Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Vintage lace and linens.....

Good Morning sweet ladies...
Such a blessing to be able to chat with you all. 
 I thought I would do only a short posting this morning as I have violet salves and fiddlehead pickles to make and there are kitchen duties to do with my 31 day project... smile...
I thought I would talk about linens and lace today... 
You can find them mostly at yard sales and auctions and thrift stores. 
The secret to having a collection of linens is to actually use them. We almost always use cloth napkins and I love the kitchen tea towels ... 
We also use  the old pillowcases on the beds especially at the cottage.  This saves by buying a lot less paper products such as napkins and towels... You just throw them in the washer and fold them and put them away.. I do not iron... smile..  
If a piece is beyond being mended then one can use it either on making homemade dolls, decorative cloths or bags or cushions..
Here is a cushion that I made with an old doilie..
I also posted before about turning an old tablecloth into tea towels..

Here at home there is a lace cupboard as I like to call it in our front hall..
It stores my collection of old lace and linens  although I do sell them in my wee shop .. 
I thought you might like to see the

We need to remember the work that went into these wonderful works of art, too.. Many hours of hand work..
Anyway, girls here is a simple frugal way to recycle and save..
Here is a LINK for ways to care for them...

Thank you so much for visiting.. Welcome to all the new followers of the blog.. Don't forget about the giveaway... 
I hope you can comment today.. I delight in hearing from you although blogger or google did not work well yesterday... sigh.. 

May God richly bless you all today.. 


  1. Those are beautiful. Thanks for the link for how to care for vintage linens. I have book marked that. Have a great day.


  2. I love it that you're using those wonderful old linens. They're too pretty to just store away.

  3. What is it about a pile of linen, with the colorful crochet edgings which capture the want to sit and sort and look and feel each peace....gorgeous...." SMILE ".

  4. These remind me of my great grandma and brought tears to my eyes. She made all those doilies and lace edged pillow cases. Sadly she passed when I was 10. But my grandmother gave me a lot of her doilies when I got married. Now my grandmother who is 90 is frail with alzheimers.

    I think this is such a lost art anymore. No one takes the time to do this anymore. It is so beautiful. The women of our past took the time to make their homes beautiful in every aspect. From the kitchen table to the pillow case on the bed. Oh how I would love to go back in time to these days!!!

  5. Your pictures are beautiful. I so love old things. Dishes, linens, scarfs. I wish I could come to your shop and see all your beautiful things. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  6. Just beautiful! I love the colors peeking out and the amazing work that goes into making them!
    Hope blogger is fixed today - I couldn't blog yesterday :-(

  7. What a lovely stash you have there.. Thanks for sharing! Tina

  8. LOVE IT!!! LOVE IT!!!!

    LOVE YA,


  10. I adore linens. Yours look great!

  11. Oh Faye I am drooling at your fine collection!!
    Oh my you are blessed.
    Love love love. I so treasure old linens and quilts. And wish I knew the precious one who put stitches of love in each dear thing.
    The stories....
    Hugs Friend
    Granny Trace

  12. Lovely post! Blessings to you, Faye!

  13. Lovely old linens and lace! I am storing away the idea on old table cloths into tea towels...had not thought of that! And such a good idea too!
    Have a peace filled weekend Faye!

  14. Hello, Faye- I sure have missed you! Blogger has not been very nice to melately... I've had some trouble leaving commetns, but I think it's fixed now. (I hope...)
    I love your idea of recycling those wonderful old linens... they truly are works of art by today's standards.
    Sounds like you'll be busy in the kitchen for a while- don't work too hard. I'll be helping Hubby in the hayfield this weekend. (I'm already itching just thinking about it... *grin*)

  15. Just beautiful! I have some vintage linens too and have been wondering how to use them. Now I have some ideas - thank you!

  16. You and are are a like. ;0) I adore old vintage linens. Many have been passed down from my grandmothers. {Those I would never consider making something out of.} BUT, my husband and I love going to flea markets and auctions and I've found several linens. Never considering I could make something out of them! Very lovely...thanks for sharing and linking up for Simply Homemaking Tuesdays!

    Much Love & Blessings,
    Our Simple Country Life