Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Activities and a Fish Cake Recipe..

Hello everyone...
Hope you all have had a good weekend.. I thought I would share some pics with you of some of our weekend doings.  We were very busy but had a wonderful time..
Friday night we attended a lovely outdoor birthday party for one of our dear friends.  It was so much fun and nice to see everyone. 
Then on Saturday Terry and I went for a long country drive...
Such beautiful scenery...
You could literally see for miles.
A friend of ours has bought a camp up in the hills and we tried to find it.
Yikes... the road was just an old logging road and very steep..
My poor wee car... smile.. 
They were cutting the wood here and it was like it was on the edge of the world.
I jumped out to take a picture while Terry went to turn around the car.  This camera did not even begin to do the scene justice but I guess you can get an idea ....
Then Sunday was spent at church in the morning and then in the evening a friend and I went to St. John to our district Youth Convention..
It was amazing..  Around 2500 people and most of them were our youth..
What a blessing to see our grandsons enjoying the presence of the Lord in such an awesome way..
It was very late by the time I arrived back home..
I am really getting too old for such late hours.. grin..
Thank goodness we could sleep in a bit this morning. When we got up it was to pack up the car AGAIN and head to the cottage for the day...
Terry hooked up the water and I worked at the shop.. Cleaning and dusting, doing the windows and sorting stuff...
Tidying up the herb beds and planting some new ones....My Spanish lavenders did not survive the winter... sigh...
The English lavender is doing great though...
I decided to take a short break for a cup of blackberry tea..
All the way down to the cottage I kept looking in the ditches and fields for some more violets.  The salve I made last week is lovely and I know it will sell.  I could not see any but Terry said he saw some last week in a field near where he was working.. It was another half hour away, though and I kept hoping I would see some.
Then just as we left St. Martins on our way home I thought I saw a patch of purple.  Terry had to turn the car around but sure enough there was a huge patch of violets..
Thank you, Lord.. Isn't God good?  It was just a little thing but still it meant a lot to me to find them...
The Lord just does little things like that for us all the time, doesn't He?  I just love that about Him... He is just so faithful even in the wee things..
And then look at these beautiful things..

Aren't they simply gorgeous..
I love how this pic turned out..
We picked a big bag of them and I plan on doing them tomorrow...
I am just toooooo tired
We finally arrived home and I made us some fishcakes.. Do you like them?  We don't have them very often but they are one of Terry's favorites.. I have been really trying to fit a lot more fish into our diet...
Here is the recipe sort of... Sorry, it is one of those pinch of ones... smile..
Easy to do, though and I know our kids even use to like them...
Fish Cakes..
As many potatoes as you think you need for your family..
Peel and cut up and put in a pot.
Add 1 large onion, peeled and chopped.
Cover with water and add some salt and boil until tender.
Towards the end add some white fish fillets and cook until tender..
Drain well and add a can of drained crab fish.
Mash with your masher and add a piece of butter, salt and pepper and a beaten egg.
Stir well and add some dill or parsley..
I always add some lemon seasoning or you can squeeze some lemon if you like.. 
In a heated frying pan add some butter and fry until brown on both sides.
We like to have tartar sauce with these...
And a green salad of course..

Well, that is all for tonight dear ladies..
This is a very busy week for me ... I have fiddlehead pickles, violet salve, rhubarb ginger spread and dandelion jelly to make..
Wheww... I need to get to
Good night all...


  1. Good evening Faye, Glad you had a great weekend, altho it sounded like you were so busy. So good to hear there are young people who take God seriously and exercise their faith. They are our future and one without God is headed for destruction. Glad you found more violets. Sounds like you have a busy week ahead. Take care and have a good and blessed week.

  2. I see you are driving a Volkswagon "bug". Well, how cool is that? Good for you! I have always wanted one.

    What a gorgeous picture of the violets. Like I said, I am partial to violets (that was my Grandma's name). Are you making just salve or lotion, too?


  3. Wow, busy weekend and a busy week coming up. Thanks for sharing the recipe. We make tuna cakes quite often but your recipe is much different from ours. I will have to give yours a try. It sounds very good. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  4. Thank you so much Faye, not just for your recipe :-) But for such beautiful scenery. I have Devon violets in our garden and some out by the stream. But bet you knew I would :-)
    Be cool with that duster Faye, dusters are known to have a will of their own, they go out of control and when that happens your arm drops off....