Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tuesday after Christmas....

Good Evening to one and all..
Just dropping by for a short chat tonight.. It is almost bedtime..
I wanted to show you a pic that I took a couple of weeks ago of my precious Dolphin plant... I posted a pic several months ago and it only had one bloom.. This time there were two..

There was a third bud but it did not bloom..
Anyway, this plant has taken me a couple of years to even get it to grow this big.. I love the thing, though.. grin..

Today was another lovely day.. My husband loves going shopping for Boxing Day sales every year.. Today was no exception and we were up quite early and headed into the city..
My, what crowds of people .. Not really my cup of tea but we only went to a few shops.. I did find a few great thrift store deals as the Christmas trims had 75 percent off..
We went out for lunch to my favorite place..
East Side Mario's.... It is not Terry's  fave but I really appreciated it.. I think maybe I should have been born in Italy.. grin..
The meal was delicious.. Italian Wedding Soup... yuuummmm...

After we arrived home Terry got ready and went up to our old farm.. He made a fire and worked at heating the old house  up for tomorrow.. We are going up for the whole day tomorrow.. Lord willing... smile..
Here is a pic of some old dishes that we have up there..

A dear old sister in our church gave this set to me a few years ago and I cherish them...
We will be eating a couple of meals there so I need to get up early and pack up some food..
Terry has some carpenter work to do and I always have a great time reading and cooking..
I putter around arranging the old stuff that we have up there...
Nothing valuable at all but old fashioned..
This old farm used to belong to my Dad's sister and I can just imagine her going there as a young bride..Bless her heart..

Last year about this time it looked like this...

This year though the driveway is still clear..
Anyway, I hope you are all getting rested after the busy time..
I will try and take a few pics of our day tomorrow and post them after we get home.. OK?

I miss my kids tonight.. It is always like that after they have all been home and then go back to their own places and their own lives..
That is mainly why Terry thinks we should go up there for the day..
It relaxes both of us and we enjoy each other's company.. That is good thing as all there are up there are hills and coyotes.. grin..
Just kidding... There are many lovely neighbors.. we just can't see

Have a blessed evening..


  1. What beautiful dishes & what an unusual plant! I've never seen or heard of that plant before. Sounds like you had a nice day & found some good bargains. Blessings, Shirlee

  2. Sounds like a good day minus all the people ! Papa and I are the same we avoid the big city as much as possible and stick to our small town that remakably has quite a lot of wonderful country stores , tea houses and Ma and Pop resturants ! I like the old English rose pattern on the cream and sugar ! My mum also had this rose pattern from England and the plates but in the brown colour ! Awesome ! We now have snow just did a post of night time snow photos ! I love the first snow fall so peaceful and pretty ! Have a wonderful evening !

  3. I haven't seen the plant before either, and I sure love all those dishes. They make my heart sing. Hope you two have a great time! Yes, more pictures, please!

  4. Faye, After I saw the plant when it bloomed last time I researched and found mail order garden mag. where you could order the plant. Mr. P. fell in love with it. So there is one on the way. Sounds like you have a wonderful day planned for tomorrow. Enjoy it.

  5. What a pretty plant. Just love the blooms. I was on the hunt for a Christmas Cactus. I found three small ones the day after Christmas.When I got home from the hunt. My daughter had also found me one and left it on my porch.:) Now I have 4..
    I love all your photos friend,but ya just know I love your sweet red and white dishes.
    I too miss my kids.
    Woolie Stitches and Hugs to you Dear Faye Henry!

  6. Hi, Faye, I hope you have a lovely day at the farm! Your dolphin plant is beautiful! I think the dishes are beautiful too!

    Enjoy your day.


  7. Hello Miss Faye..! Isn't that wonderful hubby of yours a fine person to go and warm up the farmhouse? It will be all cozy today! I love it when you two go to the farm because then we will see more pics from there.

    I have never heard of the dolphin plant. It is so unusual!

    And you know how I love your dishes......


  8. What a pretty plant, I have never heard of tlhe Dolphin plant..but see a resemblems..and such a vibrant pink color. As always I enjoy my visit here, and your sweet easy way of sharing. The farm looks peaceful..enjoy your day and Happy New Year...I count you as one of my blessings this year dear Faye...:)

  9. my spelling a wee bit off...( smile ), you get the gist don't you? Hee hee..

  10. Okay, you have to tell me where this is so I can steal those red dishes. ;) Stephen wants to know why you call the plant a Dolphin Plant. He thinks he's so funny!

  11. I look forward to seeing photos of your visit to the old homestead. I hope you had a restful and relaxing time.
    Hugs, Cindy

  12. This is the first time I've ever heard of, or seen a dolphin plant.
    Such a pretty plant !

    Sounds like you have some wonderful that you can get away together, and relax a bit.

    Be safe, and have an enjoyable time :)

  13. What a lovely farm! It looks beautiful
    Love Ya,