Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Saturday Project..

Hello everyone.. 
Just posting a little piece of sewing I have been working on ..
As you know I love the UK magazines and this pic was in Homes and Antiques this past month.. 
There were several patchwork projects.. 
A tablecloth, pillow runner and a throw.. 

This is their tablecloth.. 
There is a circle for the plate and a pocket for the cutlery.. 

I decided to do my own version.. 
I like their's better. 
After I got to making mine I realized that I should have used heavier fabrics like they did.. 

And I should have made bigger patches instead of the smaller ones.. 
As I worked I realized that this was going to be a just a first sample.. 
You know to work out the kinks so I did a few things that I won't do in the next one.. 
Like change my thread colors.. grin.. 

 Oh well.. it is fine for Terry and I.. 
I did this one with four places but you could do 2 runners, eh? 

It was fun and I think I would like to try the pillow.. 
It had a bird on the patchwork.. 

What did you girls do today? 
I put out another big line of clothes and they dried fine even though it is a bit cooler today.. 
Tomorrow is the Lord's Day and I made a big roaster of ribs as I think we are having some sweet company after church.. 

I also made an apple pie that you make in a frying pan.. 
Terry and I both decided that the birds would like it better then we would.. Yuk... 
No wonder the cookbook was only $5.00 at Chapters.. 
I will give it another try before I completely give up on it.. 

I also had a wonderful chat on the phone with a dear old friend.. 
We had not connected for ages but it was just like yesterday that we had chatted and laughed.. 

Well, take care my friends.. 
Hope you get to the house of the Lord tomorrow.. 
We are looking forward to it.. 

God bless... 


  1. Well, those sure are a cute idea....we do lots of camping in the warmer months that would work so nice even for that so things don't blow away etc! I will show the girls.
    Glad you had a nice day and thanks for reminding me to start Sunday dinner! Smile...
    We celebrated TWO BIRTHDAY'S today as my sis'n her hubby came up. Jessica's and mine! So, a busy day and then kept up with all Rog's thereapy etc. Now the 4 oldest went with Gramps & Grand Sara to a lil-(as he calls it old folks) concert! It was free and you know this will be a sweet memory for them. The children have worked so hard helping their Dad (& I) the last month it was nice for them!
    Have a blessed Lord's day!

  2. Hi Faye,thanks for the visit, I always feel like I know you a bit better after.
    That runner is amazing! I cleaned my house and prepared food today as we are getting company after church as well. Blessings, Lucy.

  3. Hi Faye,I really loved the way your version turned out.It is a really cool idea.I spent the day doing a bit of Spring cleaning.Have a wonderful evening.Hugs,Jen

  4. I think yours is so cute! I've never seen one like that before. I love the idea of circles for the plates and a pocket for the silverware. So charming.

    Today my husband and I helped my sister and her family move to a new home. A full day of heavy lifting, but it's always nice to be with family and help out.

  5. I loved this, it would even be fun to do on place mats, I think.
    Maybe a pocket for the plate, and the flatware for a picnic basket.
    A set of 4 or 6 or however many you need in scrappy colors.
    Today was laundry day around here, it got mostly dry before the rain came.
    A bit of sewing on some jeans, and some vacuuming. .
    Quiet around here otherwise with the fellows working in the garage.

  6. Me to I prefer your table cloth and setting ! Such a talented lady you are ! Oh that's wonderful to chat to an old friend I bet you two had lots of laughs and things to talk about ! Today I did laundry didn't hang it out it would of froze lol took Miggs for a walk and then watched movies with Papa this afternoon as it was windy and snowy then made chicken stir fry for supper ! Have a wonderful lords day and a Happy ST Patty's Day !

  7. That is such a neat idea. I think you did a fine job Faye.


  8. That is a really cute idea Faye. I like yours. I went to the ladies spring breakfast at church this morning. What a lovely time we had! Good food, fellowship and a wonderful speaker. And, we are looking forward to attending church in the morning too. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  9. Hello Faye, You know what? I really like yours much better. Your table is so nice and ready for company. I love your projects...they remind me to "get going"!

    Today we did some cleaning and I washed all around the door handles all the way through the house, played with my new cat and then I did some sewing.My sister and I had a long talk on the phone about decorating her family room and then we made our corned beef and cabbage dinner for our little St. Patrick's Day celebration.....plenty left over for tomorrow night, too.

    Hope you enjoy your Sunday and God bless.....

  10. I like your table runner,as well as your table setting....very nice! I really loved all the pictures of your wash blowing in the wind in your previous post....they must of had the scent of fresh clean air when you took them off the line....blessings and have a beautiful Lord's day friend

  11. Could not make a table runner, so I think yours is just fine! I made an apple pie in an iron skillet once. It took me a week to get it all out of the skillet after it baked. UGH. Oh well, it never hurts to try things once!

  12. Such a beautiful, beautiful table runner!

  13. I learn so much from those "trial runs." They just get better the next time.

    Just like the frying pan-baked apple pie will!

    Happy weekend,

  14. Wow! I love the idea and yours, dear Faye! I like your tablescape better! I love the green teapot. I had to scroll between the too, because truly (I would not "butter" you up), they both looked like a magazine page! I like the color scheme on yours, the ivy, the green pot, AND the tablecloth! I would love and be honored to sit at that table, dear friend! So cozy! Love and happy Sunday to you, dear friend. So sorry I have not commented in a while... I have been "reading" you and thinking and praying for you!


  15. HI Faye;

    I like your tablecloth better - you used pretty colors. Your idea of two runners rather than a tablecloth makes lots of sense.

    I took the dog for a walk, and then we went to Moncton to check out some door options for the bathroom remodel we are working on, then dinner and a movie. It was a fun day.


  16. Hey it was great to see you on Friday - even if it WAS at the border. The guy in the booth asked me "why did you get out of your car?" That was when I saw you in my rear view mirror and identified myself to you. He detained me 1 1/2 hr inside!!!!!!!!!! Not because of you. AND what's with those snazzy tea pots on that new table cloth. Lovely! Aunt Bib looks like she did when I was 20!

  17. nice placemats. A friend brought a cover of a quilt she finished to show people after class at church today. It was a 9 patch that you cut in half and turn around...interesting. It was made from table runners of a wedding (from her daughter-in-law's sister's wedding). Turned out cute. I need to get with Loreta and have her help me with my granddaughter's flannel quilt I've had in my head to do for Christmas 2013, for sure. She's so good. Just some ideas to place fabric that I have.
    As for yesterday, went to a memorial service for a sweet lady who died from her battle of cancer (11 years battle). But she won by going home to be with the Lord. Wonderful service. Live life well to the finish, blessing other people along the way.

  18. What a fun project! I like the looks of that. I should make one for my table!
    We had a wonderful time in the spirit this morning! The Holy Ghost was so real and beautiful!!! My friend and I teach the four year olds and we've been teaching them to worship. It has been great fun watching them take what we've taught and practiced in class and actually implementing it in the worship time in Big church. Very sweet to see and hear them worshiping!
    Hugs, Cindy

  19. Faye, I love the tablecloth! It is so country and so original. I may have to try it on a rainy day when my housework is all caught up. :) Have a great week Faye.

  20. Kim from Saint JohnMarch 18, 2013 at 7:26 AM

    Hi Faye:

    Love the tablecloth! I'm quite certain I'm not nearly talented enough to do such a project, but it's very pretty to look at! I also had people for dinner last night, well I do every Sunday. It's such a blessing to be able to have my loved ones near to me.

    I haven't started my spring cleaning as yet, but I'm going to get cracking at that this week. (Lord willing)

    Thank you again for taking the time to blog!


  21. I think your tablecloth is very pretty and as always I love your dishes. So pretty. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  22. I love the tablecloth idea. The fabrics you used are very pretty too. God's blessings, Anita