Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Week of New Recipes.#2 Pasta with Tomatoes, Basil and Olives.

Hello my dears..
How are you all doing?

We spent the day in the city and so I am a bit late posting.. 

Just wanted to share new recipe # 2 with you tonight.. 
Here it is..


Doesn't it look delicious?  
We both loved this recipe except Terry does not like olives so I only put them on mine... 
Here is the recipe.. 
14 ounces of pasta.. fettuccine or ziti.. (I used spaghetti)
1 T. olive oil
1 onion chopped
2 cloves of garlic crushed
2 x 14 ounce cans of peeled tomatoes
1/3 cup of roughly chopped basil
1/4 cup of sliced black olives
cracked black pepper and sea salt
pinch of sugar
Parmesan or goats cheese to serve. 
We had Parmesan...
Cook the pasta in a large pot of salted boiling water until al dente. Drain..
While the pasta is cooking heat a large frying pan over medium heat.. Add oil, onion and garlic and cook for 4 minutes.
Add the tomatoes and crush lightly with a fork and add sugar and simmer for 4 minutes.. 
Stir through the basil, onions, garlic and olives, salt and pepper. 
Toss the sauce with the pasta and serve with the cheese.. 
Sooooo good.. 

As I said we spent the day in the city.. 
Tuesday is our town day.. smile.. 
We go for breakfast at the Big Stop and then head for the city.. 
Today our first stop was to pick up my UK magazine that the little book store puts on hold for me every month... 

Actually, I splurged on two today.. 
They save the Country Living but today they had the 
Homes and Antiques which I could not resist.. 
The UK mags have hardly any adverts and the ones they have are as interesting as the articles.. 
The lady who runs the bookshop and I were actually discussing this.. 
She said that when her magazine comes in that she does not like to flip through it.. 
I said I just love to savor every page and that they can talk about the Internet all they like there is nothing like a book in my hands.. 
I thought we were there by ourselves and as Terry had gone to the bank and was not back yet I headed for their lovely wing back chairs to wait for him.. 
Sitting down I happened to notice a gent sitting in another chair.. 
He was smiling kind of like... 
I guess we were amusing.. 
 I thought we were just two old ladies chatting on but he must have thought we were funny.. 
Yeah.. hilarious.. grin.. 

On with the story.. 
We then stopped at Habitat for Humanity.. 
They have a whole book room and the books are only 50 cents for soft cover and $1.00 for hard cover .. 
Along with furniture and housewares.. 
A regular thrift shop.. 

I found these on a bottom shelf.. 

French ivory handled knives for 10 cents each.. 

I also bought these books.. 
Cookbooks and a Christian novel that I don't recall reading.. 
Every Tuesday there is an auction.. 
We  used to go sometimes but we have Bible Study now on Tuesday nights and don't go.. 
We know the owner well, though and each Tuesday we stop to see what will be on sale that evening.. 
My Mon and Step-father attend and they will get me something if the price is right.. smile.. 
Today there was a wonderful box of old linens.. 
I made Jim an offer for them and he sold them to me instead of me having to get Mom to bid on them.. 

I love old linens.. 
Do you ladies have something that you collect?

Then we visited another couple of thrift stores and I found this wonderful piece of pottery.. 

A honey pot made by Peter Powning .. 
He is a local pottery artist who has become famous and even made a piece for the Queen... 

We did a little grocery shopping and had lunch.. 
The day just seems to fly by .. 
We had a great time..
Retirement has it's perks.. smile..  

I guess this is all for today.. 
Hope I didn't bore you all.. 

I hope to post about the Keepers Meeting tomorrow.. 
Thanks for visiting.. 

Take care and God bless... 


  1. The pasta looks delicious Faye. What a nice thing to find those knives. Where is the Habitat store located. I might have a visit there next time I'm down. I have bought the British Country Living too and for the same reason as you. I like it much more than the American one which I subscribe to!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day Faye. The boys were home from school today on a Snow Day, they kept busy with about a foot of snow coming down throughout the day. Jene is out clearing the driveway right now then he will go do his brothers.
    Thanks for sharing the yummy recipe!


  3. I'd say you had some pretty productive thrifting! I love the Janette Oke books. I used to buy them for my grandmother and when she passed they all came back to me.

  4. Sounds like you had a good day in the city... Before long I'll be hitting the thrift stores to find things for our trailer. YOur new recipe sounds delish, except for the olives, did Terry like this one?

  5. Lovely finds , funny it is I thought I was looking at my mums set of knives as she had the same as I was growing up as soon as I saw them a flood of good dinner memories came to me and I collect the Canadian Company's coming cook books strange eh ? Oh that pasta dish does looks YUMMY ! I didn't know you could get the British version of Country Living in Canada ! Glad you had a good day ! Have a good evening !

  6. Books and fabrics...two of my weaknesses! I have some old linens that belonged to my husband's mother. She passed away 25 years ago, so Joe and I held onto them. I said that someday I would actually use them, but never have. I should do something with them, though, shouldn't I? Hmmm? what would you do?
    Loved the recipe!

  7. I'm so happy you had such a nice day .... finding books and linens just put the icing on your cake!!! I love books...getting so I don't know where to keep them all. And linens, beautiful and delicate and you try to imagine who did the crocheting or embroidery on each one.My dear mother used to crochet or embroider our pillow cases and dresser scarves. I wonder what ever happened to those.

    I think we would love your recipe but it seems all canned tomatoes have seeds and I have to stay away from seeds. But it is something we would enjoy ...and so easy to make.

    Faye, your blog has a calming effect on this old girl. I am going to bed with thoughts of things I could do tomorrow that I have learned on your blog. I think alot of people look so forward to your blog as often as you can post. Thank you for being so kind to us out here in the rest of the world.


  8. What wonderful finds at astonishing prices! I thought I was a good thrifter but I may have to take lessons from you. That kind of pasta dish is so much nicer than those heavy sauces.

  9. wow, I feel like i went with you two!
    loved the entire post!
    great deals on the linens and the flatware!

    I want to try the recipe!
    have a great week!

  10. Yum! Sounds like a wonderful day!

  11. It sounds like you had lots of fun Faye;

    What does Terry do while you are checking out the thrift shops?


  12. Faye, What a lovely day you and Terry had, so glad you shared it. :) The pasta looks yummy, I am sure my hubby would like it also, although he would have to have some meat on the side or he would feel he was still hungry. lol
    Some great deals you bought. The UK magazinek is it the Country Living one? I love the Country Sampler if just for some decorating tips, I do not buy it every month as I find alot of repeats in it. Have a great day Faye, can't wait to hear about the keepers meeting.
    Hugs, Krista

  13. I love your thrifting finds! Habitat is out favorite thrift store down south in the USA too!

  14. I really enjoy your blog it reminds me of a simpler time. My mom had knives like those, I wonder where they are now. Perhaps you found them, lol... God Bless, LJ