Saturday, May 21, 2011

Some Creative Motivation...

Hello... Hope you are all having a lovely Saturday.. It is pouring rain here in our part of the world..
It is so beautiful and green out there, though and warm..
I am very thankful for our blessings...
Just thought I would post a LINK here for you girls. 
It is a book that I downloaded on my computer for only $4.95 ..
It looks wonderful.. If you are my type (whatever that is ) then this is your type of motivation.  Let's see... I love lists and ideas.  I don't like to do something unless I do it right.  Otherwise I will probably leave it.. You know the kind.. Messy house lots of times with a bunch of creative stuff going on...sigh..
The book has a spirtual outlook and has a Martha and Mary chore at the end of each chapter..
I think it will motivate me with it's simplicity...
I will share a little tale here with you... smile.. 
We had just moved into our first house in the country many years ago..  I was very homesick for the city and my old way of life.. We had lots of friends but for some reason I was lonesome...
I started selling something from door to door and happened to go to this particular house... The lady of the home welcomed me in.
When I went in she offered me a cup of tea and a piece of fresh homemade bread she had just made.  Her two year old (now a chef) was playing with pots and pans on the floor... The ironing board was up and soup was simmering on the stove.. She was making a craft on the table and she had lovely cats and plants.. I felt so at home and knew I had found a kindred spirt...
It was a visit that has blessed my life.  We still remain true friends to this day. 
I guess I am just saying that we are not all wonderful housekeepers.. I am not talking about homemakers... Making a home and cleaning a house are two different things.. I tell myself whenever I get caught in a mess that it is ok... It's just my nature to be CREATIVE... smile...
The thing is that I long and strive to be more organized and have a cleaner home.. Soooooo.... this book has really inspired me..
I know that many girls have it all together... My daughter does it all.. I don't where she came from does she... smile)
Anyway... I need all the help I can get ....
This certainly will not interest all of you but a few perhaps..
I have only scanned the book so will be trying to get more perspective on it over the weekend..
I thought I should share it with you all on this rainy Saturday morning... Is it sunny where are?

I hope to start this little regime for 31 days starting on Monday and will keep you posted..
Hope you are having a blessed weekend..
Our Scottish Heather (that is what my Mom calls it)
Love and Prayers..


  1. Great post Faye :-) We call your Scottish Heather, soldiers and sailors :-) Weather is a bit grim. After all our days of no rain. Looks like it's going to pour :-) Garden could do with it anyway :-) How are the seeds ?Hope you haven't had to make them all a pair of water wings :-)
    lots of love and enjoy your reading, don't make holes in your rubber gloves by all that work :-)xxx

  2. This sounds like a good plan. I'll be interested in seeing how you go.

  3. I am glad you guys have the rain now. We finally had a 2 days in a row without rain. It was a beautiful May day and we really need to dry out here in Ohio!!

  4. Thanks for the info on the book. Sounds wonderful friend..I am a list maker too :)
    Beautiful Scottish Heather!
    Hugs Granny Trace

  5. The book sounds very interesting. I hope you keep us updated as to how it works. I think I would like it too. Your heather is very pretty. We had lots of rain pass through last night with thunder and lightning, wind. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  6. I think that my problem is that I spend too much time reading about things and making plans in my head that I never actually get very much accomplished... my be my creative mind- or laziness- LOL

  7. Good luck Faye, that book sounds very good, I will be interested to see how you go! God Bless you in your endeavours, Carly x