Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Keepers of the Home Meeting..

A posting about our Keepers meeting which we held on Saturday morning.. 
Here are a few pics.. 

We had a really good turnout again.. 
I think we all look forward to a morning of sweet fellowship.. 
We always start by making breakfast together.. 
This day we had ham and then we made French Toast with homemade maple syrup with the recipe found HERE..
I always add a Tablespoon of real butter to the recipe.. 
We also had birds in the nest which is bread with the hole torn out and an egg cooked in the middle.. 
Along with juice and coffee or tea we all had our fill.. 

Then after tiding up we refilled our coffee cups and there was a wee lesson.. 

God + Family = A Christian Home.. 

We read in Matt. 7- 24-27 of where Jesus talked about the house which is built upon the rock. 
We know that Christ is the rock upon which we must build our lives and our homes upon.. 
When he lives in our hearts then he takes up residence in our homes.. 
He makes such a great difference in it and he brings joy and peace.

We talked of the many things we can do to improve our homes and perhaps it could be the talk of the block for it's beauty but if it is not built on the rock then the storms of life can tear it down.. 

We can all experience trials but when Christ is at the centre of the home then he is there with us in the midst of our storms and when it is over  the home is still standing.. 

We likened our homes to houses on a dark street but when there is a Christian home then it is like a porch light is on and it is a beacon for the world.. 
We want to spend time making our homes more organized or hospitable but the most important thing we can do for our family is to build a Christian home for them to live in.. 
Making sure that each day we take the time to feel his presence with prayer and praise.. 
This brings grace into our homes along with genuine happiness and purpose.. 

Keep your porch light burning... 

Oh yes... 
We have a bit of homework.. 

1.. To pray Psalms 101 over our homes.. 

2.. Watch an episode or read a book of The Little House on the Prairie..
Just a reminder of how it used to be when times were simple and there was open affection between family members, kindness, gentleness and bed time prayers and church attendance were the way of life ... 

3.. Do an old fashioned back to basic thing for your family this month and tell us about it next time.. 

And then... 
A simple demonstration of how to make the no knead bread with this recipe found HERE
It can be made into rolls, French Bread or just a plain loaf... 

After that we made linen bags to store our bread in.. 
There are a few pics of the girls crafting.. 

All in all it was a lovely day.. 

Hope you find this interesting.. 

Take care my dears and God bless.. 


  1. What lovely ideas for sharing and encouraging one another in the importance of home life and of being a light in the community. And the breads are BEAUTIFUL!



  2. Hi Faye, what a wonderful way to spend the day, great helping out one another, enjoying each others company.....yummy. Bread and buns......Blessings Francine.

  3. it sounds so wonderful, glad you had such a great time of sharing
    love your posts!

  4. Oh sounds and looks wonderful ! I love the fact that you all get together , share and have fun ! Wonderful photos ! Thanks for sharing with us in blog land to always a pleasure to read your posts and see your photos ! Have a good evening my friend !

  5. Such a wonderful thing, these Keeper of the Home meetings. I would love to start something like that here.......Love the bread bags, and the bread all looks so delicious. Your homework assignment is something I will try to do myself. xo

  6. I'm drooling over all that bread! It looks utterly scrumptious. It's almost time for dinner so now I'm getting hungry :) Looks like you all had a wonderful time!

  7. I love your Keeper of the Home posts. Your bread bags would make such a nice gift too.

  8. It all sounds so wonderful...yesterday I was at a quilting with my Mom and sisters and I mentioned you and your blog as my sister was talking about an American Keepers At Home magazine she gets...have you heard of it?

    1. Hi Lucy.. Thanks for the sweet visit but no I have not heard of it..
      Could you do us a little favor and ask your sister where she gets it..
      If you read further down some other blogger was wondering also..
      Would so appreciate it..
      Blessings, dear friend..

  9. I think the Lord himself was at your Keepers of the Home meeting. I am sure of it. You were enjoying each other and having fun in a church setting with lots of love. Faye, I so wish I could come to your meetings.You are a true minister of His word. I am planning on doing your "Keeper" homework assignment. I hope your don't mind. I will add to the notebook we started last year. I really enjoyed that. I need to do it for myself and God. He wants me to.

    Faye, I read Lucy's comment. If anyone finds out about the magazine {American Keepers at Home}.....I would love to know about it and perhaps order it .

    Blessed dreams, my dear,

  10. Faye what a wonderful way to spend the day!Loved seeing all the pics!Hugs,Jen

  11. Every year I read all the Little House On The Prairie books. When I started following a blogger named Laura Ingles Dunn, I had to ask her if she was any relation. Yes she is a granddaughter! What a thrill. I also read L M Montgomery's books. It does remind me of a simpler time and better values.

  12. You are really doing a positive thing with these meetings, Faye ~ it leaves a warm glow in my heart and I can't even be there!! So nice to feel there are uplifting things going on like make a difference. We try to do that with our blogs too.
    The bread looks great and I love the bread bag idea!
    Blessings to you xxx

  13. What a fun, memorable time once again. Wow.

    Caught a flash of your PIMs and missionary map in the background of one image. Wish that was my husband's and my image up there, but I know ladies all over the globe call our names in prayer each and every day.

    Thank you for your blog, dear. It's truly a sweet song with many lovely verses.


  14. Must have been a wonderful time of fellowship and fun!
    God bless

  15. I love seeing all your gals at the Keeper all have such a common interest and it makes it so much for fun.

  16. Faye, you are not going to believe this, but I have been reading (rereading) the Little House on the Prairie series in order - it was on my New Year's resolution list. I was going to write a post about it with all the values that are in these books. And afterall, Laura Ingalls was a Wisconsin girl too. :)Blessings from Ringle.

  17. Good Morning Friend, How wonderful! I can just smell the home made bread-Yum. Enjoy your day, Anna

  18. Hi Faye;

    Your pictures show a lovely group of people at your Keepers meeting. I am sure that everyone had lots of fun.

    The breads look great too!


  19. What a lovely time...

    It looks cozy, quiet...although I'm sure it wasn't that quiet with all ladies. ;) ...but certainly relaxing at best.

  20. Sounds like a terrific way to spend time together, focus on the Lord and on our calling as homemakers.

    Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,

  21. What a wonderful meeting, Faye... I'm so glad you shared it!

  22. Perfect.. Bread and bag and Bread of Life. Your group is beautiful...

    Blessings, Debbie

  23. Dear Faye,
    It truly was a wonderful Keepers meeting. Loved the breakfast, lesson, craft and fellowship. I learn so much from you! Love you and appreciate you so much. Oops I almost forgot about our homework! Lol!
    Love Ya,

  24. What a lovely post and a great idea to have these kinds of meetings. What a blessing it would be to be part of something like that.

    P.S. I found you through a mutual friend, Kelley (Kelley's Highway).