Saturday, November 19, 2011

Getting the Pantry Ready for Christmas...

Good Evening my dears...
Another weekend almost over.. Only tomorrow left...
Today Terry went to town and did a few chores and I stayed home so that I could finish up a few things..
It is hard to get a lot done when he is home.. smile..
I don't know why that is.. He is always busy, too..
I finally finished cleaning the pantry.. This used to be a walk in closet type of pantry but awhile ago Terry put in a counter so I can do my baking in there.. It is small but I love it.. Kind of old fashioned with gathered curtains.. Let's just say it works... smile..
Today, I put in a few Christmas decorations..
A little tree..
It is in my Gramp's big crock.. I treasure that as my Dad gave it to me before he went home to be with the Lord...
The tree is decorated with tiny utensils, cinnamon stars, copper pots and tiny prim cookie cutters..
It does need another set of lights put on... Later...

I thought I would just show you a few pics of the pantry..

A sugar jar with an old blue willow cup for measuring..

And a pic of a person who has inspired me for years..

Tasha Tudor.. She is actually in her pantry..
I love her dishes...
She was an artist and lived the simple life..
An angel and greenery...

Just a touch of the season...

I love old jars and this one is filled with cookie cutters..
I just found the other one and will probably put some cookies in it ..Later.. smile..

Herbs and spices..
Black pepper, bay leaves, cloves and parsley...

A set of old jars filled with spices that used to belong to my great aunt Emily...
And a wee snowman..

When Terry arrived back home we took a drive down to our cottage and unhooked the pump.. It is now completely finished ..
I did bring home a couple of things that I plan on showing you next week... Surprises.. grin.. 

Tomorrow we will enjoy the Lord's Day.. 
It is His day.. I am so thankful that we do not have to work and can go to church.. There are so many though that have to work and can only get there every couple of weeks.. Our boys, included.. 
But God is faithful... Even when it is impossible to get to the House of the Lord we can let our minds dwell on Him.. 
His presence is available wherever we are...

On the way home tonight Terry and I were talking about how life has evolved.. 
Materialism has taken over this old world.. 
It has crept into our homes and into our churches.. 
Sometimes, it seems as if we have lost our purpose... 
The Lord gave us a command... 
We are to be witnesses... Yes, our lives are a witness but as an individual and as a church our priority should be to the lost.. 
Reaching out... Telling the lovely truth that Jesus still saves.. 
He stills loves the sinner and no matter how far you have gone He is still reaching out for you... 
He is Someone you can depend upon.. His mercy is renewed each day.. 
We talked about this and we as a couple want to reach out and do what we can to let people know that Jesus is coming soon..People need to be ready to meet Him.. To find salvation and hope..
I pray that you won't mind me sharing my heart a wee bit tonight.. 
Jesus is my everything....Without him I would be a lost soul without hope but tonight because of Calvary I am a sinner saved by grace with the knowledge that I can make heaven my Home someday.. 
I am so thankful for the peace He gives..

Love to you all..  


  1. I do love your blog. The pictures of your pantry are great. I can't wait til I can take good pictures of our decor. :) And I especially love and agree with your heartfelt comments about Jesus and his love for us. He has given us everything and He askes for so little in return. Just to keep His commandments. One of which is to keep the sabbath day. And to always remember Him. May we all do this is my prayer. Take care and have a wonderful Sunday. Janet W

  2. Faye ... I always feel like I'm visiting a good friend's home when I come to your blog. I so enjoyed seeing your pantry. These photos & others I've seen in the past makes me feel "welcome" in your home. It looks so warm & inviting. I also agree with your thoughts about Jesus. There were many years before I met Him ... & I don't know how I got along without Him. Barely, that's for sure. God bless you, dear friend. Blessings, Shirlee

  3. Such a wonderful pantry! I love everything I could see! How blessed you are! Indeed.

    I'm so very thankful to visit you! Such a sweet rendering of the precious promises. Love of our hearts and lives, is our Precious Lord Jesus!

    The God of hope, in our lives today, and in the days to come. Living hope, our Lord, our Love, our Peace!

  4. I just love it when you show us pictures of your home. I can just imagine you in the pantry baking bread. I love the idea of the small tree in the crock. I have a small tree and a crock. I think I will try to borrow your idea. I also love the picture of the lady in her kitchen. I am unfamiliar with the name but plan on researching her when I come back from church. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  5. I love your pantry, you need to come and rearrange mine for me!
    I'm so glad for the wonderful messages you always put on your blog for us. You have a ministry right here!

  6. Love this little darling....and inspiring it is...thank you as always for have it laid out perfectly....:)
    faith Crochet by the sea

  7. I dont mind you sharing your heart, in fact I feel quite honoured. Where would we be without the love of our Saviour?
    I love your pantry. You have the same work tops as my kitchen and I have gathered curtains too. Coincidence!
    I love your idea for a kitchen tree covered in utensils. I may try that
    Love and Hugs from Wales
    Debbie x

  8. Hi, Faye,
    Your Christmas decorations are so pretty. I'm looking forward to getting your package and setting out those sweet snowmen. :) Love the snow in your previous post! So pretty!
    Yes, it is a shame how materialistic our world has become. We have to keep focused on our purpose of winning others to Christ.
    Hope you're enjoying your Sunday. :)

  9. What a beautiful little Christmas tree.
    Your panty is such a cozy place, and decorated for the holidays, I should imagine it's a joy to work in there.
    Thanks for your heart-felt thoughts.
    We are so blessed!!
    Heavenly Father has given us everything.
    It really shouldn't be that hard for us to give back.
    Charity never faileth.

  10. Thank you Faye for turning our gaze to our precious Savior ... without Him... we are nothing
    God bless

  11. I never get tired of seeing all the little corners of your home, Faye...
    And thank you for the uplifting words... my hubby and I were just talking the other day about how much things have changed just in our lifetime... peoples' attitudes toward church and serving God are so different now than they were even 20-30 years ago.
    I hope you have a wonderful week~ I know you all don't celebrate Thanksgiving the same time we do, but Happy Thanksgiving, anyway... *grin*... I'm so thankful for you.

  12. i needed that mini message today...thanks