Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Burden Carrier..

Good Evening everyone..
It is lovely here in New Brunswick tonight..
It surely is not Christmas weather, though.. Oh well...Bring on the snow later..  Showing my age aren't I? 
How is your weekend going thus far?  We did not accomplish as much as  we had planned for  today as we were on the roads.. again.. Just picking up a few gifts and such..

We were up to our old farm though yesterday, I believe and I had noticed these things growing in the ditch the last few times we had been up.. I have not seen them in all of my 50 odd years.. grin.. 
So my sweet hubby picked me some... 

They grow on a vine and look like cotton balls..
Do you ladies know what they are..
I twisted them around and sort of made a wreath with them..

And then I put them on the olde spinning wheel..

I really haven't started decorating the living room yet..
But I did place the snow girl that I made last year in there..
For now.. grin.. I like her in a couple of places so it is hard to say where she will end up..

So I will say good night for now...

The sun is going down here in Eastern Canada...
We bought some really good coffee today so I think I will make a cup..
Tomorrow again is the Lord's Day.. smile..
I am so thankful for the blessings of this past week.. So many times I noticed such a joy in my spirit... For some time now I have been carrying a burden... It was heavy... And although, I knew that I need not do that.. I kept it anyway... He said if we would give our burdens to Him that He would make them light...
So, many times I would forge on ... Trying on my own to fix things or whatever.. This one was getting hard to bear..
Monday morning when I got down to pray I carried such a heaviness and  suddenly I remembered times in my life when I had given Him my burden and oh the joy of leaving it all with Him..
It was as though He said to me... Remember..
I realized then that I need not put myself through this.. I only needed to give it all to Him...
And I did.. Thank you, Jesus... What a faithful God we serve..
Down to the little facets of our lives He is there..
I am so thankful that He reminded me that He could give me peace..
Tonight.... six days later and I am not fretting..
He will look after it for me.. smile..

I had no intentions at all of writing this.. 
Perhaps  though, there is someone out there who needs a little reminder of how faithful Jesus is.. He is our burden carrier...

Have a blessed Sunday dear friends...
God bless...

Matthew 11: 30
Psalms 55: 22
I Peter 5: 7


  1. How wonderful that our Heavenly Dad led you to share sweet Faye Henry. Three years ago I too was going through such a rough hard dark time. I went forward in church knelt and prayed. I left those burdens at the foot of the cross. I remember those hurts but no longer feel the pain. He carrys them and the JOY in my heart makes me want to sing!
    I've got the JOY JOY down in my heart to stay!
    Blessings Trace

  2. Hi, Faye,I am so thankful for Jesus....our burden carrier. I am glad He has given you peace.

    Your wagon wheel looks lovely with the cotton ball vine on it. :) I love your snow girl. And the chair she sits in too!

    Have a wonderful Sunday.


  3. Thanks for your sweet post, Faye ;) :) I think I need to hear that today :) :)

    I sure do love a good cup of coffee. What type of coffee did you buy?

    Oh, your photos are lovely :) :) I'm looking forward to going to church tomorrow. It's a sweet church full of really nice people who are ground in Scripture ;) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  4. Faye. :-) Well your beyond me matey !

    As always :-) X X X all my love .............

  5. Lovely photos, beautiful evening! My Sissy Two says, sunsets like that, the Lord is showing off! She loves it when she says that happens! Thank you for the scriptures, grateful for them. hugging you fro down this away!

  6. Thank you for sharing your post! How quickly we tend to forget that our Lord is waiting to be asked to take away our burdens. You are being a good witness by sharing the blessing He has given you! It never ceases to amaze me... How great is his love!!! Be blessed.

  7. I'm glad your burden was lifted!

  8. Glad your burden was lifted ! Lovely crafts , photos and post. Have a nice Sunday !

  9. Thanks for writing this post Faye, it really hit ya Tam

  10. I really enjoyed your post and glad you wrote more than you intended. I'm not currently carrying a burden, but often I have. Why do we try to do it all on our own? I'm absolutely certain someone needed to hear this blessed reminder. Hugs, Lori

  11. It was me dear friend...just what I needed to hear right has brought me to tears, as I realize I shouldn't be carrying these around as they heavy. Thank you and God Bless you for sharing, he works in strange ways, and has used you this day to inspire and bless us all with this knowledge. Your wreath beautiful, but I don't know what these are. As always, I come here for exactly what you always give so lovingly...thank you

    Faith Crochet by the Sea

  12. I love your post. It is so very very true. I too have battled so many times with burdens that I didn't need to carry. I'd laugh at myself thinking I could handle it better than God. Crazy blonde girl!! In the past few months I have really worked giving these things to God. Not praying for what I think should be...but for God to guide me to what will be. To say OK got this one...Faith I've never been happier in my life. Here I have been struggling for so long searching for this happiness..and all along, I've had it right here..all around me! Thank you for your beautiful post today. Katie

  13. Good evening Faye.
    I loved your pictures, and your heart-felt post.
    Sometimes, we just need that little reminder to do our best and know that our Heavenly Father will make up the rest.

    Pretty cool cotton looking stuff... although I couldn't tell you what plant it is.

    We have had overcast skies, and threats of snow... but none yet.

    Stay warm and enjoy the blessing of this day :)

  14. You are so right, Faye, God definitely is our burden bearer. I am grateful for that. Life is tough and it's so good to know that we don't have to grin and bear it, we really can give it to Him. He has wide shoulders. I have learned and found that to be true time and time again.
    I have seen the plant that you made into a cute wreath, seems to me that I have seen it in my side yard, I will have to keep an eye out for it next year.
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  15. Faye,
    I am sorry about what ever is burdening you but I am so glad that you shared your peace. What a wonderful reminder especially at a time of year that can be very hard for many people including myself. I always enjoy reading your words. Thank you, Kendra

  16. Your decorations all look so cute. I do not know what the plant is that you found but it looks lovely on the wagon wheel. Burdens come from all kinds of different areas. I do not know how I would survive without Jesus. I definitely know I DO NOT ever want to try. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  17. What a beautiful and a much needed reminder for me! Thank you for sharing.Hugs,Jen