Sunday, October 24, 2021

Our October Days...

Hello everyone.... 
So glad to have you visit here today... 
Just an autumn post for you on this lovely October day... 
The days this fall have come and gone with such wonderful weather and blessings from the Lord.. 
I think we only had two frosts which were not devastating as we had several extra weeks for things to keep on growing.. 

We are all well and finally seem almost normal especially where everyone near and dear to me have come through it all with God's help and strength.. 
After all this time Covid has hit New Brunswick big time and it is a scary thing.. 
Especially, when it is your own.. 
But as always God has been faithful and present during the storms of life... 
This is a thankful month and we are... 
Hope you all are as well.. 
Thank you for your prayers and thoughts..
You are in ours... 
Fall has been happening around our house... 
We are just so happy about that!
After a summer of sickness and then a September of unrest we are ready to get back up and keep on keeping on.. 😊 

Terry is back and at it... 
The wood is in and the chimney cleaned and such.. 
The garden is almost at rest and some outdoor painting was taken care of.. 

And me... 
Well, I have been puttering on and feeling so much more like doing it the last few weeks.. 
God is good!  
I know I keep saying such but have such a thankful heart to Him.. 
When you go through the storm and come out the other end it is a wonderful blessing, eh! 
I have been drying some apples, herbs, a basket of peppers and such.. 
Going for drives and picking flowers that I didn't get to before.. 
Tansy was one of those ones.. 
I love making tansy salve and moth sachets.. 
Although, we were late getting it we came across a patch and it is now dry and ready to go..
The leaves have been slowly turning but just now passed their peak and today the wind is whipping around this window in here .. I expect they will be flying around everywhere.. 

I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving.. 
We were under covid restrictions and so could not visit but that was ok... 
We have to do what is best for everyone.. 

It was just the two of us... smile.. 

It certainly was not our daughter's gorgeous table but a little effort was put forth.. 😉

Wild flowers were gathered for a bouquet and a ham was purchased.. 
We decided a potato scallop was in order and I brought a couple of brown transferware dishes from the farm.. 
And old lace napkins... (of course!) smile.. 
Then I tried to make an apple pie.. 

It was not my day.. 
I could hardly get enough crust to make a pie so settled for small deep dish ones.. smile.. 
When I get tired I may as well just give up and say forget it!
But I am too stubborn.. 
The gist of the story is that Terry liked them better and thought I should make them more often... lol..

Anyway, we did get a chance to chat with all of our dear kids and that was that for another year.. 

We have been buying some of the most lovely apples!
What a gorgeous crop this fall.. 

Made this Apple Butter from Kings Landing Historical Settlement..  

In my crockpot.... 
The recipe is here below.. 

As you see there are no instructions and I forgot to not put the cover on and let's just say it took a day or two to thicken up.. 

It is an absolutely lovely apple butter.. (to the left)Salsa on right.
But not for toast... 
Delicious on ham or chicken or a apple and cheddar sandwich on crusty bread.. 
But not toast!  lol...
It has vinegar.... smile.   
I may try to make my usual but have not got to that yet.. 
Still have apples after doing up 70 pounds.. (yikes)
They keep for ages though... smile.. 

Made some laundry soap... 

Here is the recipe I used... 

1.5 cups of washing soda
1.5 cups borax
2 T. salt
1 bar of grated laundry soap
essential oils of choice and amount... 
I love lavender!
Maybe a bit of rose in memory of my Mom... smile.. 

Mix it all up in a big tub or bowl... 
Then store it in something to keep it dry. 
Use a Tablespoon per load or more if soiled badly... 
I don't use this every wash but especially when I do tea towels and such.. 

I put mine in a coffee can and pasted some old wallpaper border around just to make it a bit nicer.. 

I found this bit of info the other day and love the idea so am adding it to the above.. 

Using my own essential oil choices though...
My friend adds Tide so I will be adding a cup or so too..
I am so slow getting back to you dear girls that my posts are way too long but anyway..
Here is a drive from a few weeks ago.. 
Our very first heavy frost and we had to go to Sussex... 

The fog and frost were simply beautiful!  
Just had to share them with you... 

Then a few other fallish drives with the splendor of autumn.. 

A couple of farm pics, too... 
Some are in Albert County and some in Kings or Westmorland!
We are so blessed to live in New Brunswick.. 
Would not want to be anywhere else!  
(says this old lady!!) 💖

One day we came home and had a Maritimer's Supper!
Fish in a sauce and baked potatoes and peas and homemade pickles... mmmm.. 

Sometimes I still make cookies and freeze a couple in individual bags for our drives with our Butternut Ridge coffee.. 
The best coffee around.. I may be prejudiced!  smile.. 

Although all is well and even with restrictions and virus and such life goes on... 
There is happiness and there is still sorrow... 
There are times in your life when you are younger that there is not a lot of people you know passing on..  
But the older one gets it seems to happen a lot more.. 

Terry and I have been blessed with dear friends and family.. 
Sometimes, we have made relationships with some that are special.. 
You know what I mean.. 
We mostly all have best friends and friends that you love dearly even if you have not seen or chatted with them for eons.. 
The minute you lay eyes on them it is exactly like it was yesterday or forty years ago.. 

(This may be a wee bit longer post but like I always say.. 
Just scroll on by.. )

Many years ago when Terry and  I were in our young twenties, we moved from the city to a small farming area..
We had moved to St. John when we were married and were there about 8 years... 
In our seventh year we had found the Lord again after going our own way for several years... 
In giving our lives back to him , we wanted to be closer to our church and get away from the city.. 
So we moved to Sussex.. 
To be honest I regretted the move for awhile.. 

It was different then what we were used to and it was not what I had expected.. Whatever I expected.. smile. 
One day after the kids were in school I decided I would try selling a household product to my neighbors.. 
Knocking on a door up the road from me a dear sweet lady answered the door and invited me in... 
It was such a lovely surprise... 
I knew right away that we were kindred spirits... 
The stew was cooking on a wood stove, bread was rising on the counter... A wee boy was playing with pots on the floor.. 
There was a pile of magazines and books on the table and she had the ironing board out making a craft.. 
I think she was waxing fall leaves... smile..
and cats!! I love cats!
It was a visit that changed my circumstances of living there.. 
The tea was put on and there was bread and cheese and real butter.. 
It is a precious memory to me of how our friendship began about 45 years ago... 
She was a bit older then me but it never mattered in the least... 
She taught me just so much about home and making and doing..
I loved her dearly! 
Then, a couple of weeks ago she left this world.. 
I was so sad.. 
A few days before that I had lost another dear friend from my youth and it seemed like a lot!!
God gets you through these times though..
He really does! 

I wanted to remember in my own special way.. 
So one night I made a nice supper for us.. 
One of Deanna's recipes that she had given me.. 

It is really good... 
I hope you enjoy it.. 

They were special friends and I was blessed to know Deanna and Elva... 
May God bless their families... 

I haven't done a lot of fall decorating this year.. 
Just busy trying to catch up with the preserving and winter preps... 

Getting back into a bit of felting, too.. 
My friend Dawn and I were talking about growing older and Christmas... 
She thought we should do a little bit every day and then we won't be overwhelmed.. 
I agree.. 
But you know me.. 
I need inspiration... 
I thought this might help get me in the mood..

I read this in a book years ago and took a pic of this page.. 
I believe the writer was Rosamund Pilcher but not sure... 
Glad I saved it.. 
I expect I will read it a few times before December 25... 

With all that is going on I hope to keep it sweet and simple and fresh but lovely... 

How about you.. 
Can you get your mind wrapped around it all yet?  
I will ask you again next time.. smile..  

Well dear girls, I am about done.. 
Such a long long post but it was nice to connect with you all.. This is a little church down the road from us.. 
Aren't the sheep darling? 

So glad to know the Good Shepherd.... 
I post on Instagram quite a bit more then here and sometimes think I should just try and do it 100 percent then do this and that either one very well.. 

But here I am again for now.. 
Meet me over there anytime you like.. 

Just click on here .. 
It is private but I will accept your request to join my account... 

Thank you loveys for stopping by and I do love to hear from you.. I read every comment although I am pitiful about getting back to you sometimes... 
I do read and appreciate each one.. 
And bless you new followers.. 
Hope to get to know you.. 
If you leave an anonymous comment could you leave your initials or first name then I will remember you were here before.. K?  
Hugs from the Blessed Hearth... 



  1. What a long and lovely post! I am so sorry about your friend. Those kind of losses are so hard.Hugs

  2. "When you go through the storm and come out the other end it is a wonderful blessing"--indeed, Faye, indeed.

    I am so sorry for your loss(es)--we were discussing something similar. We were in our favorite Antique shop and was told shockingly that our dear beloved owner Brian hasn't much time...his heart is failing him. I saw him last a few weeks ago when he came into where I work...its just so sad and he told me then he probably wouldn't be around for the holidays. He's from Canada and his daughter from St. Catherines, has been taking care of the shop. Such a shock when we loose loved ones...I mean, we didn't know him like know him...but none the less, he was a kindered spirit.

  3. thank you, Faye----for inspiration and autumn wisdom....

  4. Faye, I never think your posts are too long. I love reading every one and seeing what you are up to. :-) Your pictures are so beautiful they look like paintings and your home is so cozy. I'm sorry to hear of the loss of your friends. You really have had a rough summer. I'm so glad to the two of you are feeling better and getting back to doing things you love. God is so good!

  5. I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. These things hurt so much. But I'm glad to see you have such beautiful natural surroundings, which must do much to lift your spirits. You truly live in a beautiful area, and the photos you shared today were so lovely.

    My husband and I live in a rather dreary, crowded corner of southern Ontario and we have sometimes talked about moving out east, possibly to New Brunswick or PEI, in order to enjoy a quieter pace of life and more natural beauty. But we are not sure what my husband could do for work, as he is in manufacturing and is not retirement age yet. I've heard that good jobs are hard to find in NB, do you think that's true Faye?

  6. Ah dear Faye, I am so sorry for the loss of your friends. Good to hear that your family is regaining health though.
    The autumn beauty has put on quite a show. Thank you for sharing. I love reading your letters 💕

  7. Hello from the other end of our country! I enjoyed all your pictures;
    I especially love your china.
    You live in a lovely area. The trees are such a gorgeous colour.
    Sorry you have lost dear friends. It seems as we get older we also find ourselves losing friends and even siblings.
    I hope you have a good week as we go into this last one of the month. G.M.

  8. I enjoy your long posts. Heaven’s going to be worth it all!

  9. I wouldn;t mind how long your posts were Faye, it gives me such pleasure to read about your life.

  10. Faye, thank you for your blog. Instagram is fine, but I really love the newsy posts and photos in your blog. I know it’s more work to post in your blog, but your efforts are much appreciated. ❤️ Fran

  11. hello Faye;

    I am happy to read you this morning, I love your posts. First off, I am so saddened by Deanna's passing, I didn't know until I read you this morning. She was indeed a most lovely person.

    I am so pleased that good health has returned to both you and Terry, life is so wonderful. I agree with you that New Brunswick is my most favourite place.

    Your needle felting and pic of the novel have inspired me. I have a desire to make our home welcoming and festive.

    Thank you for posting, and as always, thank you for being so inspiring.