Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Come to the cottage with me....

Good Morning, dear ladies...
Another rainy day here in New Brunswick.  I think Terry said it is the third week of rain but who is counting?  smile..
First of all I want to thank all who has already signed up for my little GIVEAWAY..  Thank you so much to ALL who are following and reading this blog..
If you have not signed up yet please do..It is just a few homemade goodies with a surprise to be added at the end..
Also thank you to all who have posted it on their blogs..
This is my first giveaway.. can you tell?  smile..

Now on to today's posting..

Yesterday, Terry and I went down to St. Martins to check on our cottage and for me to look over the shop and see what stock I had left and all that... smile.... Yikes.. I have a lot to do.. 
Anyway, I thought as most of you probably were not following the blog this time last year ( I had only started)  that you might like to see where we spend our summers.. 
It is only Spring here in Eastern Canada and not as lush as my friends to the South but still beautiful... 
You probably all realize by now  that I love the wind and rain.. I was telling Terry yesterday that I always enjoy it when our first day there is that kind of day ... and it was... smile... 
Very windy and very rainy... 
When we go down we always drive to the end of Main Street and then come back to our cottage.. 
We like to see what is new and changed and to greet the Bay of Fundy in all of it's glory... It is just so beautiful.. I thank God for this wonderful body of water.. I have loved it since I was a wee child... Thank you, Lord.. It has the highest tides in the world.. 
That's what they advertise anyway... smile... 
So..on with the show.. smile.. 
Part of the way down Main Street we pass this little shop.. 

Oh, I was so happy to see that the magnolia trees were all in bloom.  I think we almost missed them as petals were falling everywhere.. We will go up and check the shop after a bit..

First we drive down further to see the harbour...
There are 2 covered bridges right here, too..
And shops and rentals....

We just went through one bridge and are headed for the caves.. This is looking on the other side of the harbour.  Lots of fishing boats out and about...

The tide is in....
I should have taken more pics but it is foggy and I was not thinking .... I just took a few ..
This is looking through the windows of a wonderful restaurant there in the village..
Wonderful fish....anyway you like it cooked...
We turned around here and head back to the cottage...
Now we go back through the bridge and you can now see the other one..
That is called Orange Hill ...
I wonder why..

A beautiful spot.  My cousin lives up at the top and she can see for miles out over the Bay...
Past the harbour again and back up Main Street. 
Now we turn into our street..

And there is the cottage..  A very old house that had two families born and bred here as they say...
We always look in and then drive down to the end of the street to really greet the Bay...

It is rough out there today..
Then we turn around..
There are the caves over there...

And here we are....Terry says he needs to try and paint the house and barn this year...

We have arrived!!... There is my friend's cottage on the beach..
Summer will soon be here dear..
She always brings me a Tim's coffee when she comes down for the weekend... bless her.. smile...
Well.. I hope you enjoyed this little excursion... smile..
Now if only you were all here to help me... lol...
I am getting old you know and can use all the help I can get..
Just kidding.... I think... smile..
You girls could not believe how much cleaning there is ..
Even though no one has been there.   I call it the dust of the ages.. smile... 
I do love this old house... Thank you, Lord...

I hope you enjoyed this wee trip... 
Tomorrow, Lord willing, I will show you a couple of things we did..
Thank you so much for dropping by and God bless you all.


  1. What a beautiful tour. I like the covered bridge. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Have a great day.


  2. Simply beautiful.
    Love all the sites.The water and cottages are wonderful.
    Granny Trace

  3. What lovely photos and place, all the rain reminds me of England lol
    We are having a lot of rainy days, I prefer sunshine . Have a great day !

  4. Morning Faye, Thank you for allowing me to take the tour of your summer residence with you. What a beautiful lovely place and yes my dear friend you are truly blessed. I would love to be there beside you and work my fanny off just to tour the area and enjoy the beautiful scenery. So peaceful and serene looking. You enjoy yourself and think of all us girls that would love to be there working, talking, and crafting with you. Have a wonderful day.

  5. Beautiful tour.So quaint love small villages and towns.I too enjoy rain and wind and the ocean.Thanks for sharing.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  6. Good Afternoon Faye,
    What a lovely trip...I really enjoyed it...I want to go to St. Martins. Yes and I would even help you!
    Love Ya


  7. P.S. I would even help Terry paint the house and barn, well the bottom part!

  8. it would be a blessing to clean up such a beauty of a place. Oh how I wish we had somewhere to go and get are is beautiful scenery too.

  9. It really is a beautiful place! Thanks for the tour - hope you get all the sorting done for a new season at the house of Henry!

  10. wow- it's so quiet around St. Martins today! It'll be livened up before too long and I'll be making a trip or two to visit you! Maybe we can check out that 'lil Mexican restaurant this year...

  11. Great pictures, Faye! Fabulous! I enjoyed this so much. Looking forward to seeing the House of Henry open again this year. Thanks for the guided tour.


  12. Thanks for the "tour" Lovely! You are blessed! Are you Pentecostal (UPCI?) Just brother is a missionary to Martinique (and other islands) for UPCI. My nephew married a girl from Canada, I think near you. They lived there for several years (youth pastors in UPCI). Now back here. Blessings from Wisconsin

  13. What a *beautiful beautiful* place, Faye...

  14. I came across your blog while looking for a mustard pickle recipe and I saw where your cottage was. My mother grew up in the house next door before it became the Quacco Inn? (not sure what it's called now). I love St. Martins. It is my most favorite place in the whole world. I used to spend my summers in that house when I was growing up. Living on by the beach was the best thing in the world. I miss it terribly and now I think a trip there this summer is in order. Enjoy your summer at the cottage.