Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The blossoming of my Dolphin Plant...

Good Morning everyone...
Do you see my wonderful Dolphin Plant.  It finally BLOOMED !!!
I have been watching and waiting for weeks...
I posted about it here..
It took so long but it finally happened. 
As I told you before and old gentleman in St. Martins gave this wee slip to me so long ago..
It nearly died and then with only 4 wee leaves it decided to grow...
I love it..
In my mind this whole time I have been thinking of a comparison between the way I have been nurturing this plant and the way that God must nurture us..

We are the same in a way.. Sometimes we start out growing for God so many times as a wee little slip.. We get our roots and grow and seem to thrive and then along comes the enemy of our souls and we allow him to all but kill us off..
Something else takes our minds off of HIM..
We stop praying and putting Him first in our lives.. Other things are more important than Jesus... 
We shrivel up and lose ourselves to the world.. Barely holding on...
But Jesus still loves us..
Then one day something clicks in our lives.
We finally look toward Him, Jesus Christ our Lord.. and something takes a hold in our growth.  We grasp on and we look upward to our Hope..We desire a closer walk with Him..
We realize we NEED Jesus and we begin  following the Word of God and we start praying.
We repent and He forgives us.. Thank you, Jesus.. 
And then we bud... we grow daily in Him and someday by the grace of God we will bloom...
Don't you love Jesus?
I am so thankful today for his love and nurturing.. Each morning His mercy is renewed for us.. Imagine!!  Every morning when I pray I imagine that new slate of mercy being renewed with the sunrise...
Lamentations 3: 22, 23..
Great is His faithfulness.. 
It is only His grace and mercy that will bring us through..

Have you ever heard that song? It is on YouTube and every time we sing it at church it so blesses my heart. 

Your Grace And Mercy brought me through...
I am living this moment because of You..
I want to thank You and praise You, too..
For Your grace and mercy brought me through..
Thank you, Jesus....

Jesus is coming soon... so soon.  The world can see it today.. Not just Christians who have been looking for so long but the signs are everywhere..
Let us grow and thrive and look for His return with joy in our hearts knowing that soon oh very soon we shall see our King..
Have a blessed day... dear ones...
Until next time..


  1. Oh Dear Friend..What a true post..How wonderful everytime I fall HE LOVES ME ANYWAY!!Forgives and forgives. Amazing. GOD is good! Your dolphin plant is beautiful.
    Love In Him,
    Granny Trace

  2. What a beautiful plant. I haven't seen one before. Thanks for the great reminder. I like those verses in Lamentations.

    Have a great day.


  3. Wonderful plant, I have never heard of that plant, glad it is doing well. Have a wonderful day !

  4. What a beautiful heart-felt post Faye. The plant is so amazing; I've never seen one before.
    Your tender loving care has brought it blossom.

  5. That is an amazing plant, Faye~ I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like that before!
    And your words touched my heart this morning... it reminded me that our walk with God is a "growing" way~ every day we must learn more about him to become stronger.
    And yes, I'm looking for him just any day....

  6. A beautiful bloom, Faye - I've not seen one before and I loved your post too about how gracious and loving our God is!

  7. Good Morning Faye, What a wonderful post. The comparison is amazing. My daughter and I were talking yesterday about the condition of our old world, and how it is just the Bible fullfilling. Isn't it wonderful that God is there to forgive us when we stray and loves us no matter what. He is THE ONE we can depend on in good time and bad. Jesus Loves Me This I Love ! I love the dolphin Plant . I have never seen one, and the bloom is amazing. Have a great day.

  8. Every time I fall, He lifts me up. <><
    Beautiful bloom! No wonder you have been patiently waiting for it to bloom.
    It really does look like a dolphin!
    Many blessings this day to you.

  9. Thank you so much for these beautiful words; "things" do tend to take us away from our loving Father. I can never put into words the way I feel about my heavenly Father; I'm a timid sort of person.

  10. Great message, Faye. I have never seen or heard of a dolphin plant before. Interesting.