Friday, February 17, 2017

Just Grateful....

my fave view

love love books..

I have some lace like this.. 

one of the farm animals I love.. 
also donkeys and chickens.. 

isn't this dining set interesting.. 

so pretty.... 


so homey, eh? 
I don't know what it is that I love about hanging teacups.. 
notice the dried fruit... oranges, I think... 

yes, there is a cat.. 
they always make a house look cozy... 
our old cottage by the sea.. 
comfy beds even if they are ancient.. smile.. 

Happy Friday Evening! 
So glad you dropped by this night.. 

Just posting a few images that I noticed on the web the past while.. 
Something about each of them captured my attention .. 
And a couple of my own... 
The horses are in my fave view near by and the bedroom is in our old cottage by the sea.. 

I love images that I can explore and perhaps learn some little tidbit that inspires or humors me in some way.. 
Are you like that?  

When I read books I am the same way.. 
Reading and trying to remember.. 
Not as easy as it used to be.. smile.. 

We have had such a stormy week here in New Brunswick that the weekend with no storms in view is very welcome!  
There were around 100 cm. in many places and Terry said we had that much with the drifting... 
You know we Canadians can talk about the weather till we bore everyone else silly.. Sorry.. 

I hope you have a great weekend where ever you have a spot in this big old world of ours... 
 And I am sending you hugs to where ever that may be.. 
And let's be grateful... smile.. 
God is sooo good!


  1. God is good indeed! Did you see the beautiful sunset this evening?

  2. Always enjoy your sharing, such appealing photos.
    I love sheep, and horses too!
    As for tea cups, they are a weakness of mine, and a few small cereal / berry bowls too.
    I keep old vintage jewelry in mine, smile.
    Always looking for another, even though I don't have any more room.
    I think after you come out of a storm of any kind, there is such a sense of gratitude, and release.
    Hugs, dear lady! I hope the coming months will be very kind to you!

  3. Linda Andrews SmithFebruary 17, 2017 at 4:55 PM

    Hello Faye from unseasonably warm Alabama! I loved looking at your winter pictures and how warm and cozy they make you feel. Enjoyed the animals too. Yes God is so good! Thankful for friends far and wide tonight, even those I haven't met yet, like you and others in the blog world! Blessings to you and Terry for a wonderful weekend! Linda

  4. I was so happy to see a post up from you, my friend. Thank you for all of images you shared with us. My favorite would be the one of the kitchen with the hanging tea cups...and your beds at the cottage by the sea.

    Our son lives in Maine about two hours from the Canadian border and he had 24 inches of snow at his place.

    I hope you have a wonderful week ahead of you!


  5. The images are lovely and the rooms look cozy! It's been wet this week and there's been flooding and high rivers. Thankful we had a dry day. I just baked a chocolate cake for tomorrow's family get together for my birthday that was Tues. Megan will frost and decorate it in the morning. Still need to tidy up a bit tonight. Am behind as I've been down with a bug for a couple weeks and energy level has been low but am thankful to be feeling better! Grateful for an event that didn't happen when my daughter and I were in a store today although it could have happened when we left. Hopefully not! Scary times we live in but thankful for God's mercy and protection!

  6. Faye, I love those photos. You can talk about your weather till the cows come home as I love hearing about it and seeing photos of your snow.

  7. Hello Dear Heart, Here's wishing you a marvelous weekend, Too!!! I adore all of your photos today!!!!! I knew the one from the cottage right away. So pretty and I love the old beds. We are having a pretty good winter. I wasnt the next 6 months to slow down some because 2 of our grandchildren are going off to college this coming fall. Does a Grandmother have a right to be very upset inside? I will miss them. (and they are not going that far away) I didn't realize how much I do talk to them on the phone or see them. I know your grandson went to college last year and you handled it I must do like all Grandma's do!!!! Thanks for listening, Faye. We have been friends a very long time and it just came out! I know you are decorating or crafting. Oh, what fun! God bless you and your family!


  8. Such beautiful images conjuring up so many reasons to be grateful. The sheep with it woollen scarf made me smile.

  9. Chilly weather here in England, but the gales have passed now...hopefully. I thought your beds looked so comfortable, just waiting for a tired person to sink into them!

  10. Beautiful photos and images. I've been feeling a bit down because of my broken leg so blogs like yours do lift my spirits, Faye! I know I haven't checked in much lately but I still do read when you post something. Love your blog!

  11. I love your fave view and I love horses or did when I was a kid. Your bedroom at the cottage by the sea is so inviting. I so enjoy books too but find even in these golden years, I don't have the time to read a lot. I love history and biographies or true stories. Your pictures do lift the spirit and I actually laughed out loud at the lamb with a scarf around its neck. So cute. We are having mild weather here in southern PA. It is to get up to 66 degrees today. Only had a small amount of snow and it is all gone and I hope we don't get any more but we probably will. I'm taking a dear little friend (she's a freshman in high school) out for lunch today and then we are going to AC Moore and coming back home to crochet. She loves to crochet.

  12. I am also like that about images and books. My favorite is the one with the tea cups and dried flowers and such. Have a great weekend.

  13. Beautiful photos. Happy weekend!

  14. Lovely photos . I am grateful for the spring like weather and snowless ground we have , the warm temps up to 13C today with lots of sunshine and the return of our Robin's . Our winters are nothing these days really getting less snow and milder temps each winter the climate change is reason I expect . Glad you all were safe in all those snow storms , hope no more snow for you to . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  15. Lovely photos! The thing about cats though is that we never had one who would share a window sill with a plant. Somehow there is always an ooops moment when the plants crash to the floor and the cat looks at me like, 'I have no idea how that just happened.'

  16. Lovely post, I love the dried flowers in the one photo. Hugs to you, stay warm.

  17. What a blessing this post is, so comforting, especially those of the books and lace. God is good indeed...Woo xx