Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Mom's Rhubarb Jam and more...

Good Evening my dears...
I seem to be posting more in the evening than mornings lately.. There must be a change in the seasons... smile.
What a perfectly beautiful day here today.. Thank you, Lord.
Terry and I went into the big city this morning... grin...  We had to get a few groceries and lawn tractor parts.  
I also had to buy a few cases of mason jars, cans of pineapple and strawberry jello.. 
Can you guess why?  Right.. I wanted to make some of my

Mom's Rhubarb Strawberry Jam..

My cousin Val had phoned and said she had used the recipe off of 
MY OTHER BLOG  that I had put on there last year... 
After we got home I made supper and then made the jam..
It is sooo good.. Val loved it, too.. 
Even if your rhubarb has been up for awhile I find if you check you can usually find enough firm stalks to make at least one batch 
of this recipe.. Our grandsons love it when they are at the cottage.. 
I made two batches tonight and there were 10 jars per batch..
If you give the recipe a try then let me know how you like it.. 
Mom always put the berries in it and it is so much nicer

I went out and checked the herb beds, too..
My lovage (one of my favorite herbs) is coming up nicely..
I need to take  a piece of it down to the cottage..
I love having tomato juice for breakfast and drinking it through a lovage straw... so  good...
When we down to the cottage on Monday I went in the pantry just to check it and smelled a wonderful smell. 
Terry had brought me down a large piece of lovage last fall with the blossoms all turned to seed.  I didn't know what to do with it so I placed it on top of some dishes on the top shelf..
The seeds were still good and made the pantry smell so nice...
Here is a pic of the old pantry down there...

This pic was taken last summer, I think... It still looks basically the same.. I did take the white dishes there over to the shop to sell.
They are old... Do you girls like old dishes?
I think I am a junkie like my mother.. (Lord.. help me) lol.....
Well, ladies I hope I didn't bore you too much.. I suppose you have all quit reading this by now... grin..
Oh well.. Thanks for dropping by and you all know by now that I dearly love your comments..
Don't forget the giveaway..
May Jesus richly bless you all..


  1. I can't wait to get my pantry looking as pretty as your's

  2. Your pantry looks much nicer than mine. I love old dishes!

  3. Good evening Faye. You know I just thought of something. I am 55 years old and have never tasted rhubarb. See recipes using it often, but guess since we never had it as a child, I have never tried it. And I have never heard of the herb lovage. Ask Mr. P. and he said he hasn't either. So you really made me think tonight. IF the Good Lord ever blesses me with another home, I sure hope it will have a pantry. I have always wanted one as my kitchen has very little storage space at all. You have a great weekend.

  4. The pantry with all the old dishes is very pretty. Your jam looks good. You don't use any pectin in it?

    Have a great evening.


  5. Your pantry is just as it should be and so full of lovely dishes!
    I have no idea though about lovage - I don't even know if it grows in these parts so I will have to find out!

  6. Oh my goodness I love love love your pantry!!
    And do I love love love dishes!! I search and search for old dishes. Yours are breath taking.
    And your jam looks delicious. Wishing we could make a batch together :)
    Hugs Granny Trace

  7. Hi Cheryl.. No, the only pectin is the strawberry jello and it thickens it up. I actually found a bottle downstairs on my worktable (why... I don't know( smile .... but it was several years old and still sealed and looked great...
    My husband said last night that it was his fav but I think he says that about all jam.. smile..

  8. We love strawberry rhubarb jam. It definitely is one of our favorites. I do not use pineapples in mine though. I will have to try it adding them to it. I have had lovage for years but never really knew what to do with it. I would appreciate some ideas of what to use it in. Mine grows huge-probably over 6 ft tall. I love old dishes. My mother-in-law has many old dishes. I have told her many times I would love to have them. She has given me her old blue willow creamer and I have my grandmother's blue willow sugar bowl. I put a post on a couple of months back showing a picture of them. In answer to your question about the beef, we do freeze some but we really like the convenience of it already canned. All we have to do is open the jar and it is ready to go. Our favorite way to use it is hot roast beef sandwiches. It is also good in soups and stews. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  9. I am taking a little break from my garden and thinking about rhubarb (which I don't have) so I was surprised to see your post on the dashboard. I made a bunch of copies for friends and can't wait to find some rhubarb! Thank you, thank you.

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  11. I've been getting lots of rhubarb out of my garden again this year. Can't wait to make Strawberry Rubarb jam!

    Thanks for giving us a little sneak peak into your life. Love when bloggers share real life. :0)

    Thanks for linking up for Simply Homeamking, and sharing my buttong with others!

  12. I have taken strawberries out of the freezer.The rhubarb will be picked as soon as we are done schooling.Raymond loves strawberry/rhubarb jam and when he get's home next week from Fort McKay he will love to have it with homemade bread...Oh I have the bread cooking for the girls and I now so we will enjoy it later once it's all made.