nesting, eh? 

Choosing joy this day.. 
Thankful for his healing power and blessings he bestows.. 
All is well.. 

I appreciate your thoughts, emails and sweet encouragements.. 
You are all dear.. 
Join me on Instagram (blessedhearth) if you like.. 
Or on the facebook page... 
Welcome to all the new followers.. 
I am sorry to be so slack... 
Up and onward... smile. 

God bless you sweet friends and I do love to hear from you.. 
Stay safe and turn to the Lord for He is near... 



  1. Hope you both are truly on the mend now and can stay well! Such a blessing to know our Savior and know that He is always with us.

  2. continue to take care and enjoy this lovely season!

  3. lovely hearing about your adventures,hope you and Terry continue to feel better. always holding you in my heart cousin, Val.

  4. Why didn't you ask me permission to take a picture of my pumpkin patch? Pls ask me in the future.

  5. I am so sorry to read that your dear husband hasn't been feeling well. I shall keep him and you in prayer. I had to chuckle about the turning around and asking for permission, thank you for that.

  6. Dear Faye; Thank you for sharing your rambles, it is always a pleasure to read of them. I pray that both you and Terry continue your healing during this long lovely summer and fall.


  7. Good time away for you and husband. Hope he continues to feel better. I enjoyed your latest post. My husband and I went to Alaska late Aug and had a good time. I've got posts on my blog about it. I've yet to can anything. I need to make jam from strawberries I have in freezer soon. Have a good week!

  8. Praying for a speedy recovery from illness for you both. 🙏 ❤

  9. So sorry to hear that Terry has not been feeling well and that you have had some troubles too. Glad to hear that you were able to get away for a bit and that you seem to be feeling better.

  10. Praying both you and Terry will feel God’s healing touch. I enjoy your blogs so much. Be blessed.

  11. May God continue to take care of you and Terry and bless you both with good health this Fall and Winter and beyond.

  12. I always enjoy your pictures! Praying your dear husband and you are kept in good health. I have a beautiful card by my bedside that says, "I am with you always." Matthew 28:20

  13. I love those pictures of the cottage at the Bay time. Hope everything is on the up and up now with Terry. And you. We have put up a few things from the garden. Mostly pickles and peppers. I dehydrated a lot of things too. I made a tomato powder with the dehydrated tomatoes to add to soups and things. Thank you for sharing.