Sunday, April 21, 2024

A little making and doing post for April...

Good evening dear hearts.... 
So happy to have you drop by for a visit here on the Blessed Hearth... 
It is a beautiful Sunday late afternoon here in New Brunswick.. 

We were to church this morning and stopped and had a submarine sandwich.. Kind of spur of the moment.. We had to stop and get gas and thought it would be a nice treat!  And I didn't have to make lunch.. 
When we drove up the driveway I noticed our forsenthias were in bloom.. 

Terry did a bit of decorating for 
I asked him to move his bars so I could take the pic but he said he thought that it looked nice like that!  So there ya go!  😏

I hope you are all well and enjoying these first days of Spring... 
I think we have had our last snow storm but who knows!
At least it won't last if it does. 

I thought I would post a few little projects I have been doing.. 
My dishcloths were beginning to look a bit worse for wear.. 
I had this old rose towel which was the same but good enough to make a few dishcloths.. 
So it only took a few minutes to sew them up.. 
I shared these here on the blog many years ago but I still enjoy having them in my drawer to pull out.. 
You just cut out the size of dishcloth you like and and old towel sizes to match and sew together..
I always sew a little cross in the middle to keep them together.  I don't even turn them but leave the raw edges out.. 
They work great... 

My gift pantry has been pretty empty since Christmas so trying to add to it each week... 
I made up a couple of journals this week...

And gave one away already.. 😊

This past winter I spent a few hours making what I am calling 
Marilla bags... 
You remember Marilla on the Anne of Green Gables show.. 
Well, on one of the shows it showed Marilla's bedroom closet... 

It was so lovely that it stuck in my mind... 
It had boxes all on the top shelf covered in lovely roses and pretty papers... 
Beautiful hat boxes and such.. 

and down below were these lovely homemade drawstring bags hanging at the back... 
I made these three so far although I do want to do some for the back of our bathroom door ... 
To hold extra socks, nighties and such... 

I think I may make some to use as gift bags instead of the dollarstore gift ones... 
I have a lot of old lace and extra fabrics so a way of recycling, eh?  

This is a little cushion I made for a dear friend... 

Needle felted... 
A little bird pic I saw on pinterest and did my own version... 

Then wanting to use up some of my lavender from the farm as we will have more this summer, I hope... 
A few lavender sachets that you put inside your pillow case to help you sleep.... πŸ’œ

Put together a big bouquet of pussy willows Terry picked me and some lovely feathers from my friend, Andrea... 
They look nice up on the mantel.. 
Do you spy my wee teapot? 
I picked it up at the thrift store and loved how it fit into my hand.. 
The wee cover is on a hinge. 
I just like looking at it.. Aren't I strange?

When I was a wee girl we would go visit my grandmother in St. Martins.. She had a wonderful china cabinet full of magic I thought.. 
Sweet plates and bowls with roses on them, cups and saucers and some silver bits and pieces and on the bottom shelf right where my nose pressed against the glass were 5 wee brass egg cup sort of dishes.. 
Oh, I loved those cups ! 
 I would hold them in my hand and just loved them.. 
One day the littlest one found itself in my pocket and I took it all the way home with me.. Oh dear!!  
All the way to Moncton!
I showed it to my Mom after we got home and she asked me where I got it..  I didn't answer her.. Just stood there with my head down.. Ashamed I guess.  
She knew where I found it but all she did was take it from me and never said anything.. 
I am sure she put it back the next time we went to Gram's.. 
I have always wondered why she didn't wallop me!  πŸ˜”
Bless her heart..  
I think she understood what that little girl's heart was like and how much she loved that little cup and how it felt in her hand. 
So she just took it back.. 
I still wonder whatever happened to those little brass cups!  ❤

Please be patient with this old lady and her stories.. smile.. 

I am working on another bunting for the front window... 
I am slow at this project for some reason... 
hopefully next time I can show it to you..

Been spending some time reaquainting myself with these dear old books of poetry I have had for many years... 

I kind of forgot I had them until I was going through a bookshelf.. 
I think they were mostly written during the Second World War.. 
Someone put them together by typing them all out on old graph papers, flyers and onion skin papers.. 
All typed on an old typewriter.. 
I love them... 
They go so nice with a hot cup of tea and a rainy windy afternoon.  

My favourite poet is Edgar Guest but I found this one recently.. 
I had a copy of one of her poems for years but didn't know who wrote it.. I put it on Instagram and one of my friends asked me who wrote it.. 
I did a bit of research and found her.. 
Anne Campbell .. the Poet of the Home.. 
No wonder I loved her poem. 

Some of our meals..
garlic chicken and cilantro and lime rice
fish chowder

my pizza on pita bread.. 
first there is my pesto from last summer then veggies, olives and tomato basil and mozza cheese... 

terry's pizza on pita bread with tomato sauce, salomi, sauage, veggies and mozza and oregano.. 

shrimp fried rice...
a recipe for one of Terry's fave cakes... 

Yes, that is how I feel...
Now I know not everyone agrees.. lol.. 
I would love to do something like this on a staircase... 

I thought I would include this.. 
My friend had it on her facebook and I thought how wonderful it was.. 
I just wished I were there... 
She told me I could share it with you.. 

Isn't that a wonderful set up?  
Look at those eggs... Yum.. 
I hope to do some such thing sometime this summer.. 
We already have everything except the grate setup... 
Thanks Linda... ❤

Well, I guess this is it for today my friends.. 
probably long winded as usual... lol.. 
But thanks for stopping by.. 
I look forward to hearing from you.. 
I read and enjoy every comment and love each one.. 

I did want to share this beautiful verse with you from the book of 
1 Chronicles in the Bible.. 

I so so love this verse... 
I like to read it over and over and just meditate on the glory of our Lord and our God.... 
How magnificent and marvellous and wonderful He is!
And He loved me and forgave me and even gave His own life to save me... 
And for the whole world.... 
The King of kings and the Creator of all loved us enough to provide Himself as our sacrifice.. 
So thankful to Him  

Take care of yourselves lovies and your dear families.. 
Perhaps we will meet over on Instagram.. 
God bless till next time... 


  1. Love your post, as always. I enjoy looking at different teapots so I get it! Have a wonderful day!

  2. I enjoy your posts so very much! ❤️

  3. You've been busy Faye, making all those lovely sewing projects!! Especially love the felted bird pillow. Thanks for the inspiration!! Hugs!! Sue Cybulski

  4. Lovely post,I am always eager to learn from you,you always inspire meπŸ’•

  5. I love that verse too! Those bags you are making are just sweet and I adore all of your stories. I am commenting on my new phone and it says I am anonymous. This is Kathy L. Maybe some day I will figure out how to not be anonymous.πŸ€”

  6. So many lovely and wonderful thongs you're doing! The apple pie looks wonderful, a fun idea with using old towels and repurposing! Those poetry books are so precious, love forsythia, it's a happy announcement of Spring! Many blessings to you Faye!

  7. Hello
    I enjoyed your post. You sound busy and happy! It’s a joy to find pleasure in caring for our loved ones and our homes. Your idea for dishrags is interesting! So regular fabric on one side and an old towel on the other?
    Much love, Lisa
    Hoping we are finished with snow as well!

  8. Oh, you have had a really busy and creative month :)

  9. I love little teapots also! I found a couple in the last few months at our local Goodwill store. RHill, TX

  10. Thank you, Faye, for this lovely post. I have enjoyed spending some time with you. Laurie

  11. I always love your making and doing posts, Faye. You are such an inspiration to me!

    My grandmother collected pitchers and most of her collection was in a glass front corner cupboard. Some of them were no bigger than my thumbnail. I was always fascinated by them as a child.

    Think I need to corral some of my worn towels (I had taken most of them to our cottage) and make some dish cloths like yours. They are lovely.

    Thanks for your inspiring projects, your words and recipes, and your lovely testimony here in blog land.

  12. I enjoy all your pictures and thoughts.
    I, too , want to make some dish towels like yours. The Bible verse will be be reread until I memorize it.

  13. Oh, my dear Lady, your posts are never long winded but are a joy to read. That is a beautiful Bible verse and love your heartfelt thoughts regarding our Lord. Also enjoy reading about the crafts and yummy food you make. πŸ˜‹ hugs from a fan of yours.

  14. I always enjoy your posts Faye, what your cooking, making, enjoying :) Thanks for taking the time to share. Your dish towels look so pretty, and I think your journals are so cool !! I admire your creativity ~ Linda :)

  15. Hi there! I'm a new fellow-Canadian reader and found you a few months ago through links from other blogs. I just wanted to say thank you and your posts brighten my days when I read them. I'm thankful you know Jesus and share His message of salvation with others. He is so good and we all need Him and each other. God bless you. - Katie

  16. Hello. I have been away from reading your post for some time now. I am now caught up with your latest post. I enjoy your post. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Hello from Missouri USA. I've not been by for a visit in some time. I did enjoy your stories and your wonderful photos. Thank you for sharing how wonderful home is.
    Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,