Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fiddleheads and Baby Lambs...

Good Evening everyone...
The other day when I posted some pics of the fiddle head pickles I made some of you commented that you would like to see what fiddle heads looked like.
I want to point out that these are not the ostrich fern.. They are poison... These are the fiddle head fern which is completely different..
In my email today a sweet reader who attends our church sent me these lovely pics of fiddle heads that grow by the river near
her farm.. She was so kind as to suggest that you girls might like to see them... Thanks, Jackie..
This is what they look like as they pop up through the earth.  They are only a few inches taller when you pick them.. Our son Trev picks about 50 pounds every Spring and freezes them as their 3 boys love them.. He washes them in the river many times in order to get rid of the brown paper like covering..
This is what they look like after they have grown up into the fern that they are.. smile..
Here is a close up of them...
They are delicious and taste something like broccoli or green beans or asparagus but much better in my opinion although I do love green beans almost as much.
I hope you enjoyed our little show and tell..  grin..
Jackie also sent me some pics of their first baby lambs....

With their mama..
Jackie must have read that someday I would love to have 3 sheep... smile..
Perhaps someday... smile..
Two more days before the giveaway and no one can follow because Blogger or google or someone is absent. 
If you just email me at then I will add you to the list and you can follow later.. ok?
Thank you for dropping by... 
Anyway... hope you girls have a wonderful weekend.. I still have the flu believe it or not.. It sure lasts a long time although I do feel better.. I just can not eat yet and am weak.. Oh well.. it could be much worse.. Thank you for praying for me...
Tomorrow is the Lord's Day...
He is faithful... Thank you for your blessings, Lord.. 
Love to you all... 


  1. I would never have thought of eating ferns! That's a new one for me! Hope you feel better soon. I love the photos, please thank your friend. I would love to hug those little lambs!

  2. I love to see fiddleheads emerging in the spring. I've never eaten them; but I bet they're wonderful. My prayers are with you; hope you'll be completely well soon! Those little lambs were so sweet. Hugs dear friend!

  3. Well, I'll be! I never figured them to be ferns! Do you steam them or fry them?? Is that the ostrich plume fern? And they are edible? Well, I never imagined that's what you were eating!
    Thanks! I learned something today!

  4. Wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope your feeling better soon friend.
    Hugs to you
    Granny Trace

  5. Awwww, those babies are just precious! Wish I could snuggle up with them;) Sure hope you get to feeling better very soon ((hugs))

  6. Hello Faye...I thought maybe they were from the fiddlehead ferns but I was just guessing. Most interesting post! I loved it! Also, I hope and pray that you are continuing to feel better. It is not fun to be down with the flu.

    Take care - Susannah

  7. Keep warm Faye and hope you feel better soon. Never heard of fiddlehead ferns, but I love visiting as I learn something new here every time. As for the lambs, well, I want one :-) x x x