Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Stovetop Potpourri Gift Ideas...

Hello ladies..
Hope all is well with you tonight..
We are still having mild temps here in Atlantic Canada.. Terry and I went into the city today and I did not need my coat .. just a sweater...My Mom was telling me that the weather is as it was MANY years ago when I was born..My birthday is this month...
She also told me she can't believe how Old that I am getting.. Job's comforter.. grin.. What are Moms for, eh!
Anyway... I think one of the most wonderful aspects of Christmas are the smells.. pine, apple, vanilla, balsam and so many more..
I make a stove top potpourri every year..I was going to make some and thought you might like the recipe..

This is what it looks like...

Here is the recipe...
This makes one batch..

2 long cinnamon sticks, broken
2 T. allspice whole
2 T. cloves
1/2 nutmeg
1 bay leaf
1 T. dried cranberries (opt)
1 dried orange slice
1 dried apple slice
1 star anise...
Directions to use..
Place contents in 2 cups of water and bring to simmer on low heat..Keep adding water..
This lasts for 3 days..

A little idea is to pick up an old teapot and place the mix in that..
If you have a wood stove it is nice on that, too..

You can make this and put in zip lock plastic bags and then in brown paper lunch bags, a tag with directions and perhaps a piece of pine and some raffia or add a few rusted bells..
If you had an old teapot place it in the pot and tie some pine and cones on the handle along with a tag..

I sell this in the shop and place it in old book pages..

These needed the tag and grocers string added.
Just a couple of ideas for you..

Well, my dears that is all for tonight..
Thank you so much for dropping by and also for your sweet emails and comments... Just wanted to welcome all the new followers of the blog and thank you so much to you faithful commenters..
I so look forward to hearing from you all..

Have a blessed day tomorrow and take care...



  1. I can just imagine how wonderful that mixture would smell simmering away in a pot on the wood stove.
    Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!
    I love how you packaged the mixture too.... very clever :)

    Have a wonderful night.
    I am sleepy, as it has been a long day.
    Time for a hot shower and a soft cozy bed :)

  2. I can't deside if I want to wait and watch for tea pots this summer at thrift sales or make up this potpourri for gifts this year! Oooo, wait, birthday gifts! Thanks for sharing this lovely recipe Faye. Blessings to you, Kendra

  3. Good ideas as always. Blessings from Wisconsin.

  4. Thanks for sharing this recipe. I wanted to make it today to simmer on the wood stove but did not have all the ingredients. I like the new look at the top of your blog. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  5. Hi Faye, you gave me some of your stove top potpourri one year and it smells wonderful...I need to let you know that I love your new pictures on your homepage, they are sweet. Have a great day and always look forward to your Tam

  6. Mmmmnnn, I can smell it from here! Thanks for the recipe! Teapots are expensive here, but I'll look from now on. I esp. love the old book pages, what great packaging! Just love the look of it all!

  7. Hi,Faye, I wanted to stop by this morning to say hi. :) Your potpourri recipe is lovely and I bet it smells so good too. I don't think I can take a blogging break until after Christmas. I enjoy 'talking' to you ladies way too much. :) I think I will get a post up after school is done!

    Have a nice day.


  8. Yummy! That sounds like it would smell wonderful! Very sweet packaging, too.
    Have a wonderful Friday!
    Hugs, Cindy

  9. This is so pretty as well as great smelling, (I'm sure). Thanks for the idea and packaging too.

  10. Faye
    There is nothing that puts me in the Christmas spirit than the smell of pine-I love it!
    Thanks for your recipe. I've been wanting some for my pot on the wood stove.
    I also love your packaging idea! Very unique.

  11. That's a great idea and I bet your home smells just heavenly :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  12. Hi Faye
    I've just given you an award on my latest post.
    Please read it and let me know if you'd like to accept it.
    No pressure!

  13. That sounds like a wonderful scent! I imagine it is heavenly.

  14. yep, I'm thinking my woodstove would love to simmer this! :)

    I'll be featuring you & your blog this week @ Inspire Me Fridays!