Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Decorating a Little Country Bedroom...

Greetings to everyone this evening..
We have had a very rainy and windy day here today ...
A nice day to stay in and putter.. The wood fire was on and bread was in the oven..I roasted a chicken yesterday so today we had a Chicken and Wild Rice Soup..We had it once at Tim Horton's and so I decided to make my version.  Terry wanted the leftovers for supper so I guess he liked it.. smile..

 I worked on another bedroom.. Cleaning and decorating and the dear man was painting.. Guess what color?  If you thought black then you are right...I will show you his work later.. smile..
For tonight though I thought I would show you the bedroom that I worked on...
We have 4 bedrooms .. Three are empty now except for when someone comes to visit.. They used to be full.. smile..
I wish they still were.. Oh well, don't get her going as my dear husband would say.. Do you miss your children?  I sure do..
 I took these pics tonight after supper so they are by lamplight.. I probably didn't do a very good job.. I am certainly not a photographer but here they are..
Not very primitive, I am afraid... Just a little country style bedroom..
A little Christmas tree trimmed with wee girls..

Can you see a couple of them?

This tray and tea set were a gift ...
I just added a touch of pine and olde Christmas cards..

Kind of a snow girl  theme going on here..

A snow girl that I bought in New Hampshire and a dear little tea set from a friend..

An antique little girls coat set that Terry bought for me at an auction many years ago..
I still love it..

Here is a little swag I made ..

Little baby shoes and old photos..
I made the snowman heads from little styrofoam balls and a toothpick nose.. Just painted the balls cream, added an orange painted nose and painted the eyes and cheeks on..
I did different sizes and stuck them on different crafts..

Like this one...
I sewed up a bunch of these little stockings and embroidered different words on them..
peace, joy, love... then added the styrofoam ball and a little greenery...

And here is a pic of a dear little girl who used to live here..

Shonda was only a year old and playing her Gram's piano..
Today, she has a baby grand.. smile..

I took this last pic and was surprised how it came out..
Would you say that perhaps it is the ghost of the little girl who used to wear the little olde coat?  grin..

Can you see her?  smile..

Thank you ladies for your sweet visit.. So glad you dropped by..
I am looking forward to hearing from you..

Take care of yourselves and let me know what you are busy doing these days before the big day...

God bless..


  1. Faye ... I loved my visit, as always. After reading your first paragraph about the wood fire & the bread & the chicken & the soup I once again thought how I need to convince my husband when we sell our house next year that we need to move to Canada ... but this time my thoughts were more specific. I decided we need to move next door to you : ) Loved all the photos! The walls in that bedroom look to be the same color as my walls. You have so many nice things & are so good at displaying them. Yes, I loved my visit ... as always : ) Blessings, Shirlee

  2. I love that room! I want to come for a visit just so I can stay there. So cozy! You are very talented.

  3. Hi Mom,
    The house looks great!! Looking forward to seeing it in person soon. I wrote down the recipe for the winter potpourri and hope to make it tomorrow :) I hope it will be ready for Christmas. Loving reading your blog! I hope to try more of the recipes this new year.
    Love you!!!! Xoxo

  4. Okay Faye, I am coming right along with Shirlee and Ellen. You did say you had 3 bedrooms that were empty right? Now all us girls will fill them with love, conversation and laughs. Wouldn't that be fun? And I know how the smell of food in the kitchen drifts up those stairs. Love the pictures of the bedroom. Just perfect. And the picture of Shonda is precious. Fits right in with the decor. Thanks so much for sharing. I always enjoy my visits with you. Have a great Thursday

  5. Awesome photos Faye ! I bet your Chicken n Wild rice tasted wayy better then Timmie's ! Wonderful post. We have been having a rain/snow mix waiting to get dumped on by snow now ! Have a good evening.

  6. What a lovely room, I just loved the visit too, like your other friends! So appealing, and sweet, so many things like I grew up with. Always feels like going to the Homeplace when I visit you! Thanks so much for sharing!
    we have had cold, just a bit of spitting snow all day, after wind and rain yesterday.

  7. Faye
    What a lovely Victorian bedroom. You've done it up beautifully for Christmas. I especially love your vanity with the curvy mirror!

  8. You have made a sweet guest room, Faye - lots os lovely personal touches!
    Blessings, dear friend!

  9. Hi Faye, Sorry I haven't been commenting much a few weeks I should be back to normal, at least for a bit :) The lamp lit pictures make the guest room seem so cozy...

  10. I've been thinking alot of "stages in life" My girls are 20 & 17. I have days where they both are at school then work and I don't see them till bedtime. I miss them when they are gone but I'm trying to prepare myself for the time when they won't even be you post about empty bedrooms - I've been thinking about that. The picture with the girl's face (ghost) how did you do that it looks spooky. Truthfully, you know I believe in the spiritual realm - you can't be full of the Spirit and not understand spirits...Blessings from Wisconsin.

  11. Hey, Dicki Bird... don't get excited about the picture ... All I did was to take a pic of a photo of a little girl that I have on the wall and it reflected the lamp... I thought it was kind of neat.. Sorry, if it spooked you.. grin..

  12. What a pretty room! I'd be more than willing to come for a visit and fill up that charming bedroom. :o) I really love the Snowgirl theme, very cute, too.

    What a wonderful Thursday, Faye!

  13. What a wonderful post - loved seeing all your pictures. The bedroom is so cozy! I too miss the kiddos now that they are grown and on their own...and how I love it when they come to visit! Merry Christmas!

  14. Your decorations are so cute! I love the little snowmen made from the syrofoam balls. Such a neat idea. Thanks for sharing your home with us. God bless.

  15. Goodmorning Faye,
    Looks like you've been keeping busy and fluffing your nest :)
    I love that little country bedroom.
    And, yes... I miss our kids when they are gone too. Right now, two of them are back home and going to college. Yippee... so nice to have them here!
    We are working on finishing up the Christmas gift wrapping and I'm hoping we will have a bit of time to keep working on a few renovations.
    I printed off your 'No Knead Cinnamon Raisin Bread' recipe and I'm hoping to get a chance to make it.
    Have a great week!!

  16. The little bedroom is darling! I love the headboard and the little dresser. They are lovely.
    Your snowman faces are wonderful and you have used them so creatively. So nice to meet such a creative lady.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Hugs, Cindy

  17. Absolutely Gorgeous! I love everything about this room. Your pics are good, love the soft lighting.

  18. Reading your post makes my heart ache for my children...and half of them still live at home, lol!! What a blessing God has given us in entrusting these amazing souls into our lives!!. Katie

  19. What a beautiful room.
    I just love how you fill your home with such lovely things. I say fill your surroundings with whatever makes you happy. And that room is just as happy as could be dear Faye Henry!
    I so miss my children being little but I am blessed with three granny's. Loved my visit with you friend!
    Blessings & Joy, Trace