Friday, November 18, 2011

A Snowy Friday...

Happy Friday to you all..
Here is how it looked here in Eastern Canada when we woke up this morning..

Pretty, eh? 
The house across the road from us looked so lovely..

The icicles are hanging from the bird feeder...

And you have  seen our old carriage before..

The snow did not stop any action around here, though.. smile..

It is the last week of hunting here in New Brunswick..
But these guys are going 4 wheeling..
Pretty soon they will be changing over to snowmobiles.. 
It just seems like yesterday that they were out doing that.. smile.. 

While they were gone I started some chores.
I started cleaning our living and dining rooms and getting them ready to decorate..

Here is some pear butter in the crock pot..

The star anise in this makes it so delicious and  different..
I just love it... Nice gifts for some elders in our church...

Then I made some Bubble and Squeak for Supper..
We do not have this very often but today felt like that kind of a day.. grin...
One of Terry's faves...

I don't use a recipe for this.. I just throw in bacon, onion, green pepper, salt and pepper in a large frying pan..
Cast iron is great for this...
Then I add several sliced potatoes and 1/2 of a sliced  small cabbage..
At the end add chopped parsley and lemon juice..
That is it.. Lovely with homemade bread and pickles..

Thank you all for dropping by and for all of your sweet comments ..
Please take care and have a great weekend...
May God bless and keep you.. 


  1. That bubble & squeak sounds good! I've heard it mentioned before but never knew what it was : ) Thank you for sharing the beautiful snow pictures! You are blessed to live where there is snow : ) Blessings, Shirlee

  2. Faye, God blessed you with such a beautiful white blanket this morning, The pictures just make me long for some of the white stuff here. And would have loved to sat at the table and shared the bubble and squeak with you. I love cabbage, but the Mister don't eat it cooked or raw. Yours sounds wonderful. Stay cozy and have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Hello dear Faye, I am going to make your Bubble and Squeak. I think Jim would really like it. Your neighbor's house looks so pretty in the snow. We had a few flakes yesterday for a little while...but that was about it. Hope those boys of yours enjoy the 4-wheeling.

  4. Breath-takingly beautiful but Brrr!!!!! I bet your goodies simmering in the crockpot warmed things up:)

  5. What a beautiful scene! All the pictures are beautiful....even though it means 'cold' I love when ice forms on the branches - like a fairy land.
    I've never had Bubble and Squeak but it sounds delicious.


  6. I never knew what bubble and squeak was either! The snow looks better at your place than it does at mine.

  7. What a beautiful winter wonderland! I'm so jealous I don't get that lovely snow. Maybe you could send me some, LOL!!!! Your supper looks so good. I fixed a pot of baby lima beans & ham for supper with some good hot cornbread and butter. Stay warm! Hugs!

  8. You certainly have a beautiful winter wonderland!
    I really love that carriage.... so very charming.

    Looks like a good day to stay in and make some warm, tasty and comforting food.

    It has been in the forcast that we are to receive snow tonight. Northern Utah has already received a dusting of the white stuff.

    Stay warm and cozy and enjoy your weekend.

  9. What a Beautiful Snowy Winter Wonderland Sweet Faye Henry! Breathtaking! Bubble and squeak oh my! yummy.
    Love & Joy to you Friend

  10. Faye
    I'm so glad you found me, so now I can pop over and visit you too! I knew asa I saw your profile
    we had a lot in common.
    Beautiful snow-I love it!
    I'm sure your hunters will enjoy your special treat of Bubble and Squeak! Good luck with their
    hunting, too.

  11. Hi Faye, just had to drop a line to say your pictures should be Christmas cards, they look absolutely wonderful, well maybe not the ones on the wheelers, haha, but the first few are ya (hopefully this works, I have been having a terrible time trying to post)

  12. Beautiful pictures. My girls would be so happy. I have never cooked with star anise. I have heard of it before but never used it. I will have to check out the spice section in our store and see if it is available here. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Enjoy your day and God bless.