Monday, February 19, 2024

An Afternoon with old friends.....




Hello everyone.. 
How are you doing? 
We are well and enjoying our winter days.. 
It won't be long and Spring will turn the corner and stay but not for awhile yet here in Eastern Canada... 

I want to apologize for the format of this post... 
I had done a post that dissappeared after a couple hours of work!!  I just didn't have the heart to do it again! 

So.... here I am a couple of days later with a much shorter version as I am scared it will not last long enough to post... 
I think our old desk top has a flaw or I do... 
I decided to just use my Chrome book even though I am not at all adept at using it... 
I had to come halfway down to get the words centred so let's get on with it.. 
In the above pics I will just pretend that you are my friends who spent an afternoon here last week... 
Come on in... 
Take your coats off and put them on the bed in the spareroom... 

Please have a seat.. 
Lunch is almost ready... 
I need to do just a few touches.. 
Put the bread on a tray and toss the salad.... 

We are going to have a wee Julia Child's style Valentine lunch..

Nothing as fancy as her's but just using her recipes as a little inspiration... 

A bit of fun.. 

My friends and I have known and loved one another for a very long time. . 
A few of us go back about 60 years.. 

When I was 12 years old we started going to church in Sussex and we have been friends with each other ever since.. 
A couple moved to Sussex and joined us in the early 1970's and so here we are now.. 

Old ladies with grown families and beautiful grandchildren and even a few great grandchildren.. 

We have so many blessed memories!

Our children grew up together.. 
Some even married each other and the rest have memories that will bless them for life... 
God was the centrepoint of our lives and bound us together.. 
We had joy but we have had sorrows but we have all been there for each other.. 
and in every storm Christ was there with us.. 
We have been blessed... 

On with our little lunch.. 

I set the table the day before so I wouldn't be overwhelmed... 
It was just a lunch but I had not had them for ages and wanted it to be a wee bit special... 

I made the napkins and used my Mom's dishes... 
Goblets and glasses that I have used for forty years probably.. 

On Valentine's Julia has real red roses but I settled for a pot of minature ones in a pot.. smile.. 
and a chocolate foil wrapped one to take home.. 💞
But before we said grace and started our meal we took off our red hearts and pinned them on... smile.. 
just like Julia... 

If you can believe me.... 
I forgot to take pics of the food.. 
But at least I remembered to get a pic of my friends... 💓

We had Julia's Leek and Potato Soup... 
Homemade bread and Julia's crackers which are called Croutes... 
A garden salad with her Vinaigrette ...
I used her garlic version... 
Cheese and Olives.. 
Cranberry Juice and Water... 

Then we made tea and coffee and took our dessert to the livingroom.  

Terry had a fire going for us in both fireplaces... 
The girls wanted to know what to bring as we usually do potluck but I said just bring a valentine for each of us.. 
We could use our imaginations or whaever... 

So after enjoying our dessert we passed out our valentines and enjoyed that.. so much fun... 

We received cards, and crochet and potholders and candy (which I ate and forgot to take a pic of) and lovely hanging hearts... 

Since I didn't take enough pics I just added a few of the livingroom. 
a pillow I needle felted a few years ago..

I wrapped my valentines in old music paper and sealed with a button.. 
The roses were wrapped in old music paper too and the wool felt hearts I pinned onto the roses... 

It was a fun afternoon and I felt so much joy sharing lunch with them..
Thank you sweet friends and thank you Jesus for the joy you give.. 

So far so good so will share this little post that I did put on Instagram... 

Terry and I went for an afternoon out to the old farm to check up on it and gathered a few branches to make a few heart wreaths..

So this is how they turned out.. 
I liked the red Dogwood the best so used them.. 
Then made a felt stuffed heart to stick into the plant.. 
I put them in the tub and soaked them before trying to twist them with wire and snippers.. 

I think I may try and make a much larger one for outside.  
I love hearts all year round for decorating.. 
Do you?    

And here are the recipes I used.... 

So my dear hearts I will bid you farewell for today.... 
I am sorry for the weird type of post but Terry and I have decided that I need to do small posts and much more often. 
I know many of you like the ramble and rolls but until I get the old computer fixed or I figure it out with my grandson's help; I guess I will go this way... K?  

Please take care of yourselves and I just can;t close without recommending Jesus to you.. 
For your heart's sake..
For your families' sake and for eternity... 
He loves you with an everlasting love.... 

Thank you so much for dropping by and I so love your sweet notes that you leave... 
Catch me on Instagram or Facebook whichever turns your crank.. 
Hugs and prayers from New Brunswick... 

ps... Just wanted to mention that although we girls spent a lovely afternoon we had heavy hearts because we lost a precious friend last week... 
She was in a tragic traffic accident and went to meet her Lord and Saviour just in a heartbeat... 
She was dear to our hearts and we will miss her.. 
Loved you dearly Robbie... 
See you soon.... 💔


  1. Oh, so very sorry about the loss of your dear friend...I know you were all such a comfort to each other and I am sure it was a beautiful way to honor her by being together and celebrating love and life. Your table decor and menu and everything is just so wonderful! Such great ideas about using the old music paper and the felt hearts, etc....everything was really special. Thank you for sharing this with us. I loved the twig hearts you made too. Great idea! I thoroughly enjoyed this post, but will pray for Robbie's family and friends.

  2. Perfection! Old friends-best friends=much love...

  3. So beautiful Faye. I an so glad you girls have stayed forever friends. I heard that the food was delicious. Barb showed me the Valentines and they were beautiful. You ladies have always been so inspirational. Thank you for encouraging us younger women to set a fancy table every now and then. Crystal Landry

  4. Thank you for sharing this Faye! I'm so sorry in the loss of your dear friend! It was so nice for you to have your dear friends for lunch & have a great afternoon! You are so talented & have such great ideas! I thoroughly enjoyed your post! Love Donna Weston ❤️

  5. What a lovely table and special time with your friends! So sorry about your friend who was in the tragic accident, too. Blessings . . .

  6. What a lovely way to celebrate Valentine's Day. So sorry for your lose of a dear friend.

  7. Lovely post. I enjoyed it so much. And the little valentines - beautiful. Valentine’s Day and I also share a birthday so loved seeing the little hearts. I’m truly sorry about your friend. ❤️❤️

  8. I so love all your holiday decorations! Your lunch sounds lovely and your table was beautifully set... as always! I'm glad you got to spend time with your dear friends and could share in the loss of your friend, Robbie. May she rest in peace.

  9. Faye, you always warm my heart! 🙏💕🙏

  10. Thanks for sharing, it all looks 🥰

  11. Your table looked lovely and so glad you had a wonderful visit with old friends. I used to have a sign in our guest bedroom that said, “The best antiques are old friends.” And it’s true! So sorry for the loss of your dear friend. RHill, TX

  12. What a beautiful way to celebrate and to remember old and dear friends. Your dining table look so inviting and pretty and I imagine there were many compliments. A lovely post, thank you.

  13. Dear Faye, I am heartily sorry about the loss of your friend. Sometimes things catch up to you so quickly you can't seem to catch your breath. I think then, perhaps, that the simple things comfort us the most. "Heartily sorry" was a line from a really old Ebenezer Scrounge movie I saw many years ago when Tiny Tim did die, before he lived again. It has stayed with me, but there seems just a special few that it actually applies to. They are the ones that cut and thrust the deepest, the loss of one so special as your friend.
    I've known a fair few of them. They still sometimes resurrect in my thoughts and catch me quickly and unaware of their approach.

    I lost one not so very long ago. I could not bear to go to his funeral. It wounded me that deeply. Two weeks later to the day my Sweetie took me to the cemetery to try and find his grave.

    We did find it, after more than four weeks of frigid ice laden days. There in the middle of that frozen knoll it was covered in the two weeks worth of piled up ice from the artic blast that had come through two days before he died. His grave was covered in yellow golden streamers, and piles of the many pots of flowers from his service. The grass crunched under my shoes in the icy wind as I made my slow weary way over to his grave.

    When I got there, you might be shocked as I was, there were pots full of fresh lily's. None of them were frozen, they were fresh as a new dawn. I know they were waiting for me. I lightly touched those beautiful petals skimming my fingers across their delicate surface.
    I finally broke one off and then put it back on the mound, that was my way of giving him flowers, and I smiled, knowing he was experiencing joy with the Lord. That eased my heart greatly.

    His dear wife of more than sixty years had laid him to rest, his obituary contained a smiling photo of him wearing a fresh green shirt that said," I'm coming back... Jesus". I expect your friend is in joy right now too, with Sam my friend. Just like Tiny Tim who did not stay dead, they'll run and laugh and come to know so much goodness in the years to come, along with you and me. The Lord has promised us more than we can ask or think, there's just some heart rending between now and then. It'll be worth it afterwhile, it will comfort us in the cold icy places here in the middle. There's still unexpected flowers growing on cold knolls, and bunches of beautiful red hearts to enjoy. There's still friends to savor. I treasure you.

    I loved this post. I loved the hearts. I love your mom's dishes and your pretty home. You are a blessing to me, and to many. Much love in the Lord, annie.
    Ann Austin

  14. Another lovely post with so much love and happiness along with some sorrow that comes along with daily life; but our love for each other never passes away, You are a blessing to many and we are greatful to you my dear cousin, Val

  15. Thanks Faye for a beautiful Valentine post. Always enjoy your creativity. Joyce klokkenga Illinois

  16. I thoroughly enjoyed your post, your table and decor are lovely. Blessings, Diana

  17. Thank you, Faye, for your lovely post. You are an inspiration, as always. Laurie

  18. I'm so very sorry for your loss of your dear friend, Faye. I always enjoy your posts. Thanks for sharing a little peek into your lives. ❤️ Sue

  19. Faye, I have been absent from blogging for several years and returned to it last fall. I'm so glad to have come across your blog again. I still have a few of your recipes tucked away in my recipe book from when I would visit you on a regular basis years ago.

    The Valentine Lunch you had for your friends was so precious. Your table was lovely and fashioned with care. The food sounds amazing and loved the idea of the music paper for Valentines.

    I'm so sorry to learn of the passing of your friend. Thankful she knew Jesus.

  20. Your valentine decorating is beautiful. Your friends must have loved feeling special, that's something you do well. I hope that you have been keeping well and that the torrent of rain and flooding that has affected the area has not bothered you and that you are toasty and warm this very cold day.

  21. Lovely post, Faye! I am so sorry for the loss of your friend Robbie. Many years ago my family lost a dear young friend (she was 18) in a tragic hit and run accident. I still recall my daughter, her best friend, saying through tears, "It would be selfish to wish hr back." And I know you feel the same about your dear Robbie.

    And how special your friends must have felt. You and Terry are amazing folk. Some day we hope to visit New Brunswick again and would love it if our paths crossed. Looking forward to meeting you in heaven if we never do in this life. Thanks so much for all that you share here and on Instagram. You are a wonderful testimony.

  22. Your post was fantastic, keep it up!

  23. So enjoy your post and pictures, so sorry for your loss, much love and prayers ❤️ 🙏