Thursday, May 26, 2011

Those Organic Fiddleheads..

Good Evening my dears...
Have you ever heard the saying "Stop the world and let me off"?  smile... Yesterday I had to go for an eye exam and to make a long story short I came straight home and have been soooo sick ever since.  I guess it must have been a 24 hour thing as I feel a lot better in the last bit... I had some tomato soup and a cracker and Terry brought me home a bottle of ginger ale.. Bless his heart..
Anyway.. that is why I have not answered some of your emails.. Later though.
Before I left for the doctors yesterday I did get my fiddlehead pickles made...

I made 11 1/2 bottles..
I am sorry but the recipe is a secret although there are lots on the web... This recipe is dilled...
Terry ate most of the 1/2 bottle.. smile..
Fiddleheads are a wonderful organic food that is growing along streams and rivers here in New Brunswick and many other parts of the world..
If you don't want to pick them yourself they sell them in farmers markets or grocers although they are much cheaper from someone selling from their car or at the farmers market...
You have to be sure you know what to pick as some ferns are poisonous...

Also... a little hint I discovered last summer. 
If you buy a container of these wipes they will clean your jam and pickle jars up perfectly..
I know when I make jam or mustard pickles it is hard to get them perfectly clean without a lot of soap and water but these wipe them off perfectly every time...

Ok... girls that is all for this evening..
Hopefully, I will be feeling better next time and do a better job... smile.. 
Thanks for dropping by and leaving your sweet comments..
I love to hear from you and your emails, also..
Welcome to all the new followers of the Blessed Hearth..
You are all appreciated and don't forget the giveaway...
Only a few more days left..

Remember.... God is good...
Love and Prayers to you all...


  1. I hope that you feel better soon. I have never heard of fiddleheads before. I don't think they grow around here. They sound interesting.

    Have a great evening.


  2. I hope you're feeling better. Fiddlehead pickles? I not too sure about that!

  3. Hope you feel better soon.
    The pickles look yummy ! ??? what is a fiddle head pickle ? they look like what we call sweet pickles ! Have a good day !
    Blogger is having problems again for some of us just a heads up !

  4. Or bread and butter pickles my mum called them !

  5. Faye I would love to see them before you make them. Are they like a cucumber or a mushroom? That's very interesting. Also thanks for the tip on the wipes, that will be helpful, never thought of using them. Blessings and feel better.

  6. Hi from Lindsay- test, test

  7. Oh, that's better- I think that my new name will be "Anonymous" LOL
    I like to pick fiddleheads although I don't really enjoy eating them- I tried one last year and I hated it less than when iwas a kid, maybe my tastes are changing?! ;)

  8. Bless your heart Faye... hope you're feeling better now. I've heard of a couple of people in our church also having some kind of stomach bug... they said it was awful.
    Your pickles look so delicious... I love pickles of any kind, although I've never heard of fiddleheads.... I agree with the other commenters- I would love to see one.
    Hope you get a good night's rest.

  9. I have never heard of fiddleheads either. Your jars of them are so beautiful though. How neat. I love to can unusual things!!

  10. Hi Faye.... I have never heard of fiddlehead pickles. I thought my Grandma made every kind there was.. one time or another. Very interesting! I have heard of fiddlehead ferns...I think. Would that be the same fiddlehead? Probably not. This was another interesting post.

    Blessings to you, Faye.

  11. Very interesting post. I have never heard of fiddlehead pickles. I am glad you are feeling better. Just curious, when you went to the eye doctor did they put drops in your eyes. They always make me sick. Thanks for reminding me about the lavender hair rinse. I had all these wonderful home made ideas saved on my computer to try. We are going down to Jessica's(oldest daughter) today and taking my computer to leave. Hopefully, Dave(son-in-law) will be able to get my pictures and other important info off my computer. He says it needs a hard drive which will take a while to save up for. Until then, I will continue to use Hubby's. Yes, we do 2 plantings of cucumbers. I usually use the plants in the spring to get some early cucumbers and then use seed to get more later in the summer. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  12. Good Morning Faye, hope you're feeling better! All of our followers have disappeared! This is a Google issue instead of blogger this time. As far as comments: select profile scroll down to name/URL and type your comment, post comment and you won't be anonymous! Faye you might need to go to dashboard on blogger and click on settings then click on comments, then scroll down to comment form placement. then click on full page or pop-up window and should restore your comments back to normal.

  13. I have some bread & butters I made last year....:),,,this year again I want to make some
    sun pickles...but oh poor garden..and no sunshine + squirrels and bunnies, my cucumber plants are literally hanging on by 1 leaf..I am afraid I must purchase some plants to replace the ones I lost....I had the same problem a few days ago
    with is always something which seems usually rights itself....

  14. The fiddleheads look amazing. I never heard of them before. You have been busy.
    I hope you are feeling better soon.
    Love & Prayers!
    Granny Trace