Sunday, October 31, 2021

Autumns Past...

Good evening! 
Just a posting of pics from Autumns past ..
Found these in my blogger dashboard and thought you might enjoy them..

Several here at the beginning were taken at Kings Landing Historical Village in years past.
As you know it is my all time favorite place to visit although we didn't get there this year! But they have wonderful video clips on their Instagram page so I feel like we were there! 😃

On the way to the farm.   Albert County!  

A few pics from my wee Shoppe that I used to have in St. Martin's by the Bay of Fundy! 
I enjoyed those days but the season is past.   

I used to have a Fall Flavors Open House each Autumn before we would move back home here! 

So these were some potpourris that I would put together... 

Hope you had a good week. 
Tomorrow is another new month and we are still enjoying glorious warm temps! 
Wondering what Winter will hold for us here in the north! 
Whatever, eh! 

Well may God bless you this week and thank you for dropping by tonight! 
Also thank you to you dear girls who joined me on Instagram although it was a busy week here! 
Hugs to you all!! 



  1. Such lovely photos. I hope you have a beautiful week ahead, my friend.

  2. Bless you Dear Faye! I miss your shop posts! You do so many interesting things! :)

  3. Lovely Autumn pictures, I love the one of the window, it looks so homely and interesting.

  4. Thank for those lovely photographs. Have a blessed week ahead xx

  5. Oh, the pot pourrie photos are so lovely...I can almost smell them from here. And I love the horse and the sheep...and the churches... and the windows and scenery...just everything. Thank you for sharing this beauty with us. We are having cooler than normal temps here in Florida, but it probably won't last long. We are thankful for the rain we got as well to help us through the winter dry months. God is good.

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  7. Hello! Friend of a friend here. I love your photos, and am happy to be a new follower. Have a cozy afternoon.

  8. I adore this post... and all the gorgeous scenery, and the Fall potpourris, etc..
    I especially loved seeing pics of you and your beloved.

    Have a really lovely weekend.