Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Little Story about a Winter Potpourri Recipe and a Giveaway Reminder...

Hello everyone..
How are you all doing?  It is a warm and windy evening here in New Brunswick.. Tomorrow they are calling for lots of rain and wind but for tonight it is lovely..
Terry and I were to Bangor, Maine for the last few days and got back late last night... We just wanted to get away for a little change and to do some shopping..
 Christmas is coming.. smile..
I would really like to get my shopping done and wrapped early this year.. I have made up my mind to enjoy this Christmas..The plan is to NOT get stressed over it and get things done.. I am the worlds worst procrastinator as my family knows but I am turning over a new leaf... grin.. I have a game plan and hope to stick to it so that by Christmas I am ready with the good Lord's help and able to enjoy it all instead of frantically trying to catch up before they all arrive.. smile..

With that in mind I am planning on making things as often as I can for gifts to give away ...
Remember the other day when I posted HERE about being at our old farm and seeing these growing there..

 I told you that I wanted to make some  pine or balsam potpourri with them..
Well, I have a funny little story to tell you.. Hope you have Anyway.. Terry and I went out to the farm and I took a bag all ready to pick them.. Terry had to take some stuff into the house so I headed down to the old spring where the fir tree was... 
OK...Can you picture it?...
I have my bag ready and look into the branches and guess what?  Not a cone was to be had.. Every last one of them was gone.. Honest... So.. I am looking all around the base of the tree ... No way..  They are all gone.. 
Well, some of you know me pretty well and you know that I am not an emotional person...I am very calm and passive.. LOL.. oh yes... 
Stop laughing, my friends...
 Anyway.. I go around to the back of the tree.. Surely, there is one left on there somewheres.. No.. they are GONE..
While I am behind the tree looking in vain Terry comes out on the step and can't see me..( He probably thought I fell in the spring..) He hollers.. Faye!!... 
He said that all of a sudden he hears someone bellowing (his word..grin..) ...
"Someone took them!!!  They took all of my cones!!   All of them!!
He yells at me to calm down because he was sure that they could hear me up at the windmill farm... grin.. 
Anyway, he comes down and sure enough they are gone..
Isn't that odd?  Where on earth would they go to? 
Does anyone know ??  smile..
There is a reward... A bag of potpourri... grin.. 

Anyway, Terry went out a little further and found some on another tree ... I did get some after all..
Let's just say that this was a  typical day in the life of Faye Henry.. smile.. 

Here is the recipe..
8 cups of cones... fir or pine.. or a mixture..
2 cups of dried rose hips
2 cups of bay leaves
several cinnamon sticks broken into small pieces..
2 cups or so of dried apple slices..
You can buy these or slice some up and put in the oven on low heat for several hours or use your dehydrator..
I also added some small pieces of pine boughs..
If you have some orris root or some kind of carrier then you add several drops of pine or balsam oil.. I use a quite a lot...
You can add it to the potpourri itself..
Cover all this with some plastic wrap for several days and then toss.. I usually keep it covered for a couple of weeks..

Then toss it all together...
Put it in a plastic bag and then put it in a paper lunch bag and tie some rusty bells or apple slices and raffia to it.. 
 Perhaps you could add a couple of bottles of HOMEMADE CROCKPOT APPLE BUTTER ....

And you have a wonderful homemade present..

We also picked some white pine to make THIS..

Homemade Cough Medicine recipe from Kings Landing...
Some people appreciate homemade remedies.. I hope..

Anyway, that was my day.. How about you?  smile..

Please don't forget my little GIVEAWAY....

WELCOME to all the new followers.. It will be nice getting to know you all..
Thank you for dropping by and I am looking forward to hearing from you..

Have a blessed evening my dears...


  1. What nice looking potpourri. I can imagine how wonderful it will smell.

    Have a great evening.


  2. Oh, that is too funny! Someone had to had filtched them! (A Christmas tree farmer? Or perhaps a giant squirel?) Another memory to pass down to your grandkids!
    The potpourri looks wonderful!

    So glad to always hear from you!

  3. Ha-I am stumped also! Where could those itty bitty cones have gone to? So funny! Maybe they are being turned into beautiful Christmas ornaments. :)

    Your potpourri does look wonderful. We have started to decorate for Christmas here. We won't get our tree for a couple more weeks though. :)

    Have a nice Friday.


  4. I bet that potpourri smells so nice! I would have guessed that Mr. Henry beat you to that tree and picked them before you got there and hid them in your trunk- Just a hunch...LOL

  5. Last year i wanted acorns from our oak tree for a craft. The squirrels had gathered every acorn - there wasn't even a cap left lying on the ground.
    Do you think it could have been the Mill Brook squirrels who beat you to your cones? (this year i picked a small bowl of acorns before my furry friends could get them all.) Laurie

  6. Good morning, Faye~ thank you for starting my day off with a chuckle... I can see you (bag in hand) running around "bellowing" *hehe* (No I can't- I know you're not like that...) Tell Terry if he talked like we do here in Tennessee, he would have said "bellered".
    Thanks for the wonderful recipe~ I'll bet it smells so good. I just finished drying more apples yesterday and I hope the smell lingers in the kitchen for a few more days!
    I hope you enjoy your weekend.... try not to work too hard... ((HUGS))

  7. More things in common....procrastination - a "day in the life of..." too funny - me too, just ask my family. Blessings from Wiscons. Your pine mix looks great!

  8. This looks and I imagine smells fabulous...I always love the items you share. I'll be on the hunt for pine cones...and if I don't find a one...I'll guess somebody read your blog today and beat me to the punch.....hee hee.....
    Faith Crochet by the Sea

  9. LOL,about the pincones...what a mystery, did someone else help themselves to your pinecone supply? :o)

    Thanks for the potpourri recipe. It sounds perfect for Christmas. Don't know about the cough syrup recipe though. ;o)

  10. Gee.. I wonder where they all went ??
    Maybe someone read your blog, and decided to go get them to make their own potpourri.
    Maybe you should have saved the recipe...LOL.
    I'm going to have to give this potpourri a try. Looks gorgeous, and I'd bet it smells heavenly.

    Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

  11. Bellowing? I don't believe it!!!lol!
    It surely is a mystery though!
    The pictures you took are so lovely!
    And BTW, Hurray for your gameplan!
    Best wishes

  12. Well, maybe you didn't get those particular pinecones, but you do have a great story to tell and a warm memory! The potpourri looks beautiful and I bet it smells wonderful too! I think I have most of the ingredients, besides the dried apples. I think that will make a sweet little gift to make!!

  13. Oh my, I can smell that potpourri now?
    Did Terry sneak out there earlier without you and pick them (for you)? Then to throw you off he picked a few off another tree, until you got to the house and seen your missing pinecones that he suprised you with.
    Or either a squirrel or a chipmunk took them. But that's alot of pinecones for an animal to take. I think someone picked them to suprise you.
    Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  14. Oh it looks so Festive!!!

    Love Ya,