Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December Daze ,

Hello my dears.. 
How are you all?

I expect you have everything  together and are all  ready for the holidays.. 
Probably singing to the Christmas music as you strum your thumbs.. 
Just ready and waiting.. grin.. 

Or perhaps you are a bit like me and just in a daze...  

We have been here and there.. 

Viewed five Christmas pageants and just enjoying the season.. 

Here are a few pics of our daze  days... 
First stop is of course for our Canadian coffees... 
Then on to the malls.. 
Either to Moncton, St. John or Calais, Maine... 
Eating some typical Maritime Canadian food.. 
Cod Fish in a white sauce and veggies.. 
We call it Codfish Gravy here.. 

My dear man getting me some pine boughs..
As you can see we do not have much snow..
Early morning .... 
Where is my coffee?  smile... 
See the snowman drying after his tea bath..
We have had some very cold days here, too.. 

Did a little front step decorating today.. 
Bought the throw at the Thrift store for $1.50..
The colors are perfect... smile.. 

This is the before pic of a snowman I bought at the same place for $3.00
I will show the finished pic as soon as he is finished.. 

Went out to check the old farm after church on Sunday.. 
The heater had broke but Terry went up today and fixed it.. 
We can still get in the lane as there is not any snow up there.. 
Decorated the kitchen hutch... 
I think I used a whole pine tree.. grin.. 

We were at the market and bought some more organic Eastern Canadian garlic.. 
My pot is full.. 

Well, sweet ladies I am so glad you dropped by.. 
The wind is fiercely blowing and the fire is on.. 
My tea is nice and hot and I have a wee piece of chocolate.. 
 All is well in my part of the world.. 

But my heart breaks for some dear mamas who can not sit in contentment tonight and hug their wee ones.. 
Their hearts are broken.. 
May God cover them with his peace.. 
Grant them strength and comfort.. 

Bless them that mourn.. 

Take care, my friends.. 



  1. Beautiful.
    Warm Woolie Christmas Love to you My Friend

  2. Hi Faye ! Oh everything looks lovely . I heard on the weather you guys are quite cold there is there snow ? I hear you may be getting some . Here it is damp and cold no snow as of yet ! Have a wonderful evening with your tea , chocolate and fire roaring , sounds cozy !

  3. Lovely post...Merry Christmas friend...blessings

  4. great pics- I figured you've been busy b/c I haven't read a new post in a few days...and Mr. Henry was hurrying you a bit on Sunday was a lovely day for a drive but SO cold...glad everything was okay @ the farm

  5. Oh, it was so cozy visiting with you. It does look a bit chilly. Beautiful snow! The coffee looks good! How do you take your coffee?

    Blessings and comfort, Friend!

  6. Love the display on your Porch! So Beautiful and inviting!
    Merry Christmas to you!

  7. Hi there dear Faye Henry! Your post is such a delightful many interesting things to read about. I love your immaculate, prim kitchen. I can see you cooking up a storm there! Is that Austrian Pine that Terry is getting? I use quite a bit of that. I like it better than the prickly stuff like blue spruce. My MIL would always make cod fish and gravy. They owned a restaurant and it was one of her specialties. Too bad I'm allergic to most fish, except the expensive ones with shells!! It's true!
    So many other things I could write about but I would take up the whole page.

    I love coming to your post and reading all about your day and the interesting things you have done lately. So many of your interests are my interests, too. Keep it up, girl! Thanks, Faye. You are a sweet gal.

  8. Hello sweet Faye, I love your porch decor, that throw was a real find. xo

  9. What a lovely stop before I go to bed. Have a blessed Christmas!

  10. How lovely it is to stop by and see what you've been up to Faye :) I thought your snowman had been naughty, and that's why he was facing the wall *chuckle* Your house is so lovely and festive, it must be such a place of comfort for your Terry, and yourself of course! What a great welcome sight your porch must be...the candle is gorgeous, I love beeswax. Wishing you a very merry Christmas Faye! With love, Carly xx

  11. Faye, So nice to read your blog this morning. :) I love the porch and hutch decorated. My thoughts and prayers have been out to so many families also. May God give them strength. You have been a busy lady for sure, which is nothing uncommon for you Faye. Enjoy your family and friends during the holidays! Hugs Krista xoxo

  12. Mrs. Faye, your pictures are beautiful. I LOVE the hutch. The porch decorations look so inviting. It says to me "come in, sit a while". Enjoy your day and God bless.

  13. Mrs Henry,
    Ah! Too come & visit before getting on to our busy day!
    Yes, we are in a "daze" here...much to do that is for sure!
    We are enjoying...however trying to not be overwhelmed :)
    We find that we are in for a huge snow storm so, preparations for that as well.
    We pray that your birthday was special and hope you got the lil-email song! :)
    Our love & prayers~
    Lori for all the Mayo's
    So enjoyed the pic' the kitchen & hutch Smile

  14. Another sweet post Faye and a cozy peek into your world - glad you are well but we are praying for those who hurt.
    I love the colors of the throw and along with the skates and books and greens, it is a wonderful display!
    God bless

  15. I love your front step decoration! That throw is so cute. You got a steal on it!

  16. Its all so beautiful!!! I love the skates... Blessings!

  17. Hi Faye, I missed this post somehow but am glad I found it tonight. I love your sweet decorations, especially the old chair and plaid blanket and your hutch all decked out. I love fresh greenery. Now I'll go back and comment on today's post. :) Hugs, Pamela

  18. love the porch...Thank you for linking up with the Clever Chicks this week!

    Merry Christmas,
    Kathy Shea Mormino

    The Chicken Chick