Thursday, December 29, 2011

Just a little quiz for you...

Good Evening sweet ladies...
 I had an interesting day today... Terry went away and I had a chance to work on one of my favorite chores...

I am a junkee list maker.. I love pens, notebooks and cups of tea ...
All at the same time.. grin..
And if I throw a cookie in there it is even better.. smile..

My dear son-in-law has made fun of me for 20 plus years saying that I write things like brush my hair and teeth, etc..
I don't... honest.. I write.. Wake up.. Get dressed.. Have breakfast..
Then I get down to the nitty gritty...grin... 
Like the things I would like to accomplish in my day or week or year ... Who knows..

I have lists of things I would like to accomplish ... Lists of people to pray for... Lists of goals..Menus.. People I would like to have over.. I can go on and on..

Spiritual and Physical...

Anyway... This time of year brings out the real  McCoy of list making efforts in me..
 The year is ending and a whole new page is available for me to fill in with lists...
New year resolutions have nothing on me.. grin.. 

Don't get excited and think that I am a superwoman... Nope.. I don't accomplish half of what I yearn to do.. But my heart really wants me to strive and the lists help me.. A lot... . 
I love crossing things off..  

With that in mind I would like for you to do a little favor for me.. 
I am so thankful for how this blog is doing but I would like for it to do even better..I know that this it is very small compared to many but anyway.... 
Would you please fill out a little quiz for me.. 
PLEASE... grin.. 

Just answer the questions in the comments section or email me at 

There are only 5 questions... OK?

1..What is your age group.. up to 49 years or over 50??

2.. What is your main interests besides your family and church.. 
Like recipes, crafts, decor, back to basics skills, etc

3..Are you a stay at home homemaker or do you work outside of the home also??

4..Do you have children and are they still at home or are you an empty nester?

5..What do you enjoy most about the Blessed Hearth Blog? 

Thank you my dears.. I really appreciate this..
I know that this will help me a lot..
Thanks for being so faithful and dropping by and leaving your dear comments..

Looking forward to hearing from you...

May God bless and keep you...


  1. Answers:
    1. 45
    2. Homesteading Arts - animals, folk arts, etc.
    3. Stay at homemaker who works on resale and
    arts at home and sell at shops, on line
    4. 2 still at home
    5. ideas, photos, recipes
    Blessings from Wisconsin.

  2. Sure!
    1. Up to 49
    2. Crafts, up-cycling, home tours for ideas
    3. I also work outside of home
    4. Married with 1 daughter who is almost 17 and junior in high school
    5. My favorite things are your photos and the wonderful way your write
    I am a new follower who found your blog by way of one of the online parties. It was Nov.or Dec.
    Hugs to you! ~Lori

  3. 1. 32
    2.chickens, ducks, goats-critters :)
    3. stay at home housewife and homeschooling momma
    4.3 children still at home
    5.I enjoy hearing about your day, your recipes, your decor and your sweet self!

  4. 1. Over 50 (pushing 60 fast!)
    2. Recipes, crafts, books
    3. I work outside the home
    4. I have three children, who have flown the nest. One son is a Corrections Officer who works 2 hours away. He and his 4 year old son live with us on his days off... about 2 weeks each month.
    5. I love your pictures and your style of writing.

  5. 1. Up to 49 years
    2. Quilting, soapmaking, canning
    3. Stay at home homemaker that schools two children
    4. 4 children - three live at home and one lives 2,000 miles away
    5. I love your ideas, pictures, and encouraging words.


  6. 1. Over 50
    2. Cross stitch & various other crafts
    3. Stay at home (retired)
    4. 2 children who flew the coop long ago
    5. I enjoy the photos you share & always feel as if I'm visiting you in your home when I visit your blog. You make people feel very welcome.


  7. 1.Too far over the big 50, nah, just a hop, skip & jump
    2. everything you listed in no. 2
    3. SAH homemaker
    4. 1
    5. I enjoy that it's inviting, clean, wholesome, interesting, and I Always feel like I learn new things, and that you listen and try to encourage everyone else

  8. 1. Over 50 - and then some!
    2. My family history, decorating, antiques, crafts, gardening, needlework, simple recipes, reading, and etc.
    3. Stay at home homemaker.
    4. Empty nester. We miss our children in the home! They have been gone 20 years but it seems like yesterday.
    5. I enjoy sweet Faye and how happy you are. You are sunshine to me everytime I read your blog. I love your faith and how you so nicely add it into your blog ..just the right amount, your recipes, crafts, natural crafts from the garden, plants, dishes ...YOU just being YOU! AND ..of course, that wonderful hubby of yours and all that he does!!!

  9. Good evening Faye,
    Here goes:

    1. God has blessed me beyond measure with 56 wonderful years on this earth.
    2. I love "playing" in my home. Changing around furniture, decorating with prims and vintage items, and anything old that can be repurposed.
    3. I have been blessed to stay at home. I did work some outside the home before my daughter was born but haven't worked since. (almost 30 years ago).
    4. We have one daughter who is married and we have a 4 year old granddaughter. The house is empty now just the mister and myself.
    5. I love the way you write on your blog, the relationship you have with God, the love of your family, all the tips and recipes you share and you know I love your little spot in the world. Such beautiful landscapes. Would so love to visit your shop in the summer. Also wouldn't mind a trip to the old farm either. Such wonderful places you have there.
    Wishing you a fantastic Friday.

  10. 1. 49-20
    2. All of the above
    3. I'm a "worker" out, "slacker" in - LOL
    4. Jacob and LAuryn- lots of years left at home...but they will fly by...
    5. All of the above... I especially enjoy the DIY gifts.

  11. 1. Over 50/60
    2. stitching/sewing, reading, crafts
    3. SAHH
    4. 4 kids all grown and gone that have given us 12 grands
    5. photos & stories

  12. I am 37, a homemaker, home school mom to 4 daughters 17, 15, 11 and 10. I love that you seem to take Titus 2 seriously, and that you seem to be someone I could share a cuppa coffee or tea with and have a great chat. I love the crafts, the pictures of your everyday life and the scripture you are not ashamed to post.

    By the way, my name is Tanya! It is good to 'meet' you! I have been eavesdropping for a couple of months now, I think. I find what I read here encouraging!

    Because of Him,

  13. 1. 43
    2. crafts. (painting, re-purposing thrifty finds,
    woodworking, reading, gardening)
    3. I work outside the home. (I have been a certified nursing assistant for 20+ yrs. I work at a Nursing home in the Dementia Unit)
    4. I have 3 son's. (Ages 22, 21 and 10. They are all at home yet :)
    5. I Love your photos and stories.

  14. 1 52
    2 gardening,quitting, cooking, and reading
    3 I work only part-time. (Semi-retired)
    4 Have 4 kids 32,26,and twins 20 One of the twins is still at home.
    5 Just found your blog tonight

  15. Hello Dear Friend, hope all is well....well here are my answers to your questions:
    #1 - I just turned 48 this month
    #2 - I love your decor blogs and also crafts etc.
    #3 - I work at a Doctors office part time, and I love it.
    #4 - We are empty nesters and I absolutely HATE it, never thought the time would come that this would happen, but that's life....
    #5 - What I love about your blog is you, you can feel your love in everything you write, it is not just a chore to ya Tam

  16. 1). Over 50
    2). Crocheting,reading; helping other women to Homeschool and sharing money saving ideas (studying to become a Money Map coach).
    3). Stay at Home
    4). Empty nester (boohoo)
    5). Love everything about your blog. (especially sharing your Faith and decor ideas)

  17. Morning Faye.

    1....past 50
    2....Cooking...decorating..gardening...hanging out with hubby
    4....Empty nesters for a long time now but have 2 children
    5....Love your simple way of life, the music, the way you write and your love of our Lord shinning through.
    Blessings to you......Vonda

  18. 1. Over 50
    2. All of these
    3. Stay at home, homeschool
    4. 2 still at home
    5. I enjoy everything about your blog especially your "hippie" recipes.
    God bless.

  19. Good morning Faye,
    What a fun post! Also learning some things about our fellow bloggers...very interesting...thank you.

    1..What is your age group.. up to 49 years or over 50??
    Over 50 pushing 70 (67)

    2.. What is your main interests besides your family and church..
    Like recipes, crafts, decor, back to basics skills, etc
    I love creating my Penny Rug crafts and cooking

    3..Are you a stay at home homemaker or do you work outside of the home also??
    I am a stay at home homemaker with my own business

    4..Do you have children and are they still at home or are you an empty nester?
    We have 3 sons all married and they have children as well

    5..What do you enjoy most about the Blessed Hearth Blog?
    I love that I can come here and get a restful read...never anything in a hurry, never on a negative note...ALWAYS UPBEAT AND SOOTHING.

    So I thank you so much for this great post Faye...blessings and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  20. I am a note keeper/taker too! I have been taking notes as I blog since I began. I am new to your blog - happily! So, I look forward to everything - newest follower!
    1. 48 -
    2. home and garden - all the things listed!
    3. Yes, looking for opportunities
    4. Yes, part-time Empty Nester-just graduated our 3rd child from Home Schooling
    5. New - I have been blessed so far!

    God Bless and Happy New Year,

  21. Dear friends,
    I am under 45 (about 20 years under)
    Right now my interests are changing our lifestyle to a more healthy one. I have always been a "healthy" person since my teens. (I lost over 60 pounds and kept it off)Lately I have been switching to whole foods and organic, DIY things. (like whole wheat cinnamon rolls, yum) This has been my main "me time" consumer lately. surfing the net trying to figure it all out. That and understanding more about fertility. My husband and I are trying to conceive (doc thinks I have PCOS). My husband and I are missionaries so I kind of am a stay at home homemaker, but you could also say I have a full-time ministry job. No kids yet, as stated above, we hope soon though. Not sure what I like about blessed hearth so far. I'm pretty new, but I always love whole food recipes and DIY homemaking.

  22. 1. Over 50
    2. crafts, decor
    3. I work outside the home
    4. Empty nester
    5. I love that you are a fellow Christian, that you create a warm and inviting place to visit, be motivated and inspired.

    Thank you for sharing your life with us.... Be blessed!!

  23. dear faye,
    over 50
    stay at homemaker
    still at home
    love everything about your blog,especially decor tips and recipes.
    I wish you a happy new year!
    love regina

  24. 1..What is your age group.. up to 49 years or over 50?? I am 56 years young and proud of it!
    2.. What is your main interests besides your family and church.. Like recipes, crafts, decor, back to basics skills, etc. Decorating, antiquing, reading, as much gardening as my hips and knees allow, travling the back roads of NE, breaking bread with friends to name a few...
    3..Are you a stay at home homemaker or do you work outside of the home also?? I work part time outside the home taking photographs for a magazine. But my main job is keeper of the home.
    4..Do you have children and are they still at home or are you an empty nester? 2 grown children so technically empty nesters but my grand daughter is here 3 days a week.

    5..What do you enjoy most about the Blessed Hearth Blog. I enjoy seeing another side of life different from my own ~ like the farm visits for example. New recipes I haven't heard of. And I especially like that you also take seriously your role as Keeper of the Home.

    What a great idea for a post!! Wishing you and yours a Happy Healthy New Year!!

  25. 1. I'm 53.
    2. Decorating, cooking, baking, sewing, teaching ages 9 - 15 year old girls about the beauty of Godly girlhood.
    3. I am a stay at home homemaker.
    4. I am an empty nester.
    5. I love your warm spirit that comes through the words that you write, the photos of your home and your recipes.
    I hope this helps a little.
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  26. I missed this and I hope I can still get in on this...
    l. Waaay over 70
    2. Love making primitive decorations and finding ways to preserve old needlework.
    3. I'm at home, but I have lots of family guests for short stays.
    5. I love the variety of things you write about, I appreciate your prayers and devotionals, just who you are shines through your posts. Happy New Year!!!

  27. 1..What is your age group.. up to 49 years or over 50?? 31 but in a few days will be 32

    2.. What is your main interests besides your family and church..
    Like recipes, crafts, decor, back to basics skills, etc. All of these plus scrapbooking and friends, reading.

    3..Are you a stay at home homemaker or do you work outside of the home also?? Until a few days ago I did work outside the home, but now I am on Sick Leave (supposed to be on bed rest but hard with two little kids at home).

    4..Do you have children and are they still at home or are you an empty nester? YEs two children Emma (5) and Gabriel (2) and one on the way.

    5..What do you enjoy most about the Blessed Hearth Blog? I love that it gives me a little bit of a Faye fix everyday or at least every time I read the post. It gives me encouragement by the verses and scriptures you use. It gives me encouragement and ideas and inspires me to get stuff done around my home.

    Love Ya,


  28. Oh what fun Faye!
    1. I'm 42
    2. I love to create and craft whenever I can, love to blog and addicted to Pinterest also. =] My kids keep me busy so these things are squeezed in between running them all over the place.
    3. Blessed to be a stay at home mom to raise our children and be the keeper of our home.
    4. I have 2 sons and 1 daughter: 16, soon to be 13, and 6. Fun, fun times for sure!
    5. I just started following your blog but what I loved immediately is your love for our Lord and Savior.

    So looking forward to following you this year. Btw... I'm a list maker too. =]

  29. What a fun post, I may borrow the idea on my post sometime.
    1.age~I am right on you line. I have that big 5-0 b'day this year.
    2. my main interests are decorating and hosting in my home (cooking and baking). I love crafting and designing new items,(for my craft business) anything artistic.
    3. I am a keeper of the nest and my home business at this time. I may be headed out onto the work world this year though(lots of changes in the future)
    4. Children-yes we have four children 2 girls in their late twenties, both married and have children (3 grandchildren Layla-4, Isaiah- 2, Sophia 2)Such fun with these ages!! We also have 2 sons, we have one son that is early twenties who is living at home and working hard and our youngest heads off to a christian college next week. (He was sick with mono when classed started in Sept)
    5. I love all of your posts, so down to earth, lots of encouragement, recipes, simple life reminders, you are not ashamed to share your faith, and I love your music on here!(I could visit your posts just for the music)lol
    I am so looking forward to "visiting" with you in the coming year. Blessings ~Sara

  30. I've never posted a comment but love reading your post.

    1. Age 34
    2. enjoy recipes
    3. stay at home momma
    4. 4 young children
    5. I love seeing all your pictures and hearing about your day.
    ~Cary Ann

  31. 1. Over 50
    2. Crafts, decor, make-over projects
    3. Stay at home Nana
    4. Empty nester
    5. I love your pics, ideas and make-over projects. I am just getting to know your blog and really find it quite wonderful.


  32. Hi, Faye,
    I am 38, and I enjoy all the sorts of things you share...crafts, recipes, decor...
    I am a Pastor's wife, and our church has a Christian school...I am the secretary of our school. I'm blessed that I can be with our daughter every day and know where she is and what she's doing. :)
    My husband and I have been blessed with one daughter. She's almost 14 now...*sigh*. We always wanted to have more has not worked out that way, but we are happy and content with what God has blessed us with.
    I am fairly new to your blog and am still enjoying the snowman giveaway you had. They're still displayed and I'll keep them up all winter. :)
    I enjoy everything about your blog, and am always encouraged when I visit.
    Hugs to you!♥

  33. 1. Age 43
    2.Enjoy all types of crafts,recipes and my animals(goats,chickens,rabbits,pig,etc)
    3. Stay at home momma
    4. One son age 23 and he still lives at home.
    5. What do I enjoy most about your blog...well truthfully everything!Hugs,Jen