Monday, March 11, 2013


Happy Monday to you all.. 

Another weekend has come and gone.. 
For us this was a very busy one but lovely.. 

Spring is so in the air here in Eastern Canada .. There are river watches and some wind and rain coming our way the next few days.. 

I love Spring.. 
My absolute most fave season.. 
Like a new beginning..
Fresh and new.. Full of lovely potential.. 
Flowers, herbs, new paint, lots of wind and rain (you know how I love that duo ) farm days with Terry, sheets on the line and perhaps a wee trip to Pa... 
Who knows.. 

On Friday we woke and took a little spontaneous trip across the border to Maine.. 
Terry had to go into the bank on our way to get some American money.. 
As he was leaving he noticed they had some cookies.. grin..
He asked if he could have one and they that they guessed he could this one time.. 
He came out and told me and we laughed for five minutes.. 
Small things amuse small minds.. grin.. 
Anyway, we had a lovely day.. 
Bought some fabric..
Found some lovely prizes for the Keepers meeting and a few grocery items.. 

On Saturday we stayed home and I experimented with the No knead bread recipe again.. 
You can find it HERE..

One of the Keepers emailed me that she had made the bread after our last meeting.. 
Janet said she had made small loaves as her bread pans were smaller than mine and her four growing boys loved it.. 
She said she had made a Parmesan Oregano one.. 

I couldn't wait to try some so I made 2 batches and divided them into four small loaves and did different Subway type versions.. 
Parmesan Oregano, Italian Herb and Cheese, Feta and Herbs and Wholewheat and Honey... 

I loved how they turned out.. 

After they rise the first time then divide them in two and add whatever choice you decide on.. 
I just guessed and kind of knead in the cheese and herbs and make into a roll.. 
Sprinkle some on top and let them rise again.. 
The cheese and herbs ones were the faves.. 

My dear Mom and her husband came over Saturday night for supper.. smile.. 

She always brings a few little things for me.. 

A lovely bundle of linen tea towels for me to make into bread bags...

The little antique sweater and bib that she picked up for me at the auction.. 

This was written on the back of the old box that they came in.. 
Older then I am.. smile.. 


Boiled Dinner.. 

Then we had a wonderful Sunday.. 
Full of lovely church services and lots of company for lunch in the afternoon.. 

One of the Keepers and her children along with our daughter-in-law and grandsons... 
Their husbands were working.. 

It was another spontaneous thing so the food and table setting were very plain and done in a hurry.. 
Those kids were hungry.. smile.. 

Cheesy and kid friendly.. grin.. 
Coffee and afternoon chat with kids going everywhere.. 
Then back to church for another blessed service..

God is awesome.. 
He blesses us in many ways..  

Our sweet daughter and her family are back here on the good old Canadian terra ferma from Jamaica.. 
Very glad they are back.. 

And happy that you joined me this evening.. 
You are sweet to leave all of your lovely comments and even  sending me emails.. 
You make this blog so much fun.. 

Folks love face book but I do not find it creative for me.. 
Each to their own, I guess.. 
Blogging makes me sort of accountable for my time and my talents that God has graced me with and I feel like you are friends..
So thankful.. 

And welcome to the new followers.. 
Please note a few new sites on my blog list.. 
Hope you find them as inspiring as I do.. 

Take care, dear hearts.. 
Praying for you..  


  1. Faye, this is a fabulous post full of all kinds of interesting things. Your Mom looks as sweet as ever.....and aren't those lovely linens? My Mom would do things like that for me often, too. I miss it but when I see you and your Mom makes me very happy.

    Faye, I have been going to make your bread you mention for the last two years. I have even had the recipe on the shelf at times and then it gets put away. The additions to the top are looking pretty good and Ithink I must make it soon!

    I bought some lovely fabric the other day. It is so fun to pick out fabric and add it to our stash!!

    Say hello to the man in your life and have a good evening.....

  2. Lovely post Faye;

    I am glad that you made it to Maine. Looks like you got some pretty fabrics.

    Fibromyalgia pain has been causing me some grief this past couple of weeks and I wouldn't have been up for the drive.


  3. The bread sounds yummy Faye. Wasn't blogging then but looked at the recipe now. May have to try that.


  4. Evening Faye ! Oh my that bread looks soo YUMMY ! I will really have to give that bread a go but I am not very good with things like that so may take a bit of trial and error for me lol ! Wonderful photos . Glad to hear the kids made it back safely and had a good trip ! Oh I do love the idea of bread bags made out of old linen tea towels what a wonderful idea ! Glad you had a good weekend ! We did to the weather was amazing , warm and sunny Spring seems to have sprung here ! Lots of Starlings , Robins and other spring birds have all showed up now and singing so pretty ! I feel the same as you about face book I prefer blogging lets me create my blog as I like and bloggers are awesome . Thanks for sharing all with us . Have a good evening my friend !

  5. lovely post, would love to have some of that bread right now!
    and bags, what a great idea instead of hiding the linens away forgotten in a drawer.
    it won't be long, spring is bursting all over.
    hope you have a great week!

  6. Oh Faye..those loaves look so good! I LOVE boiled dinner. We are so kindered in our belives and thoughts on things. I don't like face book either - I love the creative aspect of blogging too. Blessings from Wisconsin.

  7. ohhh...look at those nasty eyes-LOL... keepers prizes, you say?! maybe I'll win one, hehe... thanks again for the invite yesterday- the kiddies and I had a lovely time :)

  8. Your food always makes me hungry Faye! I can just smell that bread, mmmm and the boiled dinner? I'll be making one this weekend! Glad you had such a wonderful weekend with family and friends. xo

  9. Evening Faye, always nice to take a little trip. Love your fabric.....yes, Spring is a wonderful fresh......your bread looks so yummy, my mouth is watering......How sweet your mom is to bring you that.......Enjoy the week, Hugs Francine.

  10. The bread looks so yummy have to try this out. You had a busy weekend full of lovely company. what will you do with the fabric you purchased? Any plans? Have a great week. You just made by day by reading your blog. A great way to end my day. Hugs. Krista

  11. Faye it sounds like you had a very busy weekend. The bread looks really delicious and I'm sure the smaller loaves were a hit. Just like at a restaurant! It's fun to have company drop in and it really doesn't happen very much these days. Everyone is just too busy to visit I think. I hope you have a nice week and keep your feathers dry in the rain and wind. Hugs, Pam

  12. I love all your pictures! You are a truly blessed woman and I consider myself blessed to have you as a friend. Your mother is a beautiful woman (just like her daughter). Enjoy your day and God bless.

  13. Sounds like a wonderful weekend and everything looks delicious! :-)

  14. Looks like you had a great family weekend! The bread looks delicious!

  15. Your bread looks so delicious! All your food always looks so scrumptious. I'm glad you were able to spend some time with your mom. Sounds like you had a really nice weekend :)

  16. Oh Mrs Henry~
    beautiful post & you know my
    foundness as well for linens & bread! Yummy!
    Your Momma is so cute....really you are so
    blessed to have her...I know you know that!
    Give her a hug she is so sweet & a hug from me to you!

  17. Oh Friend
    That bread looks amazing.
    I need to try your bread again.
    I love to bake.
    You have a beautiful Family.
    Woolie Hugs

  18. All the yummy breads make me hungry even though I just finished eating a home baked cookie and working on finishing my tea. I've made no knead bread but it's been awhile. I've not made biscuits in awhile but I did make cookies the other day and so good. Our weather is warming up a bit. Tulip season around the corner in a couple weeks.
    Aw, the boy and the spaghetti. We have it every Sunday after church. Quick and easy and my Phil still makes it after all these years. It started when I had to work on Sunday in the afternoon and I didn't like cooking then going to work, so he started doing it and still does. I don't work on Sundays any more. :0) God Bless!