Tuesday, February 14, 2017

It is all about Love...

Hello everyone.. 
Happy Valentine's Day to you from us...

It has been an exciting few days here .. 
The Maritime provinces of Canada has been hit with a huge 
snow blizzard.. 
One of the wildest I can remember seeing for a long time.. 
We collected anywhere from  50 to 80 centimetres of snow depending where you are and the winds were wild.. 
We have gone from bare fields to huge banks of snow.. 
Everything closed down from stores, schools to most of our roads... 
But all is well that ends well and we are all digging out the best we can..

We had our little party the other night and it was fun!  
I took a couple of pics and then when everyone arrived I forgot all about my camera.. 
So sorry but we had a good turnout and the food that everyone brought was great.. 
We love the fellowship with our friends...

And Valentine's Day is here.. 
Heart Day.. 
So thankful for all the love in my life.. 
Especially, the love of my Lord!  

We love so many ..... 
Our family, friends and you, dear readers.. 
Praying you all have a day filled with love

Thanks for dropping by and leaving me your little love notes.. smile.. xo

God bless.. 

Here is a link to a post that I did awhile ago.. 
It is called Old Love.. 

Click  HERE


  1. A lovely post!
    Happy you had a wonderful evening with friends.
    Blessings and hugs!

  2. Wasn't that a doozy of a storm? Wow. It sure is a beautiful afternoon out there now though. Happy Valentine's Day to you and Terry. Hugs. Pam

  3. What a lovely photo, you both look so content.

  4. Linda Andrews SmithFebruary 14, 2017 at 1:36 PM

    I love your sweet post. The picture of you and Terry is so sweet. Happy Valentine's to you two. Wow some storm! Stay in warm and safe!

  5. What a lovely picture. Keep safe with the snow and the storms. Glad Keepers was a success. Food looks good as usual. Tske care. Pattypan xx

  6. What a lovely picture. Keep safe with the snow and the storms. Glad Keepers was a success. Food looks good as usual. Tske care. Pattypan xx

  7. As always, Faye, I love your pictures in this post and the old one. We are going into our 49th anniversary and like you said, I still love to hold his hand. Your table always looks beautiful and so warm and welcoming.

  8. We saw on Tv that you were reallyd going to get hit by the storm. I am sorry! Wonderful, wonderful picture of you and Terry. That is a keeper. Happy Valentine's Day to all in your family and especially you!


  9. You both look so content, a beautiful photo. Glad to hear you are safe and well after the storm and that you were able to have a such a nice evening of fellowship.

  10. I've been thinking about you, Faye. Our son and his family live about two hours from the Canadian border in Maine and I know what they have had, so was fairly certain you were hit pretty hard, also. They had at least a foot of snow and he called yesterday to tell us that they are dug out enough now to get out, but are supposed to get hit with possibly another foot today (Wednesday). Glad that everyone is safe. When the blizzard is too bad for the snow plows to get out you know it has to be bad.

    I enjoyed your pictures and everything you did in preparation for the party looks lovely. I especially liked the picture of you and your hubby. The love of the Lord shines so beautifully through your countenance, Faye. I've thought that so many times when I've seen pictures of you...just thought I'd tell you this time instead of just thinking it.


    1. P.S. I clicked on your link to "Old Love" and I just want you to know that I loved it! We will have been married 45 years next month and as I read down over your post I could nod my head at every statement. Hugs to you, my friend.

  11. Wonderful photograph of you both, I'm sure you had a lovely Valentines day xx

  12. A very Happy Belated Valentines Day to you. You and your hubby are so cute, Faye, smiling. Your weather is a lot like ours here in western sign of spring here.

    Hope the rest of the week is a lovely one for you.

  13. A belated Happy Valentine's Day from me too, Faye. I am pleased you survived that terrible weather okay. Now if we could only combine our heatwaves with your snow storms we would get nice weather perhaps :-)

  14. Always love the pictures in your beautiful posts! Thank you also for linking up with us this week ;)