Sunday, March 31, 2024

The wonderful month of March...2024

Hello my dears... 
Thanks for dropping by the Blessed Hearth today..

A simply beautiful Easter Sunday here in New Brunswick... 
We have had a very good winter and it seems to be almost over..
 I think! One never knows for sure here.. smile.  
This post is going to be a bit of a mix mash.. 

These first pics are of our Easter weekend.. 
On Good Friday our family all gathered here for a dinner. 
It was simply wonderful!
The food was good but it was really the company that made it a memory for our hearts... 
Our two sons were not here.. One working and the other too far away.. 
But here in our hearts ... 
Grandson's table   

parent's table...

a few make and dos for Easter above..
a coffee can with modge podge and napkins for a plant holder
egg garland
needle felted pillow
crosses on each plate to remind us why we are celebrating such a glorious day... 
He died for us... 
And arose and He lives forever more... 
So thankful .... 

The rest are just bits of our days... 
been cleaning and decluttering bedrooms and such.. 

making homemade no knead breads... 
and crackers... so love these crackers... 

reading lots of books as always and finding a few treasures at the thrift stores.. 
This old Gladys Taber book was a find.. 
And this one was free on my Kindle.. 
I recommend it 100 percent.. 
so good.. 

Made some Sofrito and Sazon Seasoning... 

and farmers cheese... 

seasoned it with herbs and garlic 
great on the crackers... 

This was a fun project and I love how it turned out... 
I thankfully had saved a couple of crocheted tablecloths when I decluttered my lace cupboard.. 
On Instagram I noticed a bunting on someone's page.. 
I do not know if they made their's but I found the tablecloth that looked like it was made from doilies... 
So with scissors and a glue gun and a string I made the bottom one.. 
The top one is just the edge of the tablecloth.. 

My dear man hung them for me.. 
He so loves doing these easy wee jobs for me.  lol... 

Then another old book recommended to me from my friend Becky and found it on Thrift Books.. 
Only Fifty Years Ago.. 

And a Sunday cake... 
Aunt Mary's cake here on the blog... 

Then one afternoon a few ladies from our church came for a wee Easter lunch. 

It was sweet fellowship.. 
Just served soup, salad and bread as I did my friends the month before.. 
Had Carrot cake though.. smile.. 

Then Terry and I celebrated our 54th anniversary... 
Not a big celebration but we went to a fave restaurant and bought each other a couple of gifts.. 

We laughed at our gifts for each other.. 
I had been wanting a bread pan for awhile so I got that and he came out of the store and passed me a lovely suade bag for shopping and I gave him tools... His fave thing.. smile.. 

The bread pan is for making sandwich bread and toast bread.. 
From amazon.. 

Anyway... dear hearts... 
so glad you dropped by.. 

I hope all is well in your world and I look forward to hearing from you.. 
I received so many dear condolences on the death of my sweet friend, Robbie.. 

A lovely girl started following my blog way back when i first started. 
She is a fantastic writer and loves the Lord.. 
If you get a minute perhaps you would like to go back to my last post and read the comment from Ann.. 
It is a long comment so you will see it quickly. 
So sweetly written! 

Thank you all for being so kind and thank you Ann for being my sweet friend all these years.. 
I appreciate you all.  

Oh and may I ask a favour.... 
If you sign in on Anonymous then could you just sign your first name and initial of your last name?
 just so I know who you are next time.. K?  

God bless you all!

just a thought to close with.. 
I need to apply this to my life..💗


  1. I love to see your blogs Faye! They are so uplifting & beautiful!❤️

  2. Inspiration for Spring!

  3. Everything is just so lovely and welcoming.

  4. Your pictures are gorgeous and I especially enjoyed being a part of your family Easter celebration that was at your house. Congratulations on 54 years of marriage. You are two years ahead of us!

  5. What a lovely surprise to see your post this morning. Thank you for sharing your celebrations with us. Your table settings are always so lovely, and your Easter decorations so heart warming. Laurie E

  6. Happy 54th! My hubby and I are married 51yrs now. The years have flown by.
    Everything is so pretty!
    Happy weekend!