Sunday, September 3, 2023

The Last Days of Summer Ramble and Roll...

Hello everyone!  
Greetings to you all on this beautiful Labour Day Weekend.. 

Can you imagine that Summer has lost most of her glory and only going to be visiting for a few more days... 
I am always sad when she leaves but this year I have been looking forward to the crisp mornings and the extra fluffy sheet I added to the bed... 
I love all the harvest activities which has been going on here for a couple of weeks now.. 

Which season do you prefer.. 
Actually, I am not sure anymore... 
I still love Spring with all it's newness and so much promise after a snowy winter.. 

Anyway.... Rambling along here... 
Terry and I took the best day trip last month.. 

My sweet friend Julie from Maine had mentioned that there was a Prairie Store just across the border from Woodstock, N. B.  
Not really that far from us...(oh glee!)  
So early one morning we headed there.. 
About a 2-3 hour drive.. (depends on how often you stop for coffee, breakfast and such)  😀

Anyway we arrived and we were greeted by these lovely modes of transportation ... 
Our goal was this wonderful Amish store... 

It was just as wonderful as I had hoped.. 
So full of the kind of things that says back to basics... 
I bought some preserving equipment, lovely different dish cloths, old fashioned handkerchiefs ( I have started using them since the pandemic)..  Don't ask me why... They were mostly my gram's and I love the comfort of them.. What can I say?  I am strange.. lol..
Rolling on...
All kinds of grains and baking goods.. hardware galore and so much more.. 
But they only take cash... American... and I only had 50 dollars.. grin.. 
Probably a good thing!  
Afterwards, we went for a drive around their community.. 
So lovely!  
Lots of interesting farm animals...
Horses and such.. 
Huge bison farm.. 
I told Dustin we didn't have to go to Alberta to see them.. smile.. 

Then we stopped at an Amish farm stand with huge homemade donuts.. 
We couldn't resist one to eat on the way home with our coffee.. 
Then a stop at Mardens and a few Houlton stores and supper and home.. 
A wonderful day!  

Rolling right along here...

Been preserving the harvest.. 

A few of the jars of canning I have been doing... 
Last year when Terry was so sick we did not do as much and this Summer we were pretty down in stock.. 
Making and doing.. 
Canned a lot of green beans... plain and french.. 
Our most fave vegetable to can.. 
I still have beets, carrots.more cucumbers, tomatoes and apple stuff and such to do... 
I usually make 9 zucchini breads to freeze and relish.. 
Oh my!  And I thought I was almost finished.. 
I do love it so long as I get a break here and there.. 
Like go thrifting or out for supper.. 

Rambling along.. 
Some homemade food we eat.. 
Homemade No Knead bread as always... 
Cucumber salads coming out of our ears.. 
I never get sick of them but Terry 
He grew a ton of dill this year so I am drying that to process for Winter and of course for pickles... 
I just dry it well by hanging then put it in a coffee grinder that I reserve for herb work.. 
The freshest dill taste ever...  

This is just a chicken and rice casserole on a lovely rainy day... 
I love making casseroles on stormy days... lol 
What's with that?  
Perhaps my Momma used to... 

Then all of you who have followed the blog for years know that my most awesome treat in the summer is Samphire Greens.. 

Just so so good!  
At ten dollars a pound it almost broke my heart but Terry came home a few times with them and so I did get enough... only enough! lol.. 
Some day we will find someone who sells them cheaper and who doesn't pull them up by the roots.. 
I will not buy them if the picker has done that! 
They are destroying the reproduction... 
Makes me so cross!! 
Rant over.. 
Bless your hearts!!  

Rolling on to just some other things that take my time.. 
Gathering and drying roses and petals.. 
I had a pic here of them in my dehydrator but I just lost it so am using this one from before.. 
I made wild rose petal jellies, rose oil for my face and for soap, dried petals for soap and crafts and such.. 

My gift pantry was empty too.. 
Trying to add a few things here and there..... 

A lovely friend gifted me with sunflowers and fresh eggs.. 
Don't you love when someone does that! 
When we drive by places with lots of sunflowers I tell Terry I would like to ask them to sell me one... lol.. 
Just one but this time I got a wonderful bouquet.. 
I think that is why I like giving little things to people.. 
I love getting them myself.. 😙

one day I made Sensational Soft  Soap.. 
So nice to have.. 
It is made from soap scraps that I had saved.. 
I really had fun making it and was so happy it turned out so well.. 
Makes a lot actually.. 
This is only a part of it... 
Scented with patchouli oil of course.. lol..
I will do different scents in the rest... 
There are many links on the web but mine came from an old book I had.. 

Well my dears this Ramble and Roll is about over.... 

I did want to share this bit of inspiration with you all..

This is from a dear lady that I love on Instagram.. 

She posts wonderful home stuff... 
This got my attention..  

A nice little challenge starting the month of September till the end of the year...
a couple of days have past but this afternoon I made out some lists of what I thought the challenge was about for me... 
I even shared it with Terry and he thought he might try a few... 
Time will tell how we do but we can all better ourselves.. 
At least we sure can... 
Are you interested in it?  

Then almost on the last day of August our precious girl had her birthday... 
We all went to St. Martins for family day and so we took a cake and celebrated.. 
We had a lovely time... 
So love our family!  Thank you sweet Lord!
September holds birthdays for Terry and Trevor and Ashlee  !  
So hopefully we will get to celebrate some more.. 

Well dear hearts, I am finished rambling along for today.. 
Thank you so much for dropping in.. 
I have so many plans for Fall and hopefully will get a few accomplished... 
Dare I say that Christmas is coming too?  
I pray I will be organized this year and not procrastinate so long.. 
I am pathetic.. 

I look forward to hearing from you.. so love your dear notes.. 

Take care and trust in the LORD.... 
He is so wonderful and makes life so much better... 

Hugs from New Brunswick, Canada... September is 


  1. I really love reading what you,ve been up to,Your always busy doing things I enjoy. Take time to rest as well, your always on my mind dear cousin.

  2. Hi, you've been busy. Look at all that canning! Doing same here, maybe not quite as much as you. Freezing beans and carrots, blueberries. did pickled beets and some pickles. Will be canning tomatoes as soon as they are red. Love the taste of all the fresh veggies! Its also nice to take a break for a bit. Its hard to believe September is here already isnt it?! Take care and dont overdo. ( I was at an amish store in Maine once, wondering if it was the same one.... Cheryl

  3. We dont have such lovely Amish stores here, but I would so love to visit one. So good to be able to get really natural foods. My tomatoes have finished now, all made into sauce or soup and put in the freezer. I look forward to using them later in the Winter.
    Thank you for another delightful 'Ramble'.

  4. So good to read your blog posts and see all of your canning. I have only made pickles so far this year. Lots of pickles! Had a pickle sale to benefit our Bible quiz teams. Have blackberries and grapes in the freezer that I will make into jelly later this month. Still so hot in Texas. We need rain desperately! Would love for you to follow me on Instagram. Rhill18134, TX

  5. Another sweet and uplifting post. Thanks!

  6. I so enjoy your ramblings. My late husband and I usto take wonderful day trips like you and Terry do. I almost can hear us talking the same way you two do. Flowers by the side of the road, lovely old mercantiles and pastures.....such treasured memories. You are so productive with all that canning! You inspire me. Love to you and have a "cool" September. Love, Trish

  7. Always an inspiration, and a treat for the eyes! Thank you!

  8. My pickles turn out mushy and I follow recipes exactly. What am I doing wrong? Will you share some dill pickle recipes and hints?

  9. You are an ambitious lady, all those pickles. I used to do some, enjoyed doing them at the cottage, since I broke my hip, etc. My house hold duties are fewer. Also my husband is in a Nursing Home, so I am alone, so I just buy at Craft sales etc. I wish you and your husband a Happy Thanksgiving! ( Now I shall find Octobers Blog)